Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hot Tamales

I know we get busy, visit a page and move on but today, please click one or two or all of these beautiful ladies on my sidebar and do what this blogging community does and show them some love. I am appreciative of their support. They are loyal, fabulous readers and so happy to call each of them friend.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for gracing my blog without reservation and hesitation. Thank you for blogging. I love reading your stories, sharing conversations and connecting with each of you.

The one thing that I take from this is the fact that we are friends. It is worth every single post, every click of a page, email, text and conversation that I have had with each of you. But I treasure your friendship. Each of you sharing a common goal of telling a story, sharing your lives with many people daily, yet we connect on different levels. 

Not all bloggers connect. We all don't have the same goals in mind, but I can't imagine any blogger not saying thank you to the ones that have touched their hearts and made them grow, a better person or learned if not one thing from each of them.

Today, my Hot Tamale FRIENDS, I say Thank you! So do your thing my friends, visit these ladies. The are the shit dot com.
Your friend,

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Boyfriend's Back

My Boyfriend's Back and your gonna be in trouble. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.. My Boyfriend's Back! I never could figure out what they said during that part of the song, but I always loved it. And one of the things the Queen is loving this week is boyfriend jeans. I remember back ages ago, I loved to wear men's jeans especially from the Gap. There's something about them although I never could figure out the 28 x 32 stuff and just tried on a pair until they fit. Why can't guys just say, "I am a size 18" and be done with the stuff.

Boyfriend jeans are casual and roomy. I love that they are loose and  that Jennifer Aniston wears them to the point of her crotch hangs to her knees and then they become way more appealing to those of us with a milkshake than skinny jeans. I also like the fact that you can dress them up with a blazer or throw on a fun sweatshirt and still be some what fashionable. 

Here is an outfit that I planned basically around a pair of boyfriends and guess what? I like that my baby got back has a new boyfriend because these will be a staple in my closet for a long while. 

Cute Sweater Alert!
Source: via Girls Love on Pinterest

Paired with Boyfriend Jeans

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

and these delish beauties that need to be in my closet

And there you have it. My ideal outfit with boyfriend jeans. I just might have to own every one of these items. So tell you like boyfriend jeans? 

That's it for my fashion update for this week.
The Tater Queen officially endorses the boyfriend jean.

Later Taters,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Good Tuesday! Well, its Tuesday, is it supposed to be good? Four more days until the weekend. Ask me on Thursday if Tuesday is good. Last week, I wrote a post about being flabbergasted. I am a lazy ass and won't put the link to it, just go search and find it. Hell, it's just a few clicks away. I said I would write about things that you asked and I am going to address the blogging, books and egos. Please be aware that this is my story and I am sticking to it. If you don't agree. Okee dokee, it's just my opinion.

First, the subject of bloggers writing a book on blogging. It's pretty obvious that I don't have the stats as some of these other bloggers. Sorry, I don't buy my followers with giveaways. I also don't have thousands of followers. I am not going to deny I wish I didn't because I still want people to come to my blog because its a lifestyle of every day living and real life not that I am giving away a bubble necklace and a J Crew gift card but the fact of the matter is I don't campaign enough to do so. I respect the fact that bloggers do giveaways for stats and followers. I 100 percent get it. I just hate the game of it. Does it mean I won't ever do it? No. I actually asked a big blogger the other day if they ever ask these people after they follow if they followed them back and the answer is No. So, if the answer is No then why would these people be an authority on blogging? Well, at some point you have to ask yourself if you have 5000 followers and 40 comments, then do the math. But that's the way they want it. But to tell me or someone how to do it, isn't really an exact science. Everyone has their own method and truthfully if you don't have  thousands and I am talking in the 10,000 range of followers or have been blogging for less than a year and you want to tell me this is the formula? I ain't got time for that shit. It takes many hours of honest interaction and participation in more than a giveaway to become an expert on blogging. I blog because its fun. I read because its fun. But if I do give something away, I want you to come back. Gift cards and material things isn't what my blog is totally made up of. Anyone wanting to start a blog, I say go for it. It takes work, it takes time but it also makes friends. 

