Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Cents Thursdays

My first Two Cents Thursdays post of 2012. Let's rock this! Hope your new year is fantastic so far. I am sure it is, we are only 5 days in. Here's my pondering moments this week and a special finale at the end. 

First, all women hang their mouths open when they put on mascara, but last night I was taking my mascara off and my mouth...Wide Open. This morning putting on my eye shadow and my mouth...Wide Open. As I type this blog post, my mouth is Wide Open. Why is that? Is there some mechanism in our bodies that say that we will not get through a daily function without our mouth's ...Wide Open. Seriously, pay attention, you will be surprised.

Blue eyeshadow - I saw tons of ladies with blue eye shadow on this weekend. I personally like the dark blue shadows but I also think that your base coat should be a lighter version accented with a darker shade. If you pick out Cyndi Lauper blue and spread it to your eyebrow, then either your lazy, not creative or color blind. And when it mixes with dark brown eyebrows then, Houston we have a problem. Blend people blend.

I am boycotting the Kardashians. Again, I watched about 10 minutes of the New York show and I just can't do it. Then I read that the younger sister received a Range Rover for her birthday. In my white trash world, we think about payments and insurance therefore, we drive Honda's. Ridiculous this show. But I admit it's like a train wreck and you can't not watch or read.

Addicted to the ID Channel and Ghost Whisperer. Weird that I put those two together. I am a scaredy cat when I watch any kind of ghost stuff because I kind of believe in spirits, but for some reason I can set on a Saturday and watch re-runs all day. I am sure Chad is ecstatic I have found new shows to love. It used to be the Lifetime Channels. Now its all about real murder and mayhem. 

I received a comment from an anonymous reader the other day on my blog. They, I assume, were making me aware of a copy cat blogger. After I thought about it and researched the two blogs side by side. I do see similarities, but here's my dealio. I joined her site because she was kind enough to join mine. Also, our blogs are reflections of ourselves. We join and read other blogs for inspiration, laughter and of course friendships. So, I would think at some point and time we are all going to copy each other. Why would there be thousands of blogs with outfit posts if we weren't meant to copy them at some point or another. I don't think that if I see a recipe on another blog I will vow to "Not ever eat a peanut butter pie because Bunt Cake Betty has posted the recipe on her blog". I call BS! I personally feel flattered if someone asks my opinion, recreates a post or tells me they made one of the faboo recipes. But I will say this, if you decide to re-create an outfit post, please photo shop my head on a girl with perky boobies and killer buns!

Droid vs. iPhone... let's debate it. I am leaning towards the iPhone. And I will be honest..only for Instagram!

Finally, there is a magazine, I think it's either Marie Claire or Glamour that posts pictures at the end of Do's and Don't of the fashion world. Well, honey bunny's let me tell you I found one. While in the mountains of rednecks, setting in traffic, I spotted this lovely. I tried to be inconspicuous with the camera, but it didn't work, but I was in a SUV, I could roll up my window and lock the doors. I snapped this girl's picture three ways from Sunday. And now I am going to share it with you.

Let me explain... she had on this beautiful coat then you moved downward. The shoes, well that's just crazy talk, then she had on the purple leg warmers, then these floral panty hose and underneath the panty hose where black knee socks. I am going to give this girl what we call in the south, The Bless Her Heart, award. Enough said.

Happy Thursday! Give me your Two Cents.


  1. girl I am OBSESSED with ID too!! No lie, I am working from home today and on the couch watching Nightmare Next Door! I can only watch during the day though, too scary at night :-)

  2. bahaha you are too funny. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am a new follower now. I just got an iphone for christmas (I had a droid before) and so far I am DEFINITELY an iphone fan. And yes, mostly because of InstaGram (and temple run) :)



  3. Haha... I love the "bless her heart!" I agree, the coat is gorgeous, but girlfriend should have stopped there.
    Also, in the vast world of blogging, it's ridiculous to expect that there will be no overlap in subject matters or posting styles! As long as there's no blatant copying of exact posts, it's hardly the end of the world to see similar content.

  4. She needs a visit from Stacey & Clinton of What Not To Wear!

  5. i like the coat even when you cant see it completely :)
    Love Lois xxx