Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lounge Day

I officially declare this Sunday "lounge day!" I refuse to get out of my fleecy pants, fuzzy socks and comb my hair. Sunday's usually consists of cleaning house, grocery and laundry. I did my cleaning and grocery shopping yesterday and I am finishing up the laundry. I am so over it that I took the last two batches separated out and threw them in together. Who cares, right? High five my self for conserving energy and water is the way I see it.

I have worked on my blog this weekend. I took all of my posts labels and put them into categories (click). All the label listings were driving me crazy. I am not a type "A" personality by no means, but I don't like clutter which my life is full of because I live with two boys. I also fixed my links to face book, I apparently had that screwed up.

Also, I joined the world of Twitter. It literally made me sick at my stomach. No, seriously, I pooped like three times. I was scared to death of it. I am still somewhat private. I felt like if I joined it: the government was going to find out everything about me, scan my pupil and turn me into the bionic women (once they found out how faboo I, just kidding). No, I am not a techno freak. I sat here yesterday cussing my blog trying to get rid of the pencil/wrench tool. Anyway, I did it. Follow me if you think I am twit worthy.

I finished my DIY jewelry board, post on that this week. Read the new Lucky magazine. I don't know if it's just me, but the last few magazines I have bought haven't been to whup whup to me. I did Pinterest briefly this morning. Had my coffee, now eating a hot dog with Frito chili cheese chips.. Oh, did I mention its fat day too? Uh, hum.. sho is. Tonight, I will be whipping up a batch of baked spaghetti. I have my own fantab recipe for this but decided to try one from Pinterest with a few minor adjustments. And with it...BREAD! (refer two sentences above regarding fat day).

Happy Lounge Day everyone!


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  1. Today has totally been a lounge day for me and my Hubs too! I'm not sure if I said hi yesterday when I started following your blog or not, so hello :)

    I also wanted to ask, how did you do the categories dealio?! I love to break down my posts that way :)

    Little Spindle :)