Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Want it..Sold out

So I know this jacket looks like it belongs on a bedroom floor with a lava lamp and peace out music playing in the background, but I lovey! Soooo....
Sienna Miller

I find one at Urban 1972 at a steal $32.90 and IT's SOLD OUT! My quest for a bathroom rug continues!

Some young chick


my stuff on etsy..coming soon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Everyone has inspirations on this or that. Someone asked me why I wanted to do this blog and of course explaining myself made me love those things even more. From the time I could afford a Cosmopolitan magazine (which were not so much X rated back then), I have been a magazine fanatic. Born in the 70's, I am defiantly drawn to the bohemian look, but I also love all things pretty and classic. I do love a good leather jacket and the biker chick look, but I also know that unless I wear a t-shirt that says, "Bad ass Bitch" on it, I can only pull it off on occasion. I do have a love of skulls and crossbones but with the little bow on top. So my inner princess always comes out one way or another. I guess we all have that closet ho inside of us..This blog is just more than fashion, it's a lifestyle. Here are my fashion inspirations:

I love Nicole Richie. Quite a bit younger than me, but I would give my most expensive purse (which is a diddy I bought about 3 years ago for $180 bucks) to just go inside her closet. I would be the obsessed person that would break into her house just to raid her closet. Although she's about 15 pounds, love love her style. She is my boho princess. Check out her House of Harlow and Winter Kate lines.

Who does not love Jackie Kennedy? If she is not a fashion icon to any up and coming designer, blogger, fashionista or streetwalkers everywhere, then you might as well go back to working as the yack woman at the carnival. I would love one conversation with her. Although it would last all day into the night, I would ask her everything under the sun and not just about her clothes. When I see her, I see my mom, who used to wear the over sized shades she got at the Dollar General Store and I thought she was a dork, but now I am all about the "bug-eyed" sunnies!

She's young, a guys girl and a girls girl. Vanessa Minnillo with her beautiful looks and classic style. I would love to just go to the mall for a day (on her credit card of course), stop and have some authentic Italian for dinner. Who doesn't dig a girl who finally gets the guy and goodness that comes with it. Plus, she's hat girl! That's a big plus on my list!


Anyone that knows me or has been to my home, sees this picture on my refrigerator. I told everyone if I didn't look like this by the end of the year, I was going to be pissed. (at the time I was on a diet and exercise kick). I love love love her! Classic American beauty. Effortless and chic at the same time. If I could pretend to be born a poor white child and tell her a few little white lies to obtain only 3 items of her clothing, I would do it. She really should be my best friend and I promise I wouldn't text her more than forty eleven times a day. I heart Jennifer Aniston!

There you have it! So you will see my fashion inspiration but with my own twist from here on out, but these are my favs! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's in my bag

I am a magazine fanatic! One of my favorite things to see and read is the "What's in my bag" page. This one I ran across in US Magazine and immediately found "a" funny. Celebrities live in their own world of way too much money and not enough common sense. I wasn't of course born with privelege, so my first real "pocket book" as my Mee Ma calls it, was a patchwork quilted ditty that we got at the local clothing store. My world of pocketbooks grew as I got older with a new one every spring and every fall. Some more than others used to cost me a pretty penny. A gift to myself, I would say. But when I gave birth to my son who is now 6, my world of expensive pocketbooks became a thrifty TJ Maxx find.

Now onto the funny... The celebrity Kate Walsh. The bag Celene Classic bag $3,400. First, I could buy 180 bags at TJ Maxx for that amount. Next her cellphone, keys, sunglasses, gum, blah blah blah and a THONG! Now, unless she has that not so fresh feeling, why in the world is she carrying a thong? I know she hasn't given birth, so sneezing and peeing her pants isn't an option. Who does that really? Is it that she never knows who she's going to run into? What if she gets caught at the airport security check point or drops her pocketbook in the middle of a fancy restaurant and it all falls out? This is just amusing and everytime I look at it, I LOL! So real ladies every where here is what is in a real pocketbook of the poor white trash kind.

The Celebrity..Ordinary Mom. The bag $39.99 "Call It Spring" from JCP. Wallet, Lucky Brand, $16.99 from TJ Maxx, keys, advil, free ice cream coupon, change, various lipglosses (of course my vice), grocery list, hair ditty, med's, tissue and a tampon. That's right ladies a tampon. Don't celebrities have monthly "aunt flows"? Do you see a tampon in her bag? Nope! Probably wouldn't go very well with the image of a thong or maybe there was one and she removed it from the picture. I don't have a pair of Hanes Her Way bikini bottoms, all cotton's in here. I guess to fit in I should stuff a pair in there in case my son drops his ice cream we got for free with the coupon on his lap and I need to clean it up. Either way, this is what normal people carry in their "pocketbooks". I rest my case.