Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hot Tamale ..The Story of Daisy Girl

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. Hot Tamale on Wednesday. I am participating in a link up on Thursday over at The Magnolia Pair and Lovely Little Things so I decided that this little gem would be featured on Hump Day. Daisy resides over at The Story of Daisy Girl blog and she is faboo. Not only is she the sweetest flower, I mean who doesn't love a girl named Daisy, she's beautiful inside and out. I love reading her adventures and she's a newlywed and you should defiantly go over and check out her blog. She is a piece of sunshine.

Hello Everyone, I am so excited to be here on Dusty's blog! It's a little intimidating mostly because Dusty is so bad ass and I'm well... not. She's like the cool girl in blog land who doesn't care what other people think. Which is what I love most about her!!! Mainly because I'm the complete opposite. I read through all the Hot Tamale post hoping that mine wasn't the worst one. If that doesn't have lame written all over it I don't know what does.

So a little about me.

I'm a newlywed. No kids. I can't keep a secret. Seriously. To save my life. My best friend was getting married about 2 years ago and she mentioned to me how they were not using birth control. So we were all out camping and someone asked her if they wanted to have kids right away and I blurt out, "they're not using condoms of course they're going to get pregnant". Apparently that's not something she wanted me to share.

I am an ex heifer. Yup I use to be fat back in the days, that is why I have such a great personality. That is also why I have such a sick obsession with food. I am probably the only bride who actually ate at her wedding. I had some of my husbands food too. Have you seen Bride Wars? Enough said.

I am married to the hottest guy ever. Seriously. It's like Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth had a baby. If anybody says otherwise they're a dirty liar. Here are some pictures that pretty accurately describes us.

I would love to move to the middle of nowhere if someone could promise me that my life won't become a criminal minds episode.

Walmart is my arch nemesis. I HATE that place! It is loud, crowded, smelly, crowded, messy, crowded. But somehow I always end up there buying something. Curse your convenient store hours. What's so amazing to me about Walmart is that it is ALWAYS crowded. Not just one, all of them. How could there be that many people in the world to always fill up Walmart!!? Grrr.

I want to be a bad ass. I think that's why I like Dusty so much. I love to imagine starting a fight with someone and going all karate kid on them (mostly at Walmart). I want to be tough and cool and have people think of me as that girl you don't want to mess with. Then I eat some ice cream and I'm over it.

I enjoy having meaningful conversations. I'm sorry but I can't talk about The Kardashians for 20min, I need something a little more substantial.

Our family loves Christ and seeks to serve Him above all things. My blog pretty much covers all of these things with the occasional recipe, craft, and Monk quote.

I hope I don't loose any readers because of this. I want to thank Dusty for allowing me to write here after I harassed her enough times. You guys are the best! Thanks for having me.

A-DOR-ABLE! I heart Daisy. So go over and see her, stalk her, love her, and cuddle her. Well, ask her husband first, but she's amazing and I know she would love the company and don't forget to leave her some lovin' here too!

Don't forget to check out the link up. I hope everyone participates. I think it will be a riot. 

Happy Wednesday and if you wanna be a Hot Tamale just shout it out or I may just ask you anyway.


  1. Thanks Dusty You're so sweet! When I saw that picture on my feed I got a little scared. It was much cuter two days ago. Haha

  2. You always find the coolest chicks Dusty! And that pic is Cute Daisy! ;)

    Distinctly M

  3. So cute! Heading over to follow now!

  4. Daisy - you are kind of adorable, I will follow you since my sissy thinks you are so awesome too.

    Dusty - I'll play along but don't you dare think I'm not going to call you a chicken shit for the rest of our blog life because you didn't link up with me today.

    In other news: I love you both for different reasons.

  5. Haha- you are both awesome! I'm so happy that she found me, I found her, and now I jumped over here!
    What's behind the Hot Tamale? My last name is Tomala- so guess what we always get called! :)

  6. You guys are kinda quite adorable. Almost to the point of making me sick! Oh gosh, we should go to Walmart together and just plow people out of our way in a crazy desperate attempt to make it out of there alive. (I've tried, but it doesn't work as well with one person alone)