Monday, February 13, 2012

Yahoo! I got it!

I have multiple wish lists and have hem hawing around about this one on my list for quite some time. I have asked friends, electronic geeks, read reviews and gone back and forth over this little puppy. The great debate of Droid vs iPhone. Pro's and Con's of having each one and which would fit best in my life and my blog. After much debate, I decided on the iPhone! Yahoo! I am sure everyone that I have drove nuts talking about it is finally please that I finally made a choice.

I have wanted an white, not black, white iPhone since I saw them. It had to be white because they are pretty and girly. I will look like I have knowledge and be kind of fancy doing so. I have loathed my Blackberry for the last year. I stepped on it at Christmas so the screen was shattered and every time someone saw it they couldn't believe it still worked and asked me repeatedly, "Dusty, when are you going to get a new phone?" My reply, "When I shit a money tree!" Well, I tried but when my tree didn't grow, I depended on Uncle Sam who we all know isn't my uncle but because I made so little and have a kid, he got together with some of his friends and decided I would get a refund, thus I had the money to purchase this little piece of technology.

I walked right into the store, said what I wanted, the guy knew I meant business, didn't ask me any questions, I showed him my other phone, jokingly asked if I could sell it back to them in which he looked at me like I had four heads, I said, it was a joke and we moved on to the purchase. I walked out of there thinking I was hot snot, got in my car and realized that jerk wad didn't show me jack crap about the dang thing. I couldn't even figure out how to make a damn call. So after setting in the parking lot with Ian rushing me to go to Target, I figure out how to make a call (on speaker phone because I had to take off the plastic thing to hear) and away I went! I am NOT mechanically inclined. The fact that I even set up this blog is a miracle in itself and I still don't know how to do everything. I just figured out that the edit HTML is where you can embed links from Pinterest. I had researched that on Google. I am by no means I don't think stupid but machinery with buttons, lights and whistles do not process in my brain until I eff them up big time.

After our adventure to Target in which I was afraid to put it in my purse, came home and started fooling around with it. Also, if you know me, manuals are not in my realm of thinking. If I would just read the manual to my new camera I could figure out how it worked, but I don't. I do things trial by error and hoped to gosh it works out.

I figured out how to dial a call, text and check my email, which took 20 minutes to program because the sales rep couldn't figure out my email..I repeated it over and over at one time I was going to look at everyone in the store and say, "everyone repeat after me "girlslovefriedpickles at gmail dot com., I downloaded apps and Angry Birds for Ian to play, programmed my notifications sounds and ring tones and I am an iPhone fool ever since. I still have no clue how to do some things. I had to Google how to log out my Twitter and come to find out you don't. Duh!

So, I have entered the Apple world. I think I catapulted myself into a whole new league to pretend that I know how Apple products works. NOT! I will just confess, that I wanted a fancy white phone that had Instagram and be done with this because I truly can't lie and say, I wanted it because it had the capabilities to drive my own car. I wanted it because it looks pretty on my ear and I might figure out one day how to fully operate the dang thing. Until then truth hurts, I got it to be Fancy damn it, work with me!

Here she is. I think I should name her, not sure what yet, something sophisticated yet redneck princess. You know maybe I shall check my family tree and see what names have been passed down from generations that way she feels important.

I also pinned this case on my Pinterest forever ago. While dreaming for this phone, I knew I wanted something pretty (you know cause I don't care about breaking the dang thing as long as its pretty) kind of like new shoes. They hurt your feet but you look good so shut up and fight threw the pain. I chose this one...

It's gonna have to wait a few days at $54 smacks and paying a whopping chunk of money, I gotta recover from just the shock of using my credit card and that amount of money coming out of my checking account. Any hoot, there she is one item off my wish list. Actually, a few things came off my wish list this weekend. The weather was so cold and snowy and it forced me to online shop, but I saved up for those things and got lots of discounts and items on sale. 

The only thing I can say is the battery life isn't so wonderful. That may be just me because I have been on it constantly, but it seems it eats alotInstagramming like a crazy woman and can't wait to post those pictures. So, please someone tell me where or if there is place to dump those photos for awesome collages coming to a blog near you.

Happy Monday! Did you do any shopping this weekend? 



  1. Dusty you are hilarious! I love that phone cover! I personally have a droid ( got it just before Verizon started with the iPhone) and CANNOT wait till sept when we're up for a new phone - it'll totally be an iPhone :)


  2. I know that you will loveeee your iPhone! I know I love mine! I kinda wish that I got the white one but I didn't. I just wanted it right then and there! :) I added you on Instagram last night I believe.
    Have a wonderful week!
    XO Anna

  3. Yay! I'm so happy for you. I have yet to get an iPhone and I want one sooo bad!

  4. You are so cute!!! :) I got your message the other day about the camwow. :) made me smile. i hope you enjoy it.

  5. Aw yay!! You need instagram so we can stalk each other's photos!! I love my iphone and you will too!! :D

  6. You totally need instagram! And you need to teach me the embedding the pinterest links!

  7. Totally jealous!! I had an iPhone, but switched to the droid, and now I want it back!! You'll LOVE it, and I can't wait to see some instagram stuff!

  8. haha! I have a white iphone too... I don't know how to do all the high tech stuff, but I love it! I love the case!

  9. Girl, congrats on embarking on such an adventure. My phone is from 1812. I like it, it's kinda like the old school nintendo, plus sign & two circles. It's reliable and know exactly what I'm doing. Vintage. My phone is vintage. SHIT I'm trendy.

    Thanks for the blog hug. Life is so much fun that all I can do is blog to not think about it. Ugh.

    I totally went shopping this weekend, 2 sweaters for 6 bucks. New, not even thrifted. Just the clothes no one else wanted.. what idiots:)

    Uhm, for the record, I always leave long blog comments.. It's kinda a character defect. Get used to it.

  10. I love it! I'm planning on *hopefully* getting an iphone off craigslist because I'm a pauper and can't afford a new one, haha. White is the only way to go. The case is super cute, too.

  11. YAY!!!! I am so stoked for you!!! Watch out Instagram, here comes Dusty! ;) Seriously, so stoked. I went from the Blackberry to a Droid, and though I really really do love the Droid and wouldn't get an Apple, you are going to LOVE it and I am HAPPY FOR YOU!

  12. And ps. i Adore your phone cover too. I'm Jeals.

  13. I don't have a phone (let alone an iPhone) so I will live vicariously through you.

    What about calling her "The Goddess".

    P.S. I named my Triplets "The Great" (Alexander), "The Emperor" (Maximilian) and "The Goddess" (Artemis). Pretentious, is my middle name.

    New follower via G+ (

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo