Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Stuffs

It's day two of the linky party. I sat up and read so many blogs last night I am cross eyed. My head was swimming. My son could have jumped off the roof as Superman last night and I would have never known it, I was so entralled. I got up yesterday morning thinking, I am going to get up at the crack of dawn and push the send button and ba-geez, there were already 200 people linked up. So, I thought I would write another quick post, re-link (because I just don't want you to forget to check out my blog) and spend the day with more blog overload. I hope you checked out my introductory post here. It's just a snippit of my blessed life. Or you can check out my funny side. This was my very first post ever and pretty much how I am most of the time or see my style on the obession of most women ...Pinterest.  Any hoot, here are 10 things to let you get to know me better. I hope you enjoy my blog. I am having a blast taking time out from laundry, cleaning house, working, slopping the hogs, making a amish rocking chair, sailing around the world, serving the Queen of England..just kidding. Thank you so much for those that have followed me so far! I am greatful beyond words I get new friends.

10 things about Muah!

1. I live in Tennessee but was born in Kansas. Yes, I am a redneck princess!
2. I am a true Scorpio. Very passionate about my family and friends.
3. I will be 40, November 1st.
4. I am addicted to Mt. Dew. My kidneys think I need an intervention.
5. Favorite movie of all time Grease.
6. I don't like to be barefoot. I always have fuzzy socks on my feet.
7. I love Red Velvet cake!
8. Winter is my favorite season.
9. My middle name is de. Yes with a little "d". My mother was a hippie.
10. I love high heels.

Enjoy the linky party. Hope to see you all soon.

Dusty de


  1. Redneck princess! I love that.. I'm in oregon and live in a tiny little farm town. That would totally fit for me! And I HATE to be barefoot too!

  2. New follower from Followers Fest here (and from TN also)! I totally get the cross-eyed thing. I should have been studying today but got sucked into reading blogs.

  3. #9, your mom is awesome! What a cool middle name! lower case and all!