Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weekend Warrior

After a long weekend, I am now thinking of what I am doing this weekend. Well, I know what my Saturday consists of.. Hair Day yahoo! With the best hair systlist in the world, Steph! She rocks! My local followers should go see her (email me if you want to know where she's located). Any hoot! It's also wedding time. My besties daughter is getting married and I can't wait. (Remember the A Brides Pail blog)? It will be a faboo time. All the blue hairs will be coming out in their 1985 large flower print dresses, pearls, Dr. Scholl's pumps..ummm hmmm. I can't wait! Me and granny are gonna do the Electric Slide. The only downfall to this is I have to wear a dress in which requires me to shave my legs which requires me to be forced to realize I haven't been out in the sun since July. Oh, well, a faboo dress, my hair all dittied up with my beautiful family and a flask in the car for later. I will be set.

But this is what I really want to wear this weekend. I went online dreaming last night. I have no H & M store where I live and the closest one is 300 miles away. (if anyone would like to be my personal shopper that lives close to one I will gladdly send the money and my list). Online shopping for them will not start until 2012. Anyway, here's is what I think would "rock" this weekend out on the town either for date night, girls dinner or Chick-Fil-A with your son's Boy Scout troup ...just kidding. You can find all of these items besides in my dreams, online or via my Pinterest. Enjoy and early happy weekend!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hair Diddy's

Always looking for inspiration for the hair do’s! I am dire need of a cut and color for sure, but in the mean time, I have been reading all these blogs (I am in overload) and being a major hair person, I tend to look at the hair element first. I am very picky about my hair and am of the philosophy, if my hair doesn’t look good, I don’t look good. Which is bizarre because I will cover my head in any type of hat in three seconds flat. I am a total “HAT GIRL”. But I also beg every single day to wake up with beautiful bed head and it never happens. Being blessed with naturally wavy hair in which I flat iron everyday, I am just waiting for it to fall out or just singe like a wild fire in Colorado.

I battle with myself every day when I am doing my hair for work and/or play, cut off two or three inches, go back to my natural color, (ash brown), bangs are cool, no let them grow, I want Jennifer Aniston hair!!! So I want to be creative and I wanted ideas on how to switch things up. I am soooo digging headbands right now. I have a few but always think they look silly, but I am going to try it. Tennessee is a little conservative but hey, I am sure they have seen a few hippies in their day. I also am loving the messy buns. The picture of the double knots on the top of her hair look like an updated version of Princess Leia from Star Wars or cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon , but I actually did this a few weeks ago and my mom who was visiting loved it. It’s not a hairstyle you wear to a wedding, but a casual cookout-  yes and throw in some pinned flowers and cute! cute! I am an avid supporter of the pigtails and the Swiss Miss braids, so maybe that is why I am drawn to very loose, let yourself go hairstyles. I am also a product of the 70’s so that might have something to do with it as well. Although I do use enough product and hair spray that if my hair caught on fire, I would evaporate in two point two seconds. And if all else fails, put on a hat.

Anyway, I hope you all like these. You can see all these images via my Pinterest. Show me your favorites. Pick a style, remake on your own, send me a photo via my email and I will upload. Happy Hair Diddy day!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Leaves are changing and the air is brisk. I love the warm colors of fall. The spices, the smell of vanilla and cinnamon, pumpkin pie (which I think is gross, but I love to smell it baking in the oven). I love warm chocolate tones, cozy rooms with candles and fireplaces. I can’t wait to decorate my table for fall and the holidays.

This past Sunday, a great friend “H” invited me to a Bead for Life Party at her beautiful friends (let’s call them Jawow and Harry).  The beautiful message behind these products is to support Ugandan women who turn pieces of colorful paper into lovely bracelets, necklaces and earrings and shea nuts into creamy lip balms and soaps. I bought sweet bracelet and have worn it every day since then. One of my favorite parts of the party was the story Jawow told about Harry making his mother this necklace out of his old comic strip books. I know that his mother probably thought that was her most prized possession and I love that something so simple meant so much to her to display it for all to see. I could have just kissed him right on the lips for loving his mom enough…my son better take a note…

I also was drawn to their home and how beautiful it was and the hard work they have put into it. I noticed it feeling familiar yet couldn’t put my finger on it. I went home talking about it and my baby daddy said, “sounds like all the things you like. Look around you have very similar tastes.” And that’s when I said, “oh, yeah, we do, that’s why it was familiar.” So, it inspired me to put together a collage of decorating ideas for fall that maybe Jawow would love to do and I am sorting ideas for my own home.

Again, thank you to my sweet “H” for inviting me. Love love you and to the Harry Wow family for an inspirational day!

PS…the sock photo I just threw in there. I couldn’t pass up cozy socks. I am loving my new Pinterest account and you can find all these photos and product websites on my Pinterest sight. 

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Pea Salad

This is a simple and easy recipe and it makes a ton. For my friend R- enjoy!