Even if you get 4 comments its worth it. It will eventually connect. Connect with all social media. I remember I got the runs when I joined Twitter because I thought the CIA would now know everything about me. That I had signed the rights over to my child and I would have to scan my pupil to enter my home. I used to post at night and I realized that if I posted in the morning all the stay at home moms who fed their boob babies are down for naps, the other rugrats are off to school, and the three minutes of yum yum you gave the husby is over and out like getting gas at the Texaco. They have all the free time in the mornings before they start cleaning the house like mad women on crack, going off to the gym for a workout, planning the menu and plopping in a rump roast before the boobs fill back up, the rugrats come home and daddy is horny as a goat again. 

But remember don't be delusional to think if in 4 months you have all these followers after participating in a giveaway with other bloggers or by yourself that people love you or are coming back to see you. We are vulchers and in this economy Free is free bitches.

What I am trying to say is this.. I am sure there are people that have the authority to write a book on blogging. That there are people that are very successful at what they have done but its been a little longer than a year and a few thousand followers. I think collectively we all have our own way to blog. But to be completely honest, why not just ask for the help. These girls or guys have email addresses. If they don't answer your question, try someone else. Someone will eventually give a rats ass about what your asking and help out. Why would I want to pay $24.99 for a book when I can email for free? It seems to me that they would obtain more followers publishing it on their blog anyway. And if all else fails and you don't get the answer you want via email, I suggest you take a picture of your middle finger, scan it and send it back with a message that says, " I love your blog so much that my middle finger gets a boner every time I read it."

This is my two cents on blogging, books and egos. Sounds like a good breakfast combo.

Goodness I said it without filter again. Happy Tuesday,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Proclamation of the Dusty Nation

It's Proclamation of the Dusty Nation again. Here's a weekly wrap up. Don't get out of your seats for it. You can set down and have fun. 

Status after I about died twice working out.."After completing 120 jumping jacks, I now feel like an Olympic athlete." I proclaim, I really didn't die twice. Boom!

Status on a Friday when I wished it was like Friday afternoon, "Someday's all I want to do is reenact the prom dance scene from the movie Footloose." I proclaim, Aerial, the preachers daughter was a real slut. Boom!

Tweets of the week,  "OMG! You know what would be so cool to see? Taylor Swift with a tan!" I proclaim, white girl problems! Boom! 

"OMG! You know what would be so cool to see? Angelina Jolie with a tan!" I proclaim, see above! Boom! Boom!

"Have you ever gotten a cramp in your chin? Me neither." I proclaim, I was bored. Boom!

Around Blogland
I love honeymoon pictures. Seeing you on a beach with a fruity drink, tan, kissing your new husband. I proclaim, You neglected your birth control, in 9 months your going to be a new mommy and your Michael Kors watch will become a teething tool. Boom!

I love reading your wedding in 12 different parts. It's not like I need to go slop the hogs or anything. And all we really want to see is what your dress looked like and who got drunk and made an ass of themselves. But nooo! You never tell that part do you? It takes you twelve posts of breaking it all down for us. Like graduation night and reading every kid's name to receive their diploma. Maybe I need a pie and organizational chart to understand. I proclaim, Just get to the good part, the reception. Ain't nobody got time for that other shit. Boom!

The Alley way
My dog Libby and I have both been on our periods. There's only room for one bitch in this household and that's me. I proclaim, I win because the other bitch is wearing a diaper! Boom! 

Thursday's out, Boom!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Essie Essie Now You Gotta Kiss Me!

Wednesday! Tater Queens picks. But a little back story. Not that it will make any good sense. It actually doesn't but it's a quirk. I paint my toe nails but not my finger nails. I don't know why but I have never liked painting my fingernails. For one, I am not that coordinated with my left hand, so when I do my right it always looks like a 4 year old did it. I paint it on and then it feels heavy and drives me to the point of picking it off. Sometimes I will put a clear coat on or a very pale pink. I feel like I have man hands so it never looks or feels right, but I yearn for it. My fingernails grow so fast probably from all the cheese I eat. I can't drink milk, to be blunt, it gives me the Hershey squirts, but they grow so fast that it almost doesn't make sense to paint them, but I really want too. 

