Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hot Tamale..Jess Is More

So, its almost Christmas and this little gift, well you can just say thank you. She's the bomb dot com. See picture below which makes me LOVE her more. I have followed her on Twitter for a smidge and I dig her why? She's funny people and she is an animal lover. Big Big points! I see her one Lily and raise her a Libby. So if you don't follow her, you suck and your missing out. Do it!

Hey there!  Don't be alarmed, but the oh-so-amazingly-fabulous Dusty has asked me to creep all up on her blog today.  

I don't normally go around looking like this.  
But I'm keepin' it real today.  
That's one of the many reasons why I love Dusty's blog.  

I'm Jess, and I blog over at Jess Is More.  It's my little corner of the bloggyverse where I'm on a mission to do more {after I've finished at least 2 cups of coffee}. 

I'm a Florida girl {and half Cuban}, but this guy I call my husband is from the frigid north a.k.a. Minnesota -- which is where we call home.   Trust me, he is NOT as cool as he appears in this photo.  

We took the plunge into marriage on September 29, 2012 after dating for 7 (seven) years.

We are best friends.

He is the steak and potatoes to my beans and rice.  

My blog, just like my life, is a little bit of everything.  
I spend a whole lot of time talking about my fur babies.  

My yellow lab, Lily, even has a page dedicated to her shenanigans called "What Lily Ate."  Yep. 

I also post what I eat.  Only the things that are edible to others, of course.  
And don't come out of a takeout box. 
Because trust me, that happens a lot. 

I'd love to have you over some time.  You can stalk me here, here, here, and here
Thanks for reading! 

See HOT SNOT! Leave her some love over here, over there, everybody on the dance floor!


  1. Love Jess! And all these pictures! She's so cute & funny!

  2. YOU are one hot tamale, too - lady! Thanks for letting me hang!

  3. ok, I'll say it. That wedding dress? HAAAAWT.
    I'd marry you.
    except I'm married.
    also, I'm excited to see what Lily ate.