Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two Cents Thursdays

Oh, my goodness what a week. Since the weekend I have been asking myself, what’s up world?  I didn’t post yesterday. I usually do a faboo fashion post, but I was blank. It was love day, me and the kid ate Sonic burgers and snuggled and dad was working, so it was that kind of day to just say, “hey, I got nothing, so sue me.” I have read were some people have blogs for days in their que’s and I have a hard time with that because what I write about usually I either pondered it for a few days, made notes about it or it just mysteriously pops into my head. But if I decide to take a little one day break, I may have to think about that “save up blog post” for that day. Any hoot, let us not ponder it and since there was not fantabulous fashion post then you all can go naked.

Since its Thursday, hey, hey, hey as Fat Albert would say, let’s get all fly up in here. Gangsta talk in Nashville is funny. If you’re from Compton high five, if you’re from Nashville, well, enough said. I mean really? Although I did sign for a package on Tuesday from a guy with all gold teeth and he had on a sweatshirt that said “Hustler since 1974”. Maybe he’s gangsta? I believe I actually saw my first person ever with a grill. He didn’t talk gangsta. I wonder what he would have said, if this olive on a white cracker said, Yo, thanks, hope your day is rollin’!” Of course, he would have thought I was stupid. I would have looked stupid.  Oh, well, yo lets move on.

Did anyone watch the Grammy’s? I loved it…for most of the parts. I actually thought it was one of the best in a long time.  I mean who didn’t want to bring their milkshake to the yard when they saw Bruno Mars? Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson, that song makes me want to kiss strange people right on the lips.  LL Cool J is one of those people that you would like to set down with and say, and your real name is what again? Love him. Lady Gaga, I can’t even.  The Beach Boys featuring Adam Levine. Well, Adam five minutes with you and I could roll you around in flour, dip your ends in chocolate and call you a cannolli. Yummy you are. I love the Beach Boys but that was when I took a slight break.  Chris Brown did a little jig and his ex Rhianna well at least she didn’t lip sync all her song.

Did anyone freak out when they thought Katy Perry’s song screwed up. I did. Fell for it, hook, line and sinker. But she’s cool even though her hair brings me back to the days of those blue icy cones you used to make with a kit and add blue or red flavoring to them.  Nikki Taj Mahal or whatever her name is? One word AWFUL. That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Some people apparently were offended by it. I wasn’t offended. I am pissed-  4 minutes of my life I can’t get back. And then, Jennifer Hudson. Wow! I cried. Whitney Houston passing away is shocking. We were watching The Voice Saturday night when it came across the screen. I don’t know what to think. I will never ever understand drugs. I just don’t.  I barely have enough money to live life. These people have all the money in the world, the attention and a lives to live beyond their imaginations and they destroy it with drugs. I feel for her daughter and her family, but as a mother the last thing I would ever want my child to see is me high as a giraffe's ass every day of his life until my poor body couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t know what happened. It’s not my place to say, except its sadness and it’s caused sadness around the world. Hopefully she is free from the demons and ghosts. But who rocked it out for me…..Adele! Hell-O. I have to confess, please don’t hate me. I just a month ago discovered her. I live in a world of Disney Channel and Kids Bop. I had heard Rolling in the Deep a ton but had no idea who sang it until, ding dong, I heard Someone Like you. I love her and that voice. It’s haunting and sad, yet original and raw.

And gawd finally, you know on your car mirrors where it says, objects appear closer than they are? I am so tupid! I was backing out the other day in the work parking lot, look up and slam on my brakes. I mean to the point of you heard my tires. My head flew forward almost hitting the steering wheel. I was about to back right into a Tahoe. I compose myself, look out the back window and see that I have plenty of room. Hello, dumb ass! I so totally looked around to see if anyone saw what I did, then took off like a bat out of hell. I seriously think there are black marks.

Well, Happy Thursday. What’s your two cents. It’s been a crazy week. Fill me in!



  1. Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj...why??? Adele is just fabulous. Set Fire to the Rain is my favorite besides Rolling in the Deep. :')

  2. I so wish I had seen the freakin Grammy's! I missed a lot! Adam and I talk gangsta all the time, like Snoop, when we don't want Lyla to know what we're talking about.. i.e. we say "do you want to take her to the pizark" instead of park. hahaha And now I'm off to youtube to see this Jason SexyMan Aldean and Kelly Clarkson song.

  3. This post had me laughing! You are so gangsta :)

  4. “hey, I got nothing, so sue me.” oh my hell you make me laugh.

    Katy Perry is the most embarrasing friend I have, she just looked like a damn alien.

    Adele was epic, way to be way in the dark. Gees. You need me in your life, obviously.

    "that song makes me want to kiss strange people, right on the lips.." you are so faneffingtastic.

  5. I recently discovered Adele also (I know, living under a rock) and now I'm obsessed! My husband is getting really tired of listening to her album '21', but I just can't stop!

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  7. I loved Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson at the Grammys!!!! And Nikki Taj Mahal is probs the best nickname I've heard for that crazy gal :)

  8. LOL! What a great post chica! Love your summary of the Grammy's.. Chris Brown and 'his lil jig'. Hahahaa. Come on now tho, you didn't weigh in on the CB/Rhianna debate!?! I wna know what Dusty has to say about that! ;) love your Two Cent Thursdays