Friday, December 30, 2011

The Five and Five

I was going to do a top ten countdown of 2011, but I thought I would split it up and do my top five favorite moments of 2011 and top five resolutions. I do NOT usually make resolutions because I don't like to play by the rules very much. Plus, I have moments of weakness and a Hershey candy bar is a victim if in my presence. 

Top Five Moments

5. My blog, duh!

4. I joined Twitter. I know to you, this isn't a big hoo ha. But to me it is. I am not computer literate. I am still waiting on my "Blogger for Dummies" book. It's hard to sum up what I want to say in 140 characters or less 'cause I am a talker. Plus, all the symbols, @,# RT, etc.. It's overload. Then I thought if I joined, I would have to scan my pupils, give up my first born and enter into a world of cult like status of tweets and twits. I survived but I am still trying to figure out how my 15 year old nephew who joined a month ago has more followers than me? I must challenge all my followers, casual readers from boredom and any one else who dares, to follow me. I can't have a high schooler out doing his aunt.

3. My son hitting a home run. Oh, how I love Little League baseball. I cried. Then, ding dong, light came on..Hmmm, maybe we are on to something here. Baseball, college, pros?Come on baby boy, I know your the next A-Rod. Mama wants a vintage Beetle bug convertible, baby blue with a white top. 

2. Remembering 9/11 ten years later. Something we will never forget, but this year of all years there was coverage of these events and stories that I had never heard or seen. It's not that I ignored it when it happened or maybe these were new stories, but I will have to admit this and oh, sweet mama's of the world don't stone me, but I personally (key word personally), do not wish to relive it or to see the 87 angles of these planes hitting these buildings over and over. My take is this - if I were a mother it only reminds me that I can watch my child die over and over again repeatedly and I can't imagine what its like to have to watch this, uncover those feelings, the deep anguish that it cause every single time we see it. I was honestly mortified seeing this, but in awe of the stories of courage and the children that have come afterwards and their stories as well. I will never forget where I was or watching it at work, but I wish that some aspects of the media would limit some coverage for the sake of the families. 

1. The Royal Wedding - come on you knew I was going to say it. Who didn't love this? Yes, we watched it over and over. The anticipation of what her dress looked like, then the kiss (not one but two), that gawd awful ugly hat his cousin wore, remembering his mom, William telling her at the alter that she looked beautiful. Call me a sap, but I ate it up like a pig eating cornbread. (oh, I so dig her style, I hope she does this royal thing her way). 

Resolutions 2012

5. Grow my blog and be published somewhere somehow in a local magazine, newspaper, flyer at the fair, wanted poster, something. I read the Wilson Living magazine and I know most of you have no clue, but it's a local magazine for the hob knobbers and I want to at least have one lifestyle article published. I plan to bug the crap out of them until they do. (oh, and if anyone knows the editors personally, go ahead and put in a good word for me, the check will be in the mail once I see my name in print).

4. Take one weekend trip just me and my girlfriends. I want to go somewhere and reconnect, be Dusty, dance on the table tops, sing karaoke, stay at a beautiful hotel, shop on the "rich people" row (well, I will just browse and smell the merchandise. Last I checked me and Chanel don't know each other and I won't have bail money), laugh and just be a girl again.

3. Be more Patient. I have learned a lot this year, but times are trying with a full workload and family. I can't juggle everything ever day but I want to learn to let things go a little, be a little more patient with people and family. I am one of these women that it's just easier for me to do it than explain it. I need to be more patient let that person experiment and try and I for once just watch and enjoy.

2. Give back. This year I organized to adopt two Angel Tree kids from the local Salvation Army for work at Christmas. It was a success and it really put in perspective that there are people out there worse than myself. I am most of the time too broke to pay attention, but there are people and children less fortunate. I hope that I can find a way to help others. Plus, it would be a great lesson for my son to see.

1. Get healthy. I don't mean to say, I am going to give up my Mt. Dews. Not happening. But I want to change my lifestyle of the way I eat, get toned, strengthen my body. After being diagnosed with Fibro

Happy New Year my friends. Do you have resolutions or fantastic moments of the past year. I would love to hear them. Don't forget follow me on Twitter. Team GLFP beat that nephew! And ......

Welcome 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two Cents Thursdays

Well, it's the last Thursday of 2011. I thought I would do a wrap up of the year. I look forward to 2012. Although it only means I get another year older into the 40 category (you suck). My year started out yucky and I know I will be faced with some other heart breaking times. My sweet baby, partner in crime, my first child, worthless guard dog #1, Mille won't be here too much longer. That dog has been the love of my life for 12 years. She has also been the biggest pain in my butt. If you saw the movie Marley & Me. She is an exact duplicate only female. I dread that day to the core of my heart. 