I used to get fake nails and then once I decided to save my money I noticed my nails were like razor blades underneath. It's a no win. But its one of those things I really want to do to be cool.

So, I am always on the lookout for a cool toe color. Unless my feet are super tan, I like dark colors. Yes, the fashion foe pah of even in the summer. Fashion rules can suck it. I like dark toes, but Essie makes me want to try new colors for the summer. My go to color is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark or OPI I Brake For Manicures, but after seeing Essie's Little Brown Dress and finding it for $3 smacks at the encouragement of a Twitter pal, Marina, I am now in love with Essie polishes. Here are a few that the Queen is digging....

Splash of Grenadine

Absolutely Shore

No More Film..(my fav)

Don't you love these? Now let me clarify. If you have baby blue or yellow toes..I am out! If your toes start looking like a Bob Marley hat then I am unattractive to the tootsies.

But these are fun and most likely that bottom color will be on my list. So tell me what are your favorite polishes? I love new colors and am up for new things except something that looks like fun dip.

Happy Wednesday from the Tater Queen,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It snowed at my house this weekend. That's right. Kleenex. I have been fighting allergies all winter. I am fairly certain I could build a snotman. I didn't change my clothes all weekend nor did I leave my house except to go to get more Sprite. And you all know how I love thy Sprite. So me and the iPad were pretty intement this weekend. I read a lot of my comments this weekend because I like to go back and reread things to see where I am at in this journey. There are serious days when I think why am I doing this? Its been a year and half and have I really impacted any one's life? I am fairly certain I have provided quite a few laughs, but I go back a revisit my purpose. I speak with one of my blog besties about this alot. Why am I not like all these blogs that have hundreds or even thousands of followers. I mean I sometimes think I am just as funny as Living in Yellow or stylish as The Daybook although I don't have the galls (remember girl balls) to do self-fashion posts yet. But I think that's part of my insecurities of why this blog hasn't grown. 

One of the things I struggle with is losing touch with people. I love all the people I have made friends with and I swear even with thousands of followers I would probably beat my self up regularly if I didn't at some point say hello. So I reevaluate and then I read these ..
Or you get emails like this...

Or featured unexpectedly on someone else's blog

I am honestly flabbergasted by it all some days. Yes, this is who I am. The funny girl, sometimes sorta of a sex kitten bombshell (total delusional thought), and mind of a great writer (another total delusional thought). Really, I am just a little insecure country girl who  decided not grow tobacco all her life in a small town. Ok, really, I am a girl who is all about the power of lifting up a woman. I am the girl who doesn't like rules and my vocabulary sometimes could but a sailor to shame, but this is what honestly makes me come back. So, if you enjoy the ride, then so will I, although I will probably tell you to move over and let me drive. 

Thank you everyone. Thank you for making my snotbubbles more enjoyable this weekend. 

Now, I thought since you guys love the stupidity that keeps you going each day, I thought I would give you a chance to give me a topic and I will write about it. I will choose and next Tuesday, Boom! 

Anything you want. I think this should be fun. 

Ready set go! And again, thank you heart is humbled.

So what will it be?

Friday, February 15, 2013

I Took A Dump

It's time for good ole fashion dump.
 It's Friday.
 The birds are chirping.
 The sky is blue.
 Life is hunky dory. 

Sometimes you have to pop a squat to get the perfect picture
Sometimes there's that feeling of growing up too soon
Sometimes your sense of taste engulfs your being
Sometimes love comes in many different languages

and then the simplest things make you happy
and then a smile brightens your day
and then you create a treasure
and then you are warm and fuzzy inside

Happy Friday,

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day

It's that time again. Valentines Day. Where in the next nine months there will be a baby boom because some lucky lady got diamonds, flowers, chocolates and everything she wanted or some unlucky dude got totally wasted because he was feeling sorry for himself, paid for a cheap ass hooker and got an STD. Either way someone is getting lucky.

In the mean time, I want to say Happy Love Day. I have tons of you as my Valentines and I love each of you for coming here everyday and showing support for this madness.

Hugs and kisses,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweat It On

I love a good sweatshirt even though most of the time I look like a linebacker in them. I most often buy them over sized because I like them big which may be why I look like a bed in a bag. 

