Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hot Tamale ..Nicole Marie

Hot Hot Hot Tamale Thursday. This blog is crazy good. Nicole is not only a sweetheart but she takes the most amazing photos and she's funny, funny. If you get to know her one on one you will also see she's a kindred spirit. I love her bunches! So Nicole take it away....

Hello Dusty fan's. When this lady here gave me the 'okay' to spend some time over at her blog I did my 'Oh yeah, oh yeah' dance (which consist of me looking like a total idiot). As like most to probably all of you, I'm a fan of her humor and straight forwardness. Her titled post's "I took a dump" kills me every time. Anyways, let's get down to business.

My name is Nicole and I blog over here at Nicole Marie. My little corner of the net consist of my pictures, some notes and sharing what's on my heart. I take pictures, I love Seafood and I think cat's are the cutest thing's ever and I don't think I look like an lunatic when I talk to them because some how they do understand - this also goes for dogs, dolphins and squirrels too. In real life I am really quite, lost in my own world, emotive and always thinking.

But sometimes.. when I laugh to hard.. like in the picture below.. I look like an overly excited human bear (according to my fellow friends).

But can look normal like the girl above.

A few random facts about me:
I'm afraid of the dark but I love scary movies.. because I like to get scared.
I'm a realist - not a optimist or a pessimist.
I bite my nails down to the bone.
I love lazy rivers.
I like hard boiled eggs. I am boiling a few as we speak.
I really don't like the color pink or anything girly.

Like me yet?
I'll love to blog stalk you (:
and don't worry.. I don't bite.
You may visit my blog here or find out more about me by clicking here
because I really gotta' get back to those egg's that I mentioned before!!

She's awesome huh! Yeah, I know. Go over and say hi, show her some love, pet her, love her and call her Nicole! And make sure you visit her often.

Don't forget I would love for you to be a Hot Tamale, so give me a shout or I may just ask you anyway.

Happy Thursday,


  1. I was just stalking Nicole's blog last night! :D Have followed her from the beginning it seems.. love her photography!

  2. when she said, "biting my nails down the bone", i got pain goosebumps.


  3. Hey.. it's me! Thanks for having me (:

  4. haha. I love the "hey- it's me!" I do that too. So I love Nicole Marie. She's awesome. Such a great guest-er. I would totally follow her ... but I already am. Soooo, I'll just say that I love her.