1 head lettuce
1 cup mayo
2 tablespoons sugar
6 eggs hard boiled
2 cups cheddar cheese
1 bag frozen peas
1 pound bacon (as you see I use Hormel bacon pieces in the jar
Salt/pepper to taste

Chop lettuce put in bowl.
Boil eggs, peel and dice
Prepare peas as directed on package (make sure you drain excess water)
Add bacon pieces
Add cheese
Add salt and pepper to taste

In separate bowl mix 1 cup of mayo and 2 tablespoons sugar and mix until creamy. Then add to lettuce mixture. Refrigerate for about 1 hour and serve.

Can't get any more southern than that! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Brides Pail

Here is my bridal tea vs shower blog as promised..

Two weeks ago, I went to one of my besties daughter's bridal tea. Traveling to my home town to see people I haven't seen, some in twenty years. On one of the hottest days of the year, I slap on a dress, faboo heels by Lauren Conrad for the Kohl's collection and off I go. On the way, I started to think about the term bridal tea then I was thinking bridal shower? Do they really have "teas" anymore? Is that just a Southern thing? I wanted to rush back home and check my invite just to see what it stated. After this event was over, the next day I researched the terms. Here is what I found: A bridal tea is a come and go during a given time frame without bringing a present at high tea time. A bridal shower is a come and go during a given time frame but bring a gift, play games, etc.. Hmmmm... Here's my take:

Blue hairs vs Party Bitches is what it boils down too. I attended a bridal tea with cake, punch, nuts and mints. The formality of the small town "lets do this for grandparents" because they know everyone from hear to the yonder red light. I by no means am saying this wasn't a wonderful event. It was and it's sentimental because I held her in my arms as an infant. But, its 2011 so don't you want to see grandma drunk off wine coolers doing the conga line with redneck Billy Jo Bob! I do! I think that at the wedding someone should spike the punch bowl and the great aunt will be doing the Cha Cha slide in the church community hall while eating special brownies.  I write before you today in saying, All Blue Hairs Take a Stance! Demand spiked punch at the reception, veto the formal china and bring the happy couple the gift laughter, love and many pictures. Seriously, you want it documented that your 75 year old Grandma did the worm with your best friends husband to Funky Cold Medina.

In the meantime, here is the gift I made and gave to her. It's called "A Brides Pail". Filled with a homemade apron, bucket for beverages, 4 of my favorite recipes, spoons, the fixin's for homemade strawberry poppsies, and candle. They are for sale for $35 and I also do a bridesmaid pail as well. These will be for sale on my site. Email me if you are interested.

Ciao, D
A Brides Pail

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No leg waxing in my future!

I bought this kit about 2 weeks ago thinking I would try the approach of waxing my legs because I hate to shave and it lasts up to 4 weeks (i do shave by the way). So after doing the chores like feeding my son, cleaning the floors, slopping the hogs and making an Amish rocking chair (ha), I sat down to try it. This should come with a warning label! I wax my eyebrows and it doesn't affect me at all. This was tragic in every sense of the word.

I sat down on my couch, read the directions, warm strips between hands, pull strips apart, place towards ankle area, smooth in the direction of the hair growth, hold skin taunt and pull in swift motion.. Hey, holy bleep. I raised about 3 inches off the couch, my son started laughing hysterically and I now have one strip of hair removed from my leg and the rest of my leg can just wait for the Venus Embrace. I had my wassa waxed once and I said I would never in my life do it again. My grooming will be on my own terms not at the hands of a hair removal beast named Helga. This time, at my own hand, this girl ain't dumb. After 10 minutes its still stinging, so I obviously ripped through 8 epidermis layers of skin. If I ever tried this again, I will require the "brace yourself for a wax kit" which will consist of 8 glasses of Sangria, pain pill and a chew towel.

I have to say, I will leave this waxing BS to the experts! Ouch...D

Monday, September 12, 2011

Charlotte Ronson..this is NOT the JCP collection

Oh the dream of going to New York. I know one day I will go with one of my best pals or two and we will have a wonderful time. I want to see the Hamptons, Long Island, Manhatton, the shopping, pizza joints, deli's, Rockefellar Center (at Christmas) and the bakeries. And I will have to grow a money tree first! I also will go to fashion week..if only to set outside a tent, act like a homeless person and snap a few pictures. Maybe if I could make a sign that says "Will work for Winter Kate maxi dress" then I could sneak in and get a fancy dancy sandwich, you know like avocado turkey bacon with sprouts on a 2 x 2 square piece of what they call bread (yuck!) Anyway, the first thing I do is check my blog lovin' and Pop Sugar and Fab Sugar  websites every morning. This morning I came across the new Charlotte Ronson Spring 2012 line. Let me say ...LOVE LOVE! Then of course it clicked that I had read in one of my mags about her new makeup line, so I decided to check it all out and share with you! I am in love and I can't wait for the SALE (its a little pricey for this Southern Chick) but it gives me great inspiration. Check it out and Enjoy. You can find her pieces on Shopbop  and her makeup line on Sephora


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things I am digging for Fall

Come on December! Oh, hold on let's tackle the Fall season first. In December we are taking our first annual family ski trip. If I could pack for it right now, I would. But until then I will love the season lurking upon us ...Fall. I love Fall. The change of the leaves, college football, Halloween, cool evenings, bonfires, s'mores and fall parties. Here are a few things I am digging for the upcoming season.

