Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two Cents Thursdays

Is this week over? Nope not yet, but here's my two cents for this week and hope your week has been faboo.

First, to all the sales people that are visiting my house to give me an inspection for the hail damage! LEAVE ME ALONE! We have it all taken care of thank you very much! I swear we have had 20 people come to our door. I don't like people knocking on my door at 9 am on a Saturday.

So, a couple of weeks ago, my friend Lorraine noticed I had worn my turtleneck backwards. Now for my sweet Makaila, she can rock it, me I had no clue and must have looked like the biggest dork. I wondered why I kept thinking something was off, but couldn't put my finger on it. Then to top that one, if you read my blog this week, I made a lovely trip to hell, I mean Orlando. Well, when I got to the hotel, I noticed that my fly was down. Which means I didn't zip it before I left the house. Now you can say dumbass.

I finally recieved my workout DVD "Kickboxing for Dummies". Surely to god I can't screw that up, but I managed to work through the warm up and routine #1. I then proceeded to make a frozen pizza and eat all the pepperoni's off the top. No carbs right?

In my quest for a bikini bod and my obsession with Hunter Boots in which I have read 5,000 reviews that said, "if you have big calves you may not want to buy these". So, guess, what this chick did? Researched how to reduce the size of my calves or what exercises not to do. Totally stupid! I also don't know or have no clue if I have big calves. All I know is there's not much muscle there and when I measured them they were 14" around. I should be good to go if not, I will revert to said kickboxing video because workout #2 is all about long lean legs. 

Speaking of my Hunter Boots, I got a retweet from the company on Twitter, but they sure didn't offer me a free pair. Insert sad face. 

And finally, close your eyes Shay here it comes. I have been on this kick about being 40 and seeing how I am half way through my life, I want to keep myself looking at least 38. So, I have been looking at new ways to keep my skin looking delish. Well, I looked into getting a Clarisonic and then about croaked when I saw the price. So, again I read reviews and decided to buy the Olay Regenerist Brush Cleansing system. The product comes with the electric brush and a sample tube of exfoliating cleanser. I can tell you honestly, its wonderful. My skin looks so different, my pores are starting to shrink and the tone of my skin has improved. It's amazing. Yes, I would probably have the high priced doohickey if I could afford it but for $30 bucks, it's a steal and worth it. I recommend this 100 percent. I alternated days for exfoliating between my normal cleanser and add toner as recommended by a friend afterwards. Get ya one today..

Well, that's it! It's over. Another Thursday come and gone depending on when you read this. Have a great day!



  1. okay we have had the same issue with lawn people...calling us and knocking on our door bc our yard is so bad! Embarrassing. And do you have exercise TV?? They have great FREE workout videos!

  2. my friend got one of those clarisonic things and i quote, "oh muh gosh... it's like, a lifesaver. i love it. i would die without it."

    needless to say, i don't have one because i don't want to feel so attached to a face washer. but i've heard great things. great things, i've heard.

    big faboo hugs!
    xx jes

  3. Ooh, I want to try one of those so bad!! And hunter boots are adorable. I really want a pair. Love the blog! Xo

  4. HAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that's me. I'm shay, and I totally read your review. TOTALLY.

    Listen Dusty, you make me laugh every single day, and I needed to laugh today because it's ONLY Thursday, ONLY Thursday. Can you believe it? can you? Can you?

    Gees I just totally love you.

    1. Oh & I choked when I read my name because I was laughing so hard, I could have died.

  5. the kickboxing DVDs are fun! they are my favorite to do!
    You must have had some big time hail damage!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    and happy Thursday, tomorrow is Friday!!!

  6. Done! I am going to buy that olay thing. I have such terrible pores, and I'll take your word for it!

  7. Aw girl, I wish I could have seen you in that backwards turtleneck! Ha! I'm so going to go get one of those fix your pore things. I've never tried such a thing, but lately my pores are becoming craters and it's time to fight back.

  8. ahhh damn the retweet with no free boots or even offer of a discount! also 38? I thought you were my age!! also about the calves I can offer a piece of advice, long distance running makes them bigger!!!!! I am a runner and I am speaking from expereince!

  9. I officially have giant calves. It's embarrassing. No hunters for me.

  10. Ooh I gotta gets me one of those!! I know for a fact I've got big thighs. There isn't a boot in the world I've found that I can wear comfortably. "DAMN YOU" to all those skinny long leaned gals out there rocking short shorts and sexy boots. Good luck with that darlin'!

  11. Sweater. Backwards. All day. Classy.
    They're going to make me a fashion blogger one day. Just you wait.
    And you're supposed to zip your pants? Psh. Whatever.

    Pepperoni pizza post workout? Now that I can support.