My step dad has terminal cancer with not a long time left. The battle I have seen him fight is one I wish not on my worst enemy and what I learned from it, was that life is just so fragile. He wasn't supposed to make it through 2010 and he did. Even though he is my step dad, he's the only grandfather my son has ever known. His first words when he found out he had cancer were, "my grand babies, what about my grand babies!" He loves my son even though not of his blood and although the illness has taken a toll on his mind, I know that for the last six years, he's been a great Pa Pa to my Ian. I am so grateful. My heart is with my mother. For she has sacrificed so much. We often forget those left to deal with the aftermath of something so tragic. We tuck away our emotions for those that have to deal with seeing this process every day and the sadness they feel in their hearts. If I were to put myself in her shoes, I hope that I am strong and filled with love and I remember the good times and the memories that have been made and remember to love and laugh every day. I love my mom for everything she does for my family and for being my mom.

I realized I am stronger than I thought but weak in some parts and I am okay with that. I am a Scorpio. I love very hard and strong, and hurt even deeper. I have known this about myself since I was 16 years old. You always have a first love and when it was over, I thought the world had ended. Oh, lord the despair and dramatics. I bawled my eyes out. I didn't understand it and it wasn't until later I realized. It wasn't that I lost my boyfriend or the love of my life blah blah blah, it was I lost my best friend. When I love, I love that person for being many things in my "whole" life. 

This year, I had to evaluate my life and what was in it. I fought for the things I love and what mattered most. I lost people along the way, but I see it as growth. For those who went away must not have been loyal to my heart. If you know me, I am pretty blunt. I say what I say. Does it hurt people's feelings, I am sure. But I don't like to sugar coat anything because in the end when you sprinkle a little BS on it, it ends up being a big pile of poop. To those I hurt, I am sorry. But true friendship and loyalty means you agree to disagree and at the end of the day, if you respect then you move on. I DO NOT approach a mean girl mentality. I am more of a don't made get even or depending on my mood, I'll let you dig your own hole by handing you the shovel. Most of the time the latter. Sometimes not saying anything is the worst revenge. I might not like what you said, you might not like what I said, but don't attack some one's inner self. Women should never attack someone's inner or outer-self. We struggle so much in this world with the expectations of what the media outlets display as a women's standards in the first place. Fight about the issue, don't point fingers and don't pot shot someone just because your angry and have no other defense and I am guilty of calling people out. But, the nanny nanny boo boo mentality only works in kindergarten. Was I wrong in some of my approach? Of course, but if you know the real me, you understand me, you accept me and you love me. I apologize for hurting anyone, but I do not apologize for honesty and being me. You don't want to know don't ask. Simple. Plus, whatever happened to good ole' girl fights with claw scratchin', hair pullin' and finger snappin? I firmly believe girl's should be fighting for each other not against each other.

The love for my son and my family has grown in a way I never imagined. Although, I am totally insane by my everyday life, the only thing I would trade was having the ability to provide more. My poor child has his father and my DNA. I jokingly often say, I am bound to be in the Principal's office everyday of his teenage life. But you know what? If it makes him, his own individual and puts him at his place in this world with respect for others and love for his family and friends, then we have taught him all the right things. It doesn't mean there are times I wouldn't like to beat him until I felt better (I don't by the way), but he completes my world. I know he's my greatest accomplishment of all time. So proud for him to be my son and lucky God gave me this gift. I vow to grow and be more patient. I also hope he learns to wipe his own butt. Sometimes, I just can't be interrupted. 

Finally, this year meant I found me again. Since my son, I have struggled with my place. After I had him, all my friends that didn't have kids or had older kids, kind of fell into a different category. I wasn't sure where I was. Am I still that girl that goes line dancing? Do mom's do that? When do I take the time to read a book or shop just for myself? The guilt of dividing my time was overwhelming. I became consumed with dividing my time between being a mom, cook, laundry biatch, friend, provider and lover. I can honestly say, I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN. Although being hot in a costume with pretty bracelets would be fantabulous! I can't do it all and I am okay with that. It sucks to have to take a long look in the mirror and I did it and I came to this conclusion. I have everything I need wrapped up with my family of three. They complete me, but I also need myself. If I can find a baby sitter, this mom will be line dancin', having dinner with friends, shopping (if money permits), cussing like a sailor after too many sangria's, and taking weekend trips. Ssss-Nap!

I started this blog back in the fall and I haven't looked back. Do I share everything with the world no. Maybe in time, but I am not that exciting, well maybe on Thursdays, but I found an outlet. Something I enjoy and makes me happy. I have met read some incredible people that inspire me. Some that are just like me, some that are different, but I love seeing how other people manage this crazy life. I found laughter and my funny bone which is mostly always on display, but I found my serious side and that's okay to be weak but pick yourself up and keep moving. 

Thank you 2011 for being my biggest pain the ass and biggest lesson of my life. Time to move on, I have got bigger fish to fry, goals to accomplish and love to spread. Thank you Chad and Ian for providing me with love and support and the biggest headaches a girl can imagine. To the rest of my family and friends. I love you deeply. 

