Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Tamale ..July Sponsors

I have had the best sponsors this month. So this wild ride continues, I want to share them with you.

MaKaila, Distinctly M, is one of my greatest blogging besties. She has a unique style, a sharp eye for photography and is a 100 percent snoop. Her blog is so versatile. It’s packed with beautiful pictures from her adventures of living in Oregon and her fashion posts on Wednesday are so trendy. I kind of wished she did more (just my secret). She truly is the sweetest and I am so glad we are now great friends. She says I make her spit her coffee. My goal is to get it to come out her nose.

Shannon, Bungalow 960, is the only woman I know that can wear the blogger bun in perfect style. This sweet girl is from Nebraska and I am pretty sure should be a food and beer critic. I love her little adventures around town and stories of her fur babies. She’s also a tweeting beast with all the latest and greatest music and news for the day. She may even have Perez Hilton on speed dial (kidding). I love the Bung and she's got a new blog for bookworms everywhere. Go check her out pronto.

Justyn, Thoughts by a Petite Brunette, or sissy as I refer to her is a hoot. She’s kind of like me. I will say about anything but she will do it in a dress. She and I have become so close and we share a birthday which is why I call her my sissy although I was already pretty old when she was born, like 16 to be exact. She has great fashion style, am pretty sure she could make you a drink with her eyes closed and her humor is a little quirky which is totally what makes her rock. Go see my sissy.

Samara, The Secret Life of Samara,is apple pie. I remember having a conversation one day about her cute little rabbit and she promptly emailed me back and said I could have the rabbit because it crapped on the floor. From then on I knew would be friends. I love her because she blogs about real life stuff. I mean we all do, but she had a post recently about her friend in school that had cancer. I proceeded to not only cry my eyes out but blow snot bubbles. This girl even though petite has a heart big as the world. Go over and see her. I mean who doesn't love a girl and a bunny?

Michelle, Mish Lovin Life, is a spit fire and a ball of energy. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is funny as crap. She's defiantly not afraid to speak her mind. She's a ton of fun and recently celebrated her birthday in which she unbanned her ban on alcohol, but now I think its banned again. Just go over and read her About section on her blog. If that doesn't get you sucked in then your a dummy. Go see the California half Korean half White Woman.

Stacia, Simply Stacia, is somewhat new to the blogging world. I love when new bloggers come over because although I am not the biggest blog, they ask me for advice and sponsor and I love making new friends. She has two beautiful boys and is going through life one day at a time with courage and bravery. She is pretty crafty too. Making over old furniture and these fantab necklaces that you can view on her blog. I am very proud to have her on this journey. 

So there you have this wonderful group of honey's. I encourage you to go visit because the are the cream of the crop. I have been so lucky with my sponsors and swappers. Next month is no different. If you would like to be apart of this roller coaster of crazy, click my sponsor page. Let's do this thang!



  1. I love my sissy, and all of her beautiful sponsors. But especially my sissy.

  2. and THIS is why we sponsor you D! You're the best. Although I do NOT want to spit coffee out my nose. ;)

  3. They all sound lovely! I'm going to have to see all of them :)

  4. These are some lovely ladies!

  5. what an amazing group of women you have here! you are one lucky duck.

  6. Agree with everyone here...YOU are awesome and I'll sponsor you more! Thanks for having me and saying such nice things about me!

    Looking forward to lots more good stuff!!

    {I'm extending an invite to any fellow bloggers who would like to guest blog for me....would LOVE to have you!!}


  7. I love this group. Know some, will be knowing some, love them all. Everybody and their dog should sponsor you. Speaking of ... I think Sherm wants in on this action pretty soon.

  8. Makaila is the BOMB!!! And why don't I know these other ladies!?! It's time that I met them!!

  9. Thank you, you lovely lady!! The rabbit is in the mail as we speak ;-)

  10. great to know about all these peeps..thanks hon, have a great one!
    sheree x