On the weekends, you will most likely find me in a pull over slouchy sweater or a sweatshirt. Comfort is the key and sweatshirts always remind me of the 80's. They were pretty cool then but thank goodness they have gotten a little more in style.

So this week, the Tater Queen's Fashion Inspiration is the sweat shirt. I give you some of my favs.

Give me a skull on any item of clothing and I am sold!

Source: via Girls Love on Pinterest

I don't do a lot of camping but this makes me want to

Oh La La..Love!

So, go on and get cozy. Lounge or throw on a plaid shirt underneath any of these and have a fun date or girls  game night. These are conversation pieces just by themselves. And the great thing about a sweatshirt is you keep them forever. I have some I still wear that are probably 10 years old. You basically have to get into a cat fight to destroy one. Do you have a favorite sweatshirt?

The Queen says, Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dumbfunny Convo's

Do you ever just have the dumbest conversations with friends? The kind that make you laugh just because they are that off the wall? One of my best friends, Becca and I email almost every day. I can't explain what she means to me, but I would be lost without her. She is one of the few people that 100 percent gets who I am. My sense of humor and lord have we had some good times. Some I shall share on this blog one day (this is a reference to Naked Man as we call him but that's another post). She's also the one who tells me on a daily basis, "You ain't right." Any hoot, every day, we email each other what is on our play list to get us through the day. Way back, we used to do some serious Honky Tonkin'. We both love all types of music, but she really loves Blake Shelton. So, here is how the conversation went. Yes, its absurd, but funny. It starts out like this...

Me: I am on to Nick Lachey.
Becca: I went a little older to Neil Sedaka……Happy Birthday Sweet 16!!
Now, a little yummo Blake Shelton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would so boink him if Miranda wouldn't kick my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Listen she wouldn't kick your booty. She would put a bullet in it and set it on fire.
Becca: You are probably right. Then bury my body on one of their big ass farms.  I would be worm food and nobody would ever find me!!!

Me: Yep, you would be buried under her fire pit where she roasts marshmallows and eats deer jerky.
Becca: So, If that chance of Blake ever comes about and I am not seen for a while, you know where to find me!!!  Just so I can have a proper burial!!!

Me: Biatch you will be coyote food or some crap like that. I don’t know if she fishes but you would be bait.
Becca: I bet she pops a wallop while she stands 2ft 3in tall. 

Me: She could probably injure you with her hair and some headbangin’ 
Becca: She probably could!!!  She is pretty bad ass herself!!  She is the country version of Pink!!!!

Me: Yeah, but Pink won't eat you. She's a vegetarian. Miranda eats meat. RUN!
Becca: Oh lord!!!!!!!!!!  You are crazy!!!

Me: I think I will format this whole convo and Tweet it to him. Go back and read it. Hilarious.
Becca: Oh no!!  She may come hunt my ass down!!!  I may have to move to Nantucket!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: I love Nantucket. I bet they got good shrimp.
Becca: Good, I love shrimp and then you will come visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becca: Thanks.

See, how the conversation almost took a turn and then right back to where it was? We do this all the time. I love her. We have the dumbest conversations in the whole world. I love how she participates. Well, some days, I start a conversation and she doesn't bite, but I try. So, this just shows that no matter what, your friends love you and humor you when you know its probably just a meaningless chat. And I believe that she doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell with Blake Shelton and that Miranda Lambert would kick both our asses. But a girl can dream right? 

Happy Tuesday! Have a stupid conversation today.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Woe-Man Talk

Let's talk shop. No I don't mean Etsy. I am talking a little girl talk. You know things women think about but probably would never say out loud unless intoxicated. Every year, we all have annual exams. Nothing like going and getting a rotor rootering from someone that you are sorta not really friends with. It's always a routine when you go see the wassa doctor. Well, for me it is. It's winter and shaving my legs isn't really on my list of priorities. But like most women two weeks ago I got up groomed in all places that looked like a overgrown fields of hay and dread the lunch time appointment like most of us do. 