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you continue on this journey. My cup can't runnith over just yet. So many more things to fill it with.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

7 Up Biscuits

I made these 7 up biscuits I found on Pinterest Christmas Day and they were a hit! They were moist and gobbled up. I will be making these again (since I bought a whole box of Bisquick). You can't beat four ingredients and they baked quick. 

2 c Bisquick mix
1/2 c sour cream
1/2 c 7up
1/4 c melted butter
Preheat oven to 450ยบ

Cut sour cream into your Bisquick mix, then add 7up - it will make a soft dough, stir. Now sprinkle your counter with a little Bisquick mix then add dough and pat it out.
Melt butter and pour it into a 9" square baking pan. Cut your biscuits up and arrange them in pan on top of melted butter.
Bake 12-15 minutes or until golden brown.

***Note: This recipe only makes about 12 biscuits. So double the recipe if you want more. And remember this lovelies, I used wax paper to spread the dough. The dough is very, very tacky, so add a ton of extra mix when patting out or it will stick to your counter or paper. Use your hands not a rolling pin. 
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Are you glad it's over? Not me. I wish it lasted for more than two days. It seemed like it flew by so fast. To sum it up, a wonderful, joyous time. I got my new camera. I am a picture taking fool! And as a surprise, I received a tripod and remote shutter button. Everyone was a victim in my house on Christmas day. Except me..I put my hair in a pony tail and as usual was a wild women. I woke at 4:30 am, just to get up and blow my nose, then love woke up and we decided that it was very sad that we were more excited to get him up and so, the day began. I won't lie, I went back to bed for an hour and half after pressing the button on the coffee maker. By 7:30, it was breakfast of pancakes, then I made my famous bread bowl for snack, then dinner. I cooked like crazy. When the guest and family arrived, I apologized for looking like the homeless, threw on a hat and ate until my belly pooched out. Then as a tradition, we put on our scratchy pants and watched, Christmas Vacation. Every year we do this and it's a little reminder of my Pee Pa who loved this movie. 

I promptly got on Pinterest this morning to look up fitness routines. I never make resolutions, but I have a few for the next year. Although the thought of 50 jumping jacks first thing in the morning, makes me want to volunteer to be hit in the head with a roll of barbwire. But start slowly right? Well, here is a snippet of Christmas Eve and Day. Note to self, do not buy dogs squeaky balls for Christmas next year. We had to take it away from worthless guard dog #2, Libby. She reeeeally loved her obnoxious noise maker. 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Thank you for all the wonderful things I received. You will see these items in the next few weeks. A special thanks to my mom. She made our Christmas so special with her generosity. I can't wait to see what the new year brings. Thank you all for following along!

Happy New Year,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

my favorite christmas

Don’t you just love Christmas? I love it so much. Everything about it makes me smile. Although stressful especially in this economy, there’s still something magical about it, huh? I have always adored it even when I was a little girl. The anticipation would drive me insane. I can remember my brother, sister and I would get underneath the tree to see what was for each person. My mom would only put out so many gifts then Santa brought the big gifts Christmas Eve. When my mom would go to work, my brother and I would unwrap the presents to see what they were and wrap them back. Until we got busted of course.  We used to have an aluminum tree with a color wheel. It rotated and my mother would turn it on and the wheel would spin and turn the tree colors and then we would stick our arms in the tree and it would send it into reverse mode. Drove her nuts! Seriously, nervous breakdown if you made the tree go the opposite direction. Now that I look back on it, that tree was nothing but a huge weapon. You could have stabled someone with the limbs. I wonder what ever happened to that tree? Hmmmm.. pondering.

My favorite Christmas was when I received the Barbie Dream House. I was the hot chick on the farm, let me tell you.  A fully furnished million Barbie dollars home, and came with a purple corvette. My Barbie’s weren’t homeless anymore. We moved from a cardboard box to Beverly Hills or Dixon Springs 2nd floor of Dusty’s bedroom. I played with that thing for hours. My dad set it all up. I think he had more fun at Christmas than the kids did. He loved to see our eyes light up when we got our gifts. That man could rip off wrapping paper in two point two seconds and move on to the next present like a sushi making factory. I remember my friends looking at it in awe and it defiantly didn’t come cheap. I think that thing was probably $200 even back 30 years ago. The greatest part of this story is, I learned to share. The cardboard box my Barbie’s lived in, I was so generous and passed it along to my sister. She now lived in the low income housing section of Barbie land and drove a yellow and green Tonka truck donated by my brother and I knew her Barbie’s would appreciate it. It was the gift that kept on giving. She reminds me of this story often (sigh).

Now that I have a son, Christmas through his eyes is so much more special. I can only imagine what my parents felt and saw and now I get to feel that as well. The pure excitement, waking up early to see what Santa brought. And then our tradition is our stockings. Every year on New Year’s Eve on Santa’s way back to the North Pole, he stops and leaves something in the stockings. This is a tradition that has been in my family for as long as I can remember and I have adopted it as my own to carry on and I hope that my son will carry it on to his children. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friends!  Here is one of my favorite pictures of my son at Christmas. He was 10 months old. 

months old.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have you ever....?

