Monday, November 7, 2011

The Big Bang Theory

I have love hate relationship with my hair. I am such a hair person, I grow it out, then cut it off (not too short). I would love to have a cutesy tootsey hair do, but I will just have to dream about it, because I cut my hair off short and I feel like I have a pumpkin head. I have grown my bangs out for the last few months and kept them like that, but as the appearance of wrinkles (or my imagination of them) creep into my head, I think about cutting them into side swept bangs again. I always grow them out, cut them, then freak out because I think they are to short and feel like a little Amish girl named Mary Beth Elizabeth Rebecka Katie Jebidiah Jones. I think oh, they will grow back out and then I see all these beachy waves in the magazines and then I get all Cali girl (I have never even been to California). Any hoot, I found some pictures on-line for inspiration.

Well, tell me what you think? To bang or not to bang, that is the question! Happy Monday!



  1. bang it out! sorry..that was kinda cheesey. funny that i'm seeing tons of bang posts. must be something in the water. i'm chopping mine too!

  2. Love some bangs and I bet they'd look great on you!!! I'd like to know how to keep those side swoop bangs in place! Mine like to have a mind of their own!

  3. I love you with bangs but you know you get tired of them and I want my A-line bob back but haven't done it only because you always tell me how much you hate them. Any whoooooooo.....