Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hot Tamale ..The Dirt Life

Welcome to this Memorial week of Hot Tamale. How fitting to have this sweet inspiration over here today. Sometimes you meet or read people I should say that make you see things in a different way. Their photographs inspire you and make you see the soul of other parts of life. I will fully admit, I am not one with dirt but Twiggy over at The Dirt Life does that for me. I kindly refer to her as Sticks. And I refer to her blog on most days as "Sticks n Stuff." We are kind of alike really. She's sarcastic but in a fun way. She's hella beautiful and I think I just might go camping in her honor. So without further adieu, say a southern howdy to my friend Twiggy.

A warm “Hello!” to all of Dusty’s readers. I’m excited to be here today, for sure, and find it an honor to plop out 3 things that define who I am in this sacred little space of fried pickles. If you want to hear what I think about this here girl Dusty, whom I like to call Locks, then pop on over to my blog today. You will probably agree with me when I say that Dusty must have an arsenal of photographs just waiting to be discovered, because the ones she sent me….woa.

Here we go, the top 3:

1. I love dirt.

Honestly, I just love the outdoors period. Sure, there are parts that are less than ideal, like wasps and poison ivy, but overall I could live in the woods. In fact, I have. My husband and I are long-distances hikers and we have spent nearly an entire year of our lives hiking two trails that have added up to nearly 5,000 miles. To get a perspective, the miles between the state of Maine and the state of Hawaii is 5,280. This makes me want to puke a little bit.



2. I almost didn’t marry my husband.

Don’t freak out. It’s not that he proposed and then I got skiddish and hopped a train to Turkey or something. What I mean is, that when I met him, I was 16 and was in the process of moving to Ukraine--to live there--forever. All I needed to do was graduate high school and finish the paper work. By the time I was set to leave, I had fallen for him. But we were merely friends. It was a big call, but I decided to stay, feeling that if I missed the opportunity to (I was desperately hoping) date him, that I would regret it for the rest of my life. Just guess how long it took him to ask me out. Just guess…it would make you so mad. TWO YEARS!


We did everything together and spent nearly every day together. I don't know what took him so long.


3. I met my best friend in blogland.

Yep, 4 months ago to be exact. She’s been featured as a Hot Tamale on this here blog before, so most of you probably all ready know her. Guys, that is one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard of and it’s happened to me. You should hear how silly I sound when I try to explain this to family. They’re like, “blogland? Huh?” I haven’t even met her yet, as in, in-the-flesh-met-her. And I’m not just saying, “Oh yea, she’s my best friend”, I’m saying, “Legit. Best friend I have EVER, EVER HAD.” And she lives in flipping Utah. And every day I get so sad that Utah doesn’t border South Carolina. Like, it’s not even close. Skype just has to do for now.


Ya’ll remember this face, right?

Thanks, again, Dusty for inviting me on this adventure called guest-posting!

So this makes you want to go do a cannonball in a mud puddle doesn't it? It also proves you can meet some amazing friends in this blog world. I strongly insist you go over to Sticks blog and just look at her pictures. Amazing. You will get sucked in. Show her some kind love and beware of the girl above. If you remotely mess with Sticks, she will turn into a ninja and kick ass. I on the other hand am pretty brave. 

Have a great Thursday friends. And remember I would love to have you as a Hot Tamale. Just shoot me an email or I may ask you anyway.



  1. oh man oh man. three of my favorites all in one blog. this truly is the best day ever. such an awesome love story (I'm talking about amy+shay). and such a hot tamale.

  2. Oh these ladies. All of them. Love them so much.

  3. this is so stinkin cute. How about you jump in the mud puddle and I'll take embarrassing photos for blogland? eh? Eh?

  4. So much amazing in one post. I can't wait for the Amy and the Shay to see each other and just freak the f out when they do. Best friends have the greatest love stories sometime.

  5. Sounds like I need to follow Amy too! Going right now! :)

  6. dusty, thanks again for having me. seriously, i feel like i just visited your house and you set out warm cookies and a glass of milk for me.

    oh man, the love story. hahaha....i love how this refers to shay and I....hahahaha.

  7. oh the love story of it all.

    1. we both had best friends, and then we traded them in. tada. LOVE STORY

    2. I love that sticks n' stuff.

    3. I love you, Dusty.

    4. I'd kick any ass for both of you.

  8. Two years!!! That is crazy! That is such a cute love story. I love how you met your best friend! I want to become that close to a blogger :)

  9. All three of you ladies are amazing! Blogland is wonderful!

  10. TWO YEARS! That does make me incredibly mad. MAD!! I will say hi to your best friend for you :) I am in Utah too!

  11. Someone needs to be there when the meet, just like when Wu and Shannon meet. It will be movie epic. Soo lovely ;)

  12. I love that you can't talk about Twiggy without talking about Shay, too. It's such an amazing story of blogging greatness.