Skull Tee: Delias $19.50

Suede Boots: DSW $59.95

H&M Scarf: $17.95

H & M Sweater: $24.99

Long Sweater Cardigan: Delias $39.50

Fur Vest: Wet Seal $39.50

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pics by "I"

dress: Boston Proper (years ago old)

shoes: Lauren Conrad for Kohls

bracelets: Forever 21 and drugstore find $2

necklace: JCPtoenail polish: OPI Lincoln Park after Dark

my sweet boy who loves to play with a camera took these pictures of me last Saturday before i went to one of my besties daughter's bridal tea (blog on that later). the second picture is actually me telling him to stop playing with the camera for fear of breaking it.. (about two hours later i dropped my camera and broke the screen). oh well, he was having fun.

love my boy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Posh Spice A Size Zero..get outta here!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. As fun and busy as it was I found time to go through my smut mag's to find funny stuff. You know like my "What's in my bag" post. Any hoot, I came across one that said "Victoria Beckham is a size zero post baby" and showed a pic. Of course, I studied it and looked at it from every angle and I see that she probably is a size negative zero. Here is my take on this.. Really? Really. A size zero, two weeks after having given birth to a watermelon? First, I was 120 pounds before I had my son. I weighed over 160 pounds when I had him due to some mystery condition they couldn't figure out. I mean what did she eat when she was pregnant and don't tell me she ate this healthy diet crap. I consumed enough pancakes, eggs and cereal to feed a third world country. A hot ham and cheese sandwich was a victim at any local Sonic restaurant. I think they new me by name and my love of cony dogs was well, an obsession of sorts. I basically looked like they Freed Wille.

So, it took me about a year to get back to 130 and a life altering experience to be back at my ideal weight of 119 and this woman eats grass and wheat germ and weighs 6 pounds. Don't give me its genetics and don't tell me breast feeding is the key. When i was prego, someone told me to not breast feed and my bubbies would stay big. LIAR! The only time they were big is when my milk came in and I stood in front of the mirror crying because I had porno boobs. Those soon went away into little jiggly things called plums. Pahleaze...

I mean what's the secret? A mango tango dirt colonic? Crickets covered in Sensa? Exercise consisting of shopping at Bloomingdales? Well, I guess if I had 70 blue million dollars I could have someone prepare my daily meals of blueberries and oatmeal and lift my legs into a leg press for me. But I don't. I also don't think that its ideal to print something like this for other mother's or even women to see. But I also find it interesting because the only thing on my body that's a size zero is my left big toenail. Who is a size zero nowadays and why is it acceptable? Why don't they print "Victoria Beckham out and about town with her beautiful baby" or Posh Spice takes a walk" (with her $6000 dollar running shoes on.) 

My point is, what is acceptable and what's not? Of course this article isn't her fault. We all have to write about something. I have no idea but I will continue to eat a loaf of bread for the sake of all women with junk in their trunk! Bread Rocks!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake Poppsie's

a rainy labor day brings fun things to do especially when you have a six year old. so who doesn't love poppsies (or popsicles). here is a fast and easy recipe and its healthy. who wouldn't love that? so in between watching re-runs of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" (love love), we whipped these up. enjoy!

*strawberry shortcake poppsies

2 cups fresh strawberries, washed and hulled
1 1/2 cups of crushed Nilla wafers
2 cups whole milk plain or vanilla yogurt (i used vanilla)
1/3 cup honey
12 oz Dixie Cups (plastic is better)
wooden popsicle sticks

In a medium bowl, combine the crushed Nilla wafers, yogurt and honey. Set out 12 Dixie cups, an fill each with 2 tablespoons of the yogurt mixture. Set in the freezer to chill for 30 minutes.

Meanwhilte, in a blender or food processor, puree the berries. Divide the berries among the 12 cups, insert popsicle sticks and freeze for another 30 minutes. Finally, divide the remaining yogurt honey mix on top. To serve cut or tear cup. Makes 12 popsicles.

*note: I used strawberry yogurt instead of berries. Also, you can substitute any yogurt for this recipe and instead of vanilla wafers use graham cracker crumbs.

have a great labor day!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ten Roof

boho office

comfy seating

dream kitchen (love the farmhouse sink)


my dream desk and chair

seaside poppy

outdoor living

make me white

A whales tale (heart this)
by Tracey Rapisardi

jonathan adler pillow
i love pretty spaces and i love love the mix of florals and wrought iron elements. texture is the key. anyone can design on budget. a little paint, a yard of fabric and wa-la! i will soon be working on designing my new office space. these are some ideas. i have an old table my mother gave me years ago and its going to get a transformation. happy sunday funday!