Monday, September 12, 2011

Charlotte Ronson..this is NOT the JCP collection

Oh the dream of going to New York. I know one day I will go with one of my best pals or two and we will have a wonderful time. I want to see the Hamptons, Long Island, Manhatton, the shopping, pizza joints, deli's, Rockefellar Center (at Christmas) and the bakeries. And I will have to grow a money tree first! I also will go to fashion week..if only to set outside a tent, act like a homeless person and snap a few pictures. Maybe if I could make a sign that says "Will work for Winter Kate maxi dress" then I could sneak in and get a fancy dancy sandwich, you know like avocado turkey bacon with sprouts on a 2 x 2 square piece of what they call bread (yuck!) Anyway, the first thing I do is check my blog lovin' and Pop Sugar and Fab Sugar  websites every morning. This morning I came across the new Charlotte Ronson Spring 2012 line. Let me say ...LOVE LOVE! Then of course it clicked that I had read in one of my mags about her new makeup line, so I decided to check it all out and share with you! I am in love and I can't wait for the SALE (its a little pricey for this Southern Chick) but it gives me great inspiration. Check it out and Enjoy. You can find her pieces on Shopbop  and her makeup line on Sephora


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