Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot Tamale ..Oh, Just Living the Dream

So I am doing the Pee Wee Herman dance but you can't see it. Why? Hot Tamale day bay bee! And today we have Sierra from Oh Just Living the Dream. First she's beautiful. And funny. You know LOVE funny chicks. But she inspires with her travels and her words. I am truly convinced that one day she is going to be the one you read that makes a difference in this world if she hasn't already. I love her peace by piece (and yes that's the way I typed it, figure it out!) So lets get this partay rockin'...

Hi Friends! I'm Sierra and I blog over at Oh, Just Living the Dream So. This one time I saw that Dusty had "Hot Tamale" post on her blog. I almost screamed with sheer joy. So genius, right? Clearly I was envious and wanted to participate in this special endeavor. And Dusty let me. Isn't she so nice?

But, guys. I have this issue. I tried to find some pictures of me where I looked like a "Hot Tamale" and I couldn't find very many. So, without further ado, I want to share you some real pictures of me, Sierra. 

It's about to get real here, peeps. 

I thought that maybe I could show you how cute I was as a little girl. But that's kind of weird, right? Like, you don't exactly call little kids "hot." But, I was pretty cute, right? No? Check out those cheeks. 

Going to show you my competitive side. But then I realized my double jointed elbows were apparent. Those aren't pretty. 

Most girls wear sexy costumes for Halloween. This is what I wear. Hippie hick? I'm from Oregon, it's fine. 
P.S. I hate halloween. Can you tell? 

Sometimes I go to premieres of movies, like Harry Potter, and look like this.
And I prove to myself why I am still single. 

I walk llamas though, so that's cool, right?

But my brother loves me. Family bonding. It's real, people. Very real. 

Well, okay, so I found one. Look! I'm normal! 

I feel like we should stop there for now. It's fine guys, my mom says she loves me. Have I convinced you to head on over to my blog and check out how awesome and beautiful I am yet? :) But seriously. It's never a dull day over at Oh, Just Living the Dream! I love to laugh. I love to joke. I love to write serious things. I love to write. I love to dream. Come "live the dream" with me! 
Happy Thursday, people. Thank you, Dusty, for letting me attack your blog!! (Isn't she awesome?!)

-your double jointed, llama walking, hugging siblings, ridiculous, hot tamale friend 

So whatcha think? Isn't she grand! So go over, say "Sup" and show her some blogland love because we are kind people. 

And don't forget you wanna be a Hot Tamale? Send me an email or I may just hound you myself!

Rock it,


  1. double jointed elbows really freak me out. but, sierra won me back again with 'walking the llamas'. that's all I want to do in life. sierra ... awesome.

  2. I always look forward to your Hot Tamale posts! On this one, I loved the hunt for the "Hot Tamale photo" Hehe, the one with the llama is my fav.

    xo Kayla

  3. omg the weird and funny! and whatever, you were such a cute little girl! loveyour swimmin suit!

  4. Us hippy's from Oregon's are a hoot! Love Sierra! I can picture her in her best Napolean voice telling that Llama "Tina come get some ham!!" haha!!

  5. I love Sierra and that llama. And I love Sierra so much because she's from the Oregon too. Except I'm not from here. I am a transplant.

  6. She looks super cute! You are so fun Dusty!! I want to be a hot tamale! Heading to her blog now :)

  7. omg. i love halloween as much as this girl does.


  8. Okay, I think I need to join this Hot Tamale club...I am feeling sort of left out!!!

  9. Haha. She's so funny! I'm going to check her blog now. :)

  10. I LOVE SIERRA!! Wooo hooo! I think you were a total hot kid. That's normal.