Why I would schedule my appointment at lunch I have no idea, but I did. In a mad rush, I get into my car, make the 15 minute drive and as soon as I pull in I get nervous and have to go to the bathroom. I rush the bathroom and then I do my business. I am standing there washing my hands thinking, "Oh, god! I just pooed." So, I look around grab paper towel and run some water, go back into the stall and clean myself a little more. Please don't tell me you probably haven't done this or even had the thought in your head of "what if it's not fresh?" "Did I clean it extra good?" I can't tell you how many times I have done the ole stick my head between my legs or did the wave of air with my hand up to my face to make sure I am still some what cucumber melon smellin'. I used to powder up my area. Throw a little baby powder on with a little puffer. But then I stopped because I read somewhere it could cause your pH balance to be off and I also didn't want to be lying on the table and have a "poof" in her face. 

Yes, she's a woman. I can't imagine wanting to be a gynecologist  Yeah, the money is probably great, but I don't think I could look at katooks all day long. I would also be the kind of doctor that would say, "you kinda rank!" Which brings me to why I always get paranoid when I go see her knowing that I would point out a rotten tuna. I am setting there in a hospital gown thinking, its going to be over in 5 minutes, so I am examining all parts to make sure I haven't missed a patch and if my socks are clean. She comes in and says hi, pats me on the legs then without so much as a "Everything going okay?" she pats my girls like hamburger patties, presses my stomach like she's kneading dough for Amish bread and sets down and blares a light to my mid section. I don't know about you but my canoe doesn't need a spot light. It's not really famous but if you say so at that moment, but can the nurse give me some kind of introduction made for movie stars? 

When I get nervous, I get word vomit. I talk just off the wall crazy stuff. She is finishing up the exam and in one hot second, I say, "um, can you not stick your finger in my butt this time?" I had a hemmoriod removed a few months ago and I am still really sensitive about that area." She was like "really?" "Yes, ma'am." I should be able to call her by her first name at this point right? She just took a dive into the Erie Canal with a forceps like object. She says, "oh, yes honey, you can refuse." I said, "you mean I could have refused that part of the exam for the last ten years?" Dr. Feel Not So Good says, "Yes." I wanted to punch her right in the mouth. My hemmy started right after I had seen her last year. Then the doc and nurse became fascinated  By the end of the exam, I had explained the whole process. Proclaimed that the doctor who removed my plum size object was not that hot and she patted me on the leg and said, "I am so sorry you had to go through that. You have to get a mammogram." 

Oh, goody. I thought I had just saved myself from the buttdozer like activity and she ruins my day by saying I get to go AGAIN to smashing party. Apparrently, I get to do this every year because I am, well, over the age of 40. So, I went from being paranoid that my crotch wasn't beauty queen perfect to then wondering if they have coffee talk or lunch about all the ugly, stinky lou lou's they see every day, and if she thinks my nips were ab normal, if my feet stunk while they were up in the stir ups and if she noticed my cellulite and the mole on my butt. 

One appointment, once a year and it causes too much distress. Then I go back to work, thinking, I wonder if they see me walking a little funny. Do they have this radar that speaks above my head that says, she just got swabbed with a q-tip that is made for Bugs Bunny. 

I don't know, but all this crap that women have to go through is a crock of shit. Exams, paranoia  questions, etc. I mean it's not like she removed anything, but I went right to bed when I got home, some five hours later. Then lying there I was thinking, I wonder who does her exam because she can't do it herself. I know, I know. It is a never ending cycle. Some woman took a nose dive with a tool that they use on Cake Boss and smiles at me to have a good day, see ya next year. 

I think next January I will just take a picture of it and send it in. Say "Here, nothings changed. Refill my birth control and if you need to dig deeper into this matter, see previous ten years."

Have a happy Monday. I feel perfectly sort of normal thinking it myself. And go ahead and laugh. I dare ya. I love woman talk. 


Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Vajay Didn't Do It

Hello, everyone my name is Ian, or the artist better known as The Kid. Today is my birthday. I am 8 years old. My mom will tell you that she loves me to the moon and back and that I am the best gift she ever has received. But really she wants to tell you the truth. She had me via C-section. She was big as a whale. And nobody told her that even though she didn't give birth vaginally it still didn't stop her vajay from swelling up like two pieces of Texas toast. Nobody told her that she would be carved open like a pumpkin on Halloween and that all her vital organs would rest on her chest like a Fourth of July cookout grill just to get me out. But its all good. So, I want to share some pictures of me and I thought I would let her in on a few secrets. You know the kind you don't tell your mother. 