I am an over analyzer. This is true. I take things, think about them, study them, research them, worry about it, talk about it, dream about it then get up the next day and think what the H-E-Double Hockey sticks! The last two weeks my attention span has been short, my fuse has been even shorter and my thoughts have been on overload. Have you ever done this? Of course you have, duh. For example, you have conversations with people and your so into the conversation, then three hours later you think...what was that, am I nuts or are they nuts? I just wasted three quarters of my life pondering it and I can't get it back engaging in BS. 

I am an observer of people. I love to go into Target or a honky tonk and just watch people. My friend Becca and I have had many nights setting at a good ole fashion redneck establishment in the past and wondered how that girl walked out of her house in those tight jeans? Or how did he really stuff his whole package in those Wrangler jeans. Maybe she was cheering herself on by thinking "V" is for victory, if you get my drift. Have you ever wondered if they really looked at themselves and said, "damn I'm hot!"

Have you ever wondered what it will be like when you come back in another life? I often think I will come back as a dog. How wonderful. You get fed dog food and water. Then your master doesn't finish the biscuits and gravy and you eat that. You can go threw people's trash at 3 am while your out just wandering around and the cops won't arrest you and the neighbors have no idea how their trash got strewn all over their lawn. I mean when your neighbors tick you off you often plot in your head how to get back at them then suddenly your dog takes a big crap and you immediately think..REVENGE! I mean its OK that a dog can be humped over like a kangaroo and take a poop while 20 cars drive by but if you squatted over in your yard as a human you'd be arrested. I would love to be able to scoot my butt on the carpet to relieve an itch and people laugh about it. Instant funny. I profess I wish to be a dog in my second life. 

And finally, have you ever wonder why parents let their kids walk around with snot hanging out of their noses? Is it acceptable that a 2 year old can blow snot bubbles and we think its cute. Adults walk around with a booger and we instantly avoid them like the plague and not tell them they have a light weight dried particle flapping back and forth amongst the hairs of their nose while having a serious conversation about what's going on in the world. But at that moment the rise and fall of the stock market doesn't exist all you can think about is, "the boogie." A child can have it running down his lip, take his sleeve and wipe it and we just keep right on talking and not miss a beat. 

Have you ever read a blog and thought, I think the author is sleep deprived, on Christmas overload, worried about what the new year will bring or just plain nuts? Oh, wait that's me. 

Happy Holidays,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

chocolate cupcakes with eggnog icing

This weekend was a mad rush! I had two Christmas parties to attend. One with my whole family and then one with my immediate family i.e. mom, step dad, brother and his family. At our family party on Saturday, we played Dirty Santa for the first time and it was a riot. I ended up with a cool iron lantern and lovey ended up with a O'Charley's gift certificate..Way to go Team Alley! My cousin, Justin on the other hand who is the biggest Alabama fan in the world ended up with a University of Tennessee snuggie. Waaaaaaah! It was the highlight. He refused to try on the snuggie, but we did laugh alot. Our theme was "Italian Christmas" and we feasted on lasagna, spaghetti, salad and bread. I love having theme Christmas's. It gives your palate a rest from all the ham you consume. We also had cookies, pumpkin snowman cake and chocolate cupcakes with eggnog icing provided by yours truly. They were a hit. I love eggnog so I found a recipe on Pinterest, and whipped up a batch. Here is the recipe for the icing. Enjoy! 

Chocolate Cupcakes
1 box Devils Food Chocolate Cake mix. Follow directions on box and insert into paper cups. Bake and cool.

Eggnog Icing
4 cups powdered sugar
1 stick salted butter
2 teaspoons vanilla flavoring (or 1 teaspoon vanilla flavor, 1 teaspoon rum flavoring)
8 -10 tablespoons Eggnog

Mix ingredients in bowl. To the consistency you want, add 8 tablespoons eggnog. If you would like it creamier add more. My love also suggested the Southern Comfort Eggnog. I may try that next time, but remember to minus the rum flavoring in favor of 2 teaspoons vanilla.

Frost Cupcakes and chill for an hour.

These were gone, gone, gone! I didn't even get to take a picture. But just imagine it. I know you can even if you've had too much eggnog and real whiskey..

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 16, 2011

my special guest....

So thrilled to have Jennifer from Just A Girl in the World. Her blog is too cool. I love her "Yummies" section on her blog and you should check out her shop. It has some fantastic scrap booking materials. I am excited that I asked her to post on her favorite Christmas memory. I love hearing childhood memories. They take us back and make us remember how innocent and fun Christmas is supposed to be. Enjoy my friends. 

Hi, everyone! My name is Jennifer and I am visiting from Just a Girl in the World today. I am so honored that Dusty asked me to guest post for her! I think she is so funny and love reading her blog.

