Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two Cents Thursdays

Oh, yes after this week, I am up for Two Cents Thursdays! Let's get started shall we? If you know me personally then you have heard my gripe about how much my son's "car rider line" stresses me out. Since he was in kindergarten my hatred for this process only grows. Although I love taking him to school (we live right around the corner), I sometimes long for the days he can jump on a school bus. I don't want to wish his life in fast motion but I hate, no despise the car rider line. You drive in and you have 10 kids, mostly young girls standing on a side walk spinning their arms like they are wind mills, directing you to pull around to the end of the side walk. Most of the time these little princesses are doing cheerleader moves with the girl next to them, or having a very important conversation I am sure about little Johnny who just got off the school bus and "eek, they can't wait to see him in the cafeteria." Some how they neglect to do their duty and open the door for my kid who's already on the side walk when "oops" they discover he's out of my car, they come over tell me to have a nice day and slam the door. This causes me great stress. I find myself wanting to say,, I hope Johnny thinks you have buck teeth, you didn't help my kid out of the car with a large backpack and he about face planted into the sidewalk. Oh, and if it's pouring rain and you stop at the door so your kid doesn't get soaked, they will promptly tell you to "next time pull to the end of the sidewalk". Hey, Betty Lou, suck it! I give this school enough money, I am not pulling to the end of the sidewalk for my kid to be soaking wet. 

Open toe booties - I don't get it. Boots are for keeping your feet warm in the winter. Why in the world would I want some that showed a hole in them? My toe nail polish isn't that grand that you need to see it, plus I don't like cold toes. I am not saying they are bad, I just don't understand the concept of a boot with open toes. Your going to cover your whole foot and up to your calf and leave your toes hanging like a bad high five. Hmmm...pondering.

Red lips - I think its cool. I wouldn't do it personally. I am a smokey eye neutral lips kind of girl. I always thought that red lips were for special occasions or fancy dancy places with evening attire. Now they are everywhere. I see them on ton's of blogs but that's all I see. The first thing that draws my eye to the picture is the blood red lips. Some of these women could put on burlap sacks and they would have blood red lips. Just let me process it for a while. I will get used to it, ok?

My mom gave me a cool calendar. It's from Pillsbury and each month is a different recipe, then at the back are 12 more recipes. They all look yummy, but here's the deal, no matter how much or what you stuff a crescent roll with, it still tastes like a crescent roll! You know what I am talking about and don't say you don't. S'more stuffed crescent rolls. They taste just like a s'mores. NO IT DOESN'T! It tastes like a crescent roll stuffed with chocolate and marshmallows. GAWD! The only thing you can stuff a crescent roll with is a hot dog and then yes, it tastes like a pig in a blanket. That's it.. I rest my case.

I made myself laugh yesterday. Our worthless guard dog #2 Libby Lou is having her time of the sixth month and so am I. Sad thing is we can't share girl talk about it. Then she tried to chew her diaper with the maxi pad stuck in it. I just looked at her and said, "yep sucks does it?" Pretty sad when you and the dog both have PMS and you share maxi pads. 

Well, that's it! I feel so much better. Oh, I am loving my new followers. Thanks so much. Don't forget to share your Two Cents. 

Love ya,


  1. you should definitely share the crescent roll recipes! And I agree...I put PB and chocolate in a crescent roll and it just tasted like an odd crescent roll haha

  2. I agree to all.. This is a pretty good Two Cents Thursday!

  3. i've been on a crescent roll kick. i swear i can use them for anything

  4. I am glad that after all this frustration your dog was able to make you laugh :) That is what life is all about! Hopefully your frustrations subside and you have a better week :) Thanks for linking up, I am glad I now know of your blog. Hopefully next time you have more joy to share :) xoxo

  5. Ha ha ha great post! Thanks for the laugh :)

  6. Your posts are so cleverly written that they are always capable of making me smile...Thanks :)