I used to drink alot. I have sense recovered.

Back then it was all about the hair

and being high on fructose corn syrup

I have always been a chick magnet, girls dug me

my style was impeccable 

but now that I am growing up, duh

I should be mature, what a joke

and grow up to be a respectful man

Whatever, I just want to be 8 years old. But I tell my mom everyday that I love her to the moon and back. She says that behind every good man is a good mom who raised him. She loves me. She's my biggest fan. So without my mom and dad doing the cupid shuffle, I wouldn't be here. Happy Birthday to me, Ian Gage probably known when I get older as Stud Muffin. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Proclamation of the Dusty Nation

I don’t know what to say except, the Super Bowl was well, better than I thought. I mean the half time show. I ate.. a lot. Then I received a headache and decided that I should not blog for two days. So, I am back with a few Proclamations of the Dusty Nation. The headache must of inspired me, or maybe it was the two days I didn’t use my brain waves. Probably the latter because this crap is really stupid and yeah, I said it.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter then you missed out. Some of this is just crap I said to friends. Who often say, “Dusty, you ain’t right. “ I am still trying to find a point to that statement and if it is meant to be offensive. Right now I am on the fence about it.

Since you don’t want to be kept in suspense here goes..

-There was a had a lunch and learn in our office Tuesday. They brought in Panera with baguettes then I proclaimed, “I just ate a piece of bread that will take me 6 days to work off. Glad I have an extra day to think about it.”  Boom!

-My Face book status 2/5/13 I proclaimed, “I forgive stupid people. It’s part of my 12 step program.” Boom!

-I read an article that Dolce & Gabbanna is coming out with a baby perfume. How stupid is that? If you buy this crap please let me know because I am going to call you a money wasting idiot but the lighter version I proclaimed, “Aww, Dolce & Gabbanna is launching a baby perfume. It smells like pureed peas and sweet potatoes.” Boom!

Talking about the half-time show with a friend then I proclaimed, “Wouldn’t it have been funny if the sign language dude interpreted Beyonce’s Bootylicious? Would he have used like a butt slap during that part to make them understand? Boom!

Reading a Face book status from two people I went to high school with and tell a friend about how they have reverted back to 10th grade puppy love. We are following this like a soap opera. I proclaimed it was “Puke in your mouth adorable.” Boom!

-I proclaimed, "I ate 3 butterscotch's and I am not drunk yet." Boom!

And finally, it’s pretty self explanatory, I proclaimed “Hot Damn I am on fire and Everybody’s Got Time for That.” Boom!

Happy Wednesday!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Throwback Circa 1990

I am telling you right now..shhh, story time! If I could bring back the 80's and 90's hair bands I would do it! Like right this second. Yesterday, I was searching for music to listen to and came across a song that I haven't heard in like say 20 years. I immediately began searching You Tube for all the old songs and videos and still I know every word. I can't remember yesterday or what happened in the fall of 2010 but I can still sing a good hair band tune. 

So on this Friday I give you a throwback circa 1990. Picture it, Carthage, Tennessee 1990. Senior Prom. I wore a dress made by my mother (I loved it), went to prom with a douche bag who would later dump my ass, we ate at McDonald's  and I know, God as my witness that I could tune in Tokyo with my hair. That satellite, I am sure helped MTV tap in to every teenage girls dream of being a rock star's wife.

I was over tanned, red lips, blush that was 3 inches thick and curled with enough Aqua net that I would have went up in flames with one cigarette flicker. Oh, how times have changed. They say things get better with age. Discovered a new hair color, neutral makeup, and wrinkles. But some of my greatest memories were of this moment. So, do I want to relive it? Hell NO! But I am starting a petition to bring back the hair bands! Of course, I couldn't bang my head anymore for fear of getting dizzy and falling over but I can sing to the top of my lungs and love every second of it.

Have a great weekend, Rock on!
 oh and here's the video that set me all ablaze, fairly certain there are probably a handful of people that have a clue.