I am in my mid thirties and live in beautiful Northern California. I am a writer and am currently working on a fiction novel. I enjoy learning new things and seeing new places, and am excited about life in general. I love to bake, make crafty things and find neat items to be repurposed at thrift stores or garage sales. I also love doing projects on my home, which was built in 1950 and is so very quaint.

Ah, Christmas! I have always loved Christmas. It is one of my favorite holidays. From the shopping for other people to the anticipation about what is under the tree, waiting for Christmas was near torture as a child! It didn’t help that my birthday is exactly 5 day before Christmas, my poor parents always tried to make a big deal out of both, but it was hard for Christmas to not overshadow my birthday. After all, it is the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Who can compete with that?!

My favorite memory was the Christmas morning I woke up to find Santa had brought me a house for my Barbies! I was so excited and could hardly wait to play. It was large enough I could get inside and almost shut it. I of course found out later when I saw these pictures that my mom had actually put this together for Santa, because he had been too busy so he just dropped it off. She had stayed up very late working very hard on it!

This picture makes me smile, because I remember these items and have some of them still. My mom made the bedding for my Barbie bed. She was such a good mom, even if she had to spank me this Christmas for gorging myself on her homemade Christmas cookies. And when I say gorging I do mean eating several layers of them after dinner when she had all ready told me no more. My poor mom. How she made it through my childhood and teen years is beyond me!

Our biggest tradition is that Christmas Eve is our Christmas. While I was growing up, we would do this with my parents and my mother’s parents, which always made it a really special evening. To this day we still do this, although since my parents are divorced it is now my step-dad who is waiting there to greet me when I arrive. We meet at my mom’s house on Christmas Eve, have a dinner around 5 or so, then we open all of our presents. I always enjoyed that when I was growing up, not having to wait until the morning to see what I got! However there was always a surprise or two under the tree from Santa and in my stocking the next morning.

Christmas morning is spent with my dad and his side of the family, where we have the traditional tearing open of presents in our jammies and yummy Christmas breakfast. I remember the first time I spent Christmas morning with them, I was about 29 or so and I enjoyed the whole tradition so much! I had gotten used to doing everything on Christmas Eve, but what a joy it was also doing it the next morning! I feel like I get two holidays!

Although getting and giving wonderful presents makes it such a fun event, now that I am older I really cherish the time I spend with my family. That is the best part.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my Christmas memories and traditions and would love it if you would come over and visit my blog sometime. I have a lot of exciting things in the works for this upcoming year!

Merry Christmas to all of you and thank you for letting me come visit!

Jennifer's mom putting together her Barbie house
Barbie's new home

See A-DOR-ABLE! Check out her site and show her some love. Thank you Jennifer, Merry Christmas to you! Hugs! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two Cents Thursdays

Fav day..let's get this party started. It's Thursday one day closer to Friday and one week until I start my holiday vacation. Whooty Whoot! Here's my deal this week.

First, a plea to the UPS man that I sign my autograph for every day. Please, I am begging you. Ask the company guy for a larger size uniform. Your starting to remind me of a tootsie roll popping out of its wrapper.

The self professed virgin, Jessica Simpson is pregnant. I don't get it. All I ever heard was how she saved herself for marriage, wore a purity ring, and then got divorced. Now how is it that its okay that she's unmarried and pregnant? Let me say, that I am in no way saying it's not. Choices are that..choices, but I don't understand the philosophy behind why it was okay then to be pure and now she's prego and waiting until after the baby comes to get married..I guess all bets are off once you've crossed the line into boinking land. hmmm pondering...

White ink tattoos. Isn't the purpose of a tattoo to see it? I have my son's name on the inside of my ankle. Listen, if I am going to have someone imprint my body and go threw the pain, some one better damn well notice, ask me about it, drool over it and think I am a brave Indian for cow branding my body.

Men with long fingernails. Yuck. I went through a checkout in Target, he handed me my change and his fingernails were longer than mine. I didn't want to touch my  money it was like it had some disease now that he touched it with his Beyonce pointed finger nails. (insert hebbie jeebbie motion here).

RSVP...doesn't anyone remember how its done? Let me explain it to means you let someone know whether your going to attend a party! Respond, reply, dial my digits, send me a letter, flashcards, road signs, something. I don't put RSVP on an invitation for shits and giggles people. In the South use proper wait responsible women everywhere, please RSVP. make me mad. I have joined to follow 52 sites, but only 33 show up in my dashboard. Why? I refresh, reload and you suck!

Happy Holidays,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My gift from Mrs. America

I participated in the Cold Hands Warm Hearts blogger exchange program this year and it was so much fun. The excitement of finding out who my partner was intense for me being new to the blogging community. I received the sweetest email from Justine from Stop Me If You've Heard This One and the rest is history. We became fast friends and if you missed my initial post, I refer to her as Mrs. America (read here). We have so much in common. She's from New York, a place I have always wanted to visit. How ironic is it that she also lives close to where my BFF, Lorraine is from. I heart Yankees. She loves to write. She's crafty and from following her Pinterest, probably a pretty snazzy dresser. 

