Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No workout post tuesday..but a few random thoughts

There is no workout post for Tuesday. Honestly, I didn't do jack squat this week except walk around a pumpkin farm for 2 hours. So, I thought I would just post some random thoughts or things I think about and ponder..

1. Do you ever wonder why it is that men can go in a bathroom and whip out their wanker in front of each other, but if a women walks in and you gotta do the number 2 you will hold it until they either flush the toilet or leave. And what really sucks is that you both have to do the same thing so its a "you go first" competition to see who does it first. I actually had a lady say she was sorry that I overheard it. It's like Oprah said, "everyone poo's".

2. Why we can put a man on the moon, but we can't take fat from other parts of our body and make boobs.

3. Why men can adjust and scratch themselves in public, but if a woman did it they would think she had crotch rot.

4. I would love to see a diver at the Summer Olypmics jump off the diving board curl up and yell, "Cannonball!" just for chits and giggles.

5. I believe everyone woman should be issued a full length mirror at birth.

6. The trend with mustard colored clothes. Hense, the color is mustard, you look like mustard. (sorry personal preference).

7. The special sauce on a Big Mac is really 1000 Island dressing.

8. Speedo's should be illegal.

9. Who really waxes their bung hole? I mean seriously, who is looking or going to see it? It isn't like you go in like you got a new hair cut and say, "Honey, look at my new wax job. Do you like it or do you think I should grow it back out?

10. Wonder Women had an invisible jet, hmmmm, ponder, how did she stay in the air if it was invisible? I looked it up and invisible means not there, cannot see etc...get my point.

11. Rice grosses me out.

12. Why they didn't make Barbie have thunder thighs and 5'5"?

13. Why Santa Claus has yet to bring me a dolphin for Christmas like I asked for at 6 years old.

14. Who invented the tampon and who was the lucky duck who got to perform all the test trials till they got it precise.

And finally,

15. Any man wearing skinny jeans should be fined at least one thousand dollars for making us tolerate looking at the piggy in his market.

Happy Tuesday, lovies, please follow my blog, I follow back..XO, Dusty

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  1. Ha ha I am laughing so hard at the why didn't they make Barbie have thunder thighs... GOOD POINT! Goll! Thanks for linking up to my blog, hope to see you next week cute girl!