Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Flared Pretty

When I was little I had these blue, pink and white flower pants and ruffle shirt with ABC's on it. I tried to find a picture but that was impossible in my attic, plus I think my mom has it. Any hoot, I wore it all the time. I am not sure if it was by choice or if my mom just kept it in quick rotation with three kids to take care of but I remember it vividly. Plus, I had this long naturally curly hair which by the way I flat iron every day and my mom just stuck a barrette in it and off I went to school rats nest and all. That was the 70's and now 30 years later, its back in style. Except now, we use a big barrel curling iron to make those beachy waves and pay big bucks for those fashions that were said by several they would never wear again.

This weekend while Pinteresting (usually on a Friday nights while the kid watches Smackdown, yuck) I was looking through my pins and came across this one photo which led me to the inspiration for this weeks post and some spring ideas. When I pinned this photo in a matter of five minutes it was repinned like 22 times for a total overall of 39. Now I know that's not a record but I was kind of thrilled that someone loved the photo as much as I did. For some reason, I want to recreate this look, hair color and all. Which my hair is pretty similar in fakeness. I am also pretty sure that I can find a cheap knock off of the Ray Bans cause Moma can't deal out the dough for the realzies and fake tan myself into oblivion. Isn't she purty? Pretend its me, mmmkay?

So I immediately became nostalgic and started looking for some cool-mo-de outfits and shoes...on a budget of course. I started scanning the stores and came across this outfit at Kohl's.

These jeans are $34 smackers and I ordered them. I read the reviews and overall they got good marks. Does anyone else read clothing reviews? I literally found a pair of shoes once that were over a hundred dollars and marked down to $25 and didn't buy them because the reviews sucked. Now, I know I am one of those people that will sometimes forgo the practical for hot to trotness, but I got it stuck in my head and told myself no. Still a little sad about it..hold on let me have a moment and a little wine sip. Also, does anyone think the way she's standing is odd? Look at her stomach? Well, I guess she got paid to look like she's a distorted Barbie. Moving on... I then found these shoes. I haven't made up my mind on these, but I am digging them and think they would be cute with some sweet dresses this summer and those jeans. These puppies will have to go on sale because they are $74 smacks, but they are in the back of my mind. What do ya think?

So, there you have my style picks for this week. Hooker heels and jeans with an extra wide leg that I am sure were designed really to keep the air flowing for coolness to the crotch area in the dead heat of summer. You know Kohl's could just be nice and send these to me so I can write my own review. Ha! What's your style this week? I hope you have a great Wednesday. 



  1. My lifelong dream is to have beautiful thick barrell curled locks...maybe one day....if I was rich and famous I would most def get some extensions haha

  2. Love the shoes! I would find something to give up in exchange for fact I might do that myself. :) I love t-straps.

  3. I really like those shoes! Bahaha, air flow is really important, especially in the summer!

  4. I love those shoes.. If I could walk in them I'd love them even more!

  5. I dont think I could be any more excited for spring! And that photo just pushed me over the edge!! I love it :)

  6. Completely in love with the 1960's/1970's inspired style that is out right now. Those shoes are amazing!
    Great post, you're a wonderful writer & I really enjoyed reading it!

    The Urban Umbrella

  7. You're gonna be lookin' smokin' mama! Maybe we'll get a pic of the new look??? ;)