I received my package in late November and was so excited. I opened the box and this is what I received:

XOXO, Justine


So thankful

Note cards  and note pad with my initial "D" on them, chocolates, beautiful gloves, headband and the sweet butterfly hair diddy. All accompanied with the most precious notes. Pretty cool, huh? I loved this exchange bunches. I will continue to participate and am so thankful to have made a beautiful friend and I hope that one day our paths cross. It's been a blessing getting to know her and I will continue to follow her faithfully because she's a blogging crazy woman and I hope she continues to do the same. I also hope she enjoyed her package as well. Thanks to much love Illy and Sandy. This was too much fun!

Happy Holidays to everyone who participated and especially to Mrs. America, XOXO back atcha. 


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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

say yes to crack....bread

Christmas day I cook like a wild woman. The traditional ham, hash brown casserole, rolls, veggies, etc. You know the crap that's not good for you. We do live in the South..HELL-O! My sweets, I bake on Christmas Eve. Tradition is we get up, open presents and breakfast. This year it's homemade pancakes and sausage links. Once that's cleaned up, I make appetizers for lunch to snack on until dinner around 5 pm. One year I over did it and made sausage balls, buffalo chicken dip, BLT dip and meatballs. We ate so much that we couldn't eat dinner. Not this year. I am doing two dishes to snack on and that's it. I always make the BLT dip because its our fav, but I saw this recipe on Pinterest and thought this might just introduce itself into rotation at some point or a good possibility for the New Year's Eve party at the cabin on our ski trip. Here is the recipe and if you attempt to make it before I do, let me know what you think. And if you're not a bacon/pork fan like my bloggy friend Ruthie, then leave off the bacon, cheesy bread is just as yummy too.

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls (a.k.a. Crack Bread)

1 unsliced loaf of (round is preferable) sourdough bread
8-12 oz Monterrey jack/Colby cheese, shredded
3 oz bag Oscar Mayer Real Bacon pieces
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 Tbsp Ranch dressing mix

Using a sharp bread knife cut the bread going both directions. Do not cut through the bottom crust. Place slices of cheese in between cuts. Sprinkle bacon bits on bread, making sure to get in between cuts. Mix together butter and Ranch dressing mix. Pour over bread. Wrap in foil the entire loaf in foil and place on a baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Unwrap. Bake for an additional 10 minutes, or until cheese is melted.

I am pretty sure that if you eat this, it will require, 4 hours at the gym to work off two bites, but its ok, Weight Watchers forgives you 'cause I said so. 

Happy Holidays,


Monday, December 12, 2011

Wish list

Christmas is nothing but a head game to a small child. But oh, what fun it is ... My son has asked for a ton of things and one of those is a new bike. So last night at dinner, we told him that Santa was probably all out of bikes and he should probably be prepared that he may not get one. Mean, I know, but oh, I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees it, plus, it's hidden in lovey's man cave out back and its been nerve-racking trying to keep him out of the building. So, after looking at his list to Santa, I thought I would make one of my own. I already know what I am getting for Christmas, a new Nikon Camera! Yay me, but these things would be fun to receive and I may grab a few of them on an after Christmas sale. 
All things aside, I am looking forward to all the hoopla, the cooking, Christmas day blasting of music, wrapping paper strolled everywhere, pancakes, staying in PJ's all day long, watching Christmas Vacation and roaring fire.

Happy Holidays,

Friday, December 9, 2011

I wanna feel that Fire

As part of the holiday season, I wanted to do something fun and have a guest post every Friday where another wonderful blogger talks about their own holiday traditions and favorite memory. Today I want to introduce you to Jennifer of I Wanna Feel That Fire. She is adorable. Today you will find me guest posting on her site here. I hope you also click over and read my favorite Christmas memories and traditions. In the meantime,  show her some love, talk about her, tell your friends and share because that's what the season is all about..Sharing.

I have a lot of really wonderful Christmas memories but I have one that stands out the most. When I was a kid my grandma always went crazy overboard buying/making presents for me, my sister and my cousins. One year my parents knew that of course she would do that but also knew that my grandparents had had a rough year financially but that she would still do what she always did for us. So, my parents decided to save a littler extra money in the few months before Christmas and the week before Christmas we went and bought a WHOLE BUNCH of food and put it in boxes and wrapped them up so that we could take them to my grandparents house in Christmas morning. When they opened the boxes they were so shocked and touched by this gift. I think it really meant a lot to them.

I've only been with my husband for a year so we are still trying to start our traditions but so far one of our traditions is to decorate our front yard for Christmas the weekend right after Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to have more traditions next year and the years after.

My name is Jennifer. I've been a stay at home mom for 2 years and I love it (I'd never judge a working mom for their choice). I'm hoping to have another baby in the next year or 2. I love to blog about my family, my life, my thoughts, stuff I make or cook. I love to sew and I'm pretty crafty. Love love love books. I'd rather have a book in my hands than a kindle or something like that. Love to take pictures. And I secretly want to sing in a band but I'd probably get horrible stage fright and most likely pee myself!

Isn't she too cute and she Instagram's like a wild woman. So follow Jennifer on her blog, pinterest, and twitter. Have a Merry Christmas.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two Cents Thursdays

My fav day! Lets get started first, Pork Skins gross me out. Chad brought in two bags on Sunday and the smell alone was enough to make me nauseous. 

While doing some online shopping I kept seeing "One Size Fits Most". So am I suppose to just take them at their word and walk around in a shirt that's either to big or to little? And how do you exchange it if it doesn't fit? I would like to exchange this to "one size sorta bigger, please". I don't understand the logic of this label.

Pulled up to the drive-thru..Me: I would like a steak biscuit and small coke and that's all, please. Drive-thru dingbat: One steak biscuit and a small coke, is that all?" Me: Yes. Drive-thru dingbat: "Would you like to make that combo?" No, you dumb ass, if I wanted a combo I would have ordered a combo. I didn't say this of course but this is exactly what I am thinking every single time they ask me this. UGH! Two extra minutes of my life I can't get back.

Standing in the grocery store isle girl walks by and puts five boxes of Skinny Cow Clusters in her basket. How is that a diet? She eats all five boxes she will turn into a bull. 

And finally, on Saturday, I wasn't feeling real swift. Chad comes in after a day of hunting looking like a giant piece of fertilizer. I am lying on the couch. He says, what's wrong. I answer with "I don't feel good today." After an hour he says, "honey, you want to boink?" First, real romantic, second, why is it that you feel like crapola and men want to do the yum yum? I swear this is I will never understand. I was polite and said, uhh, no, but what I really wanted to say is, why in sam thunder hell would I first of all want to get it on with someone who looks like a tree stump and smells like doe pee? The whole idea as I gather it of hunting is to smell and look as repulsive as possible so the deer are tricked into thinking your not there, and bam! They become some one's dinner. And yet, you male species are turned on by this. Never mind that I also didn't feel good. No wonder he didn't get a deer. He was filthy and smelled of urine and probably eating pork skins. I wasn't impressed either. Smart deer! (and yes I went there and wrote about it)

Add your Two Cents? Would love to hear it! 

Happy Holidays,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ode to Olivia

I remember as a teenager I would set in my room for hours listening to Olivia Newton-John. I even drew a picture of her outlined it in glitter and sent it to her. I remember she sent me an autograph picture back and I am pretty sure we were BFF's. You know until she became so famous she didn't have time for me anymore. By the way, Livie have your peeps call my peeps and we'll do lunch. Anyway, I would put on these pink tights, legwarmers and leotard and dance around my room for hours. I know dork now and those pink tights would look like to pigs in a blanket wrapped around my thighs, but a little girl could dream right? 

Now legwarmers are back! Etsy has the cutest legwarmers made out of sweater sleeves. They are adorable and on my "want list". My aunt and I were talking the other night and she said, "you would wear legwarmers now?" You bet your sweet Olivia Newton-John I would! So when I found this outfit, I thought how cute. Throw on some legwarmers with the boots and off on a date night with the lovey, shopping with the chicks or casual day at work in my fictitious hometown of Hoboken. Lookout Cake Boss, he wouldn't know what would hit him. I could whip up a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing while listening to Let's Get Physical. Wear them proud I would because somethings just make childhood memories a lot sweeter when you think about them.

super love this dress

Oh and I would throw these sweet dawlings to give it a little Rock n Roll.

Hopefully, you have sweet memories from childhood and they reflect on who you are today.
Happy Holidays,
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hard Candy Product Review

Before I got laid off 2 years ago, I used to be a huge MAC cosmetics user. Now that I have a job and it pays me in carrot sticks in which whoever FICA is, takes a third of my paycheck, I learned how to attempt to be beautimus on a budget. And when I find out where FICA lives, I am going to kick there bleep! Anyway, around Halloween when I was in Walmart, I visited the beauty isle (as I do in any store) to pick up a foundation equivalent. I have been using Rimmel Stay Matte but wasn't overly enthused, so I thought I would try the Hard Candy products. I had read a review on Miss Natty's Beauty Diary blog about the Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer, remembered what she had wrote and decided to give it a whirl. Anything to take these black holes away from under my eyes. I also picked up the foundation, thinking for $6 bucks what can I lose? 

After the pure torture of Walmart..By the way, I hate Walmart. It drives me over the edge to the point of no return. Twenty six lanes and four are open and slow isn't even an action verb these people register with. I would rather be hit in the head with a wet squirrel than go in a Walmart, but for the love of my son and his costume, I swallowed my pride. 

Back to the review.. the concealer is amazing. It's thick, so literally a pencil lead size will do. It takes my planet space black hole looking circles from Star Wars material to presentable. It is a little dry in texture, but the coverage is amazing. I recommend moisturizer before applying. I will give it 4 stars out of 5.

On to the foundation.. It's pretty dang good. No, it's not MAC, but its soft, gives a medium coverage and goes on very smooth. Does not take alot of the mixture for coverage and it comes in a variety of shades. It also has a handy pump, so it's a no mess bottle. I use a sponge to apply. The only complaint I have is I do get a little shiny on the nose mid afternoon, but I think that's just because I am so fantastic my nose needs to be showcased..NOT! Nothing a little powder doesn't fix. I will also give this 4 out of 5 stars. 

So, if your looking for an inexpensive line of makeup, I do recommend it. If you would rather burn your eyes out with a Cuban cigar than go to Walmart, I understand that too, but its worth a try. 

Do you have any beauty finds on a budget?

Happy Holidays,

Monday, December 5, 2011

Smashin' Party

I went to a party on Friday. I can say that it was the worst party I have ever attended in my life. As a consolation prize for turning 40, I was ordered to attend a mammogram. No, no formal invitation. I was just told to be there and I didn't have my bells on. So, on the drive into the doctor's office I kept telling myself over and over, "Smashin is the new Fashion". Yes, I am replacing the pink ribbon campaign with that slogan. 

I totally understand why this is necessary and if I hadn't been having an issue, I would have probably put it off until 2012. The initial phone call to set up the appointment was funny in itself. When the appointment setter called, she asked me if I had implants. I busted into laughter and said, "no honey, once you see these puppies, you will know they are all mine and nobody would have paid for these little pebbles."

After undressing from the waste up, I was smashed, cupped, fondled and didn't even receive a kiss, no alcohol, chips or dip. At one point, I told the nice lady we weren't friends! I now know how cows feel at the dairy farm. Then it was on to an ultrasound which was just as uncomfortable, but she had a little more of a sweeter demeanor, and explained to me that women are obtaining mammograms as young as teenage years now. That breast cancer now has no age limit. And thank goodness I have no signs of breast cancer.

So, every year, I now know, that even if I don't get invited to the hottest ticket in town, I have a standing invitation to extend another year of my life by being aware of my body. Maybe next year for the Smashin' Party, I will sneak in a skinny cocktail. I am sure after looking at tata's all day long they could use a drink.

Happy Holidays and celebrate the tata's!

Friday, December 2, 2011

This weekend


Quiet time

someone to cuddle

peaceful dreams

 filled with love

Happy Holidays,

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two Cents Thursdays

Two Cents Thursdays, hoot and holler! Let’s just cut right to the chase of what I have been pondering the last week and since I missed last Thursday because I was gorging my brains out and expanding my waist line on cornbread dressing, time for a little catch up.

First, do you ever just get the giggles? Like when you think about it two days later and you still laugh. My cousin, Rachel and I, Thanksgiving day decided to talk about the AMA’s and the subject of Christina Aguilera came up. And then it began. The mountain of comments, the laughs so hard with tears and almost pee pee pants. We became Siskel and Ebert. Here is our summary, it started a chain reaction that we couldn’t stop. 1.She basically looked like a basted turkey wrapped in aluminum foil that when the oven door opened, she escaped. 2. With her Wet ‘n’ Wild red lipstick, her lips looked like they were on their period. 3. To a child she might have looked like a Klondike Bar. 4. Her hair was one teaspoon of bleach away from being featured on a Wen commercial and it just kept going.

It was a train wreck. I support curvy girls everywhere. I got some junk in my trunk, but I know when to back away from anything that looks like you wrapped your leftovers in. It was almost like the game you play at baby showers where you wrap the prego in toilet paper. Someone shrink wrapped her into that dress. Ok, moving on.

Well, not just yet. I love that song by Maroon 5. “Moves Like Jagger”. But let us be clear.. Have you seen Mick Jagger move? Seriously, moves like he has to pee, legs tight together and big giant steps, or something is tucked up all tightly. If you move like you sat on a cork, dim der ain’t moves. It’s called my butt cheeks are together because I really need to poop, move out of the way sister!

Ok, now moving on…nicotine patches. Where’s the nicotine? How do you get it in something that looks like a band aid only bigger? So basically, if you where having a cigarette craving just roll that sucker up, light one end and smoke it. Heck alcoholics drink mouthwash.

I read tons of blogs every day. Every blog I follow I read and then a few more. You always see the “Mani of the Week.” Pretty nails all perfect but you never see the “Pedi of the Week.” I know feet aren’t that pretty and some people’s toenails you can slice tomatoes with them, but there has to be a pedicure blog somewhere I just know it.

Victoria Secret Fashion Show…. Where’s the beef? Just sayin'

I got my first rated X Twitter follower. Totally clicked the link and holy moly! Thanks for following but you are blocked, you Twit!

And finally, my son got a progress report and his phonics are low. HEL-LO-A. We live in Tennessee stupid teacher where “it” has six syllables. Ugg! And this what I pay taxes for.

What's your Two Cents Thursday?

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Happy Holidays,