Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Five A Roo

There's a little ditty going around Instagram where you tag people and then you let them know five things about you. My little precious Miki tagged me so here were my responses on Sunday.

1. I can burp for 10 seconds. 
2. I have 10 fingers and 10 toes.. Yeah weird. 
3. When I blow my nose it sounds like a clown horn. 
4. I can moonwalk and do the worm. 
5. I can stand on my head and fart the Star Spangled Banner. I tag everyone.

So I made that crap up. Well, I could probably moonwalk and do the worm but at my age it wouldn't be wise. I have a high deductible and I am not fond of hospitals.

Here are five REAL facts.

1. I really do have 10 fingers and 10 toes. It's amazing. I was blessed what can I say? Don't hate.

2. I never wanted to have children although I love kids. Then I hit 30 and I pretty much said my loins needed to make up their mind. One thing they don't tell you is after you have children when you sneeze more times than not you will pee your pants a little because your bladder just doesn't operate like before. 

3. I hate my name.  Loathe it. I promise that once my mother is not able to do things on her own, the payback will be Shady Pines Home for the elderly and taking away her bed pan. I was named after a famous singer Dusty Springfield. Google it. But growing up I just wanted a simple name. When I was honky tonkin' I always said my name was Beth. I mean how generic can you get? I look like a Beth if I do not say so myself. Of course, I could have said my name was Star Maine Moon Pie. 

4. Green Beans freak me out! I just cannot wrap my head around why this vegetable is in existence. They are slimey. They stink. They are mushy and anything you have to cook with a so called "ham-hock" I do NOT feel necessary to eat. I will take a zero.

5. I wanted to be a rock star. Really! I wanted to sing. I still grab a hairbrush from time to time and pretend. That's when no one is looking. I also slide across my hardwood floor in my underwear. It's not pretty and it's also a multi-tasking move since my floors need to be swept daily. 

So there are 5 real facts about me. There are so many facets to my life. I mean who wouldn't want all this and a bag of chips? It's amazing. I get to be called Mom. That's probably the only fact that's important. All the other stuff is just part of the road map.

Go ahead! Write your 5 things on your blog. It's all the rage apparently although I am usually very behind on anything going around in blogland.

Happy Tuesday,



  1. I disliked my name growing up because it was common and not just a common forename but a common surname too, there were 4 people at my college with the same forename and surname as me, 1 person at uni with the same forename, middle name and surname and my mum also taught a girl with the same forename and surname, I would have happily been called Dusty!

  2. Okay - first of all - Dusty Springfield ROCKS. She is badass in the way that Nancy Sinatra is badass. Don't hate. Secondly - I had my kids c-section, so luckily for me I do not have to worry about the pee-pee-sneeze, but the trade off is that I DO have to worry about the pee-pee MOMMMMMM - WHERE ARRRRRE YOOOOOOU???? which comes along with a complete lack of privacy as all three kids are known to gather at the bowl, so to speak, because anytime I go to the bathroom is the BEST time to con-fab with me. Thirdly, I don't think you have had a properly cooked green bean, which is sad. I grew up eating them with ham-hocks too, cooked to DEATH until they were mush. Try them stir fried or sauteed or even roasted in the oven with kosher salt and garlic, and you will change your mind. I PROMISE. I COMPLETELY agree with you on number five, and told me kids that when they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I did sing in a band for a while, so at least I got it out of my system a little, but still. And finally? This comment is WAY too long. Oopsie!! Have a great day, Dusty Badass.

  3. #3. omg. hahahaha. I want to be a rockstar too. can we still do that?

  4. I totally think you look like a Star Maine Moon Pie :)

  5. Sooo basically, what you're saying is...we are going to go on a rockstar tour where we slide across the stage in our underwear and our band's name is Star Maine Moon Pie?

    I'm totally in.

  6. I LOVED kids and have always wanted atleast a boy and a 2 girls. Now, I will just keep the one I have and not any more! They can be a handful and I'm scared that if I have more than one they won't get the attention that they need. I'm weird. I hate my middle name. Everyone of my cousins have it too. I don't want to be like everyone else. My mom should have named me like she wanted. Anna Dimera from Days of Our Lives. I love it. Maybe I should change my name now.

  7. what would you say if I told you I really can burp for ten seconds?
    and that I got really excited when I read that because I finally found someone who could understand me?

    my mom thinks it's a birth defect...

  8. I can't believe you don't like green beans! They are one of my fav foods! I was named after Nikki Sixx...who is a damn guy if it makes you feel any better.

  9. LOL! Your first facts cracked me up! I was totally picturing you doing the moonwalk lol!

    I love your name and I thought you were already a rockstar! :)

    Hehe thanks for the giggles as usual! XO!

  10. I think Dusty is such a cute name, but I totally feel your pain. Um, my dad thought it would be fun to make up my name. Yea. Thanks dad. :)

    xo, Yi-chia

  11. My name was supposed to be Natalie. I have nothing against the name Natalie, but I think I would make a ridiculous Natalie.

  12. I love your name and Dusty Springfield is awesome just like you! :) I was supposed to be Josephine...thank goodness my Mom came to her senses haha.

  13. girl your name.. I LOVE it.. absolutely love it. It is so you! And I cant get over your hair, I have major hair envy. And I am so glad your uterus screamed at you and now you have Ian :)

  14. Dang girl I was LOVING your 5 on instagram. I was like I have a friend with 10 fingers and 10 toes haha :)

  15. How cool is that i also was born with 10 fingers and 10 toes. Its like we're twins or something. I can rock a mean hair brush myself. The sad thing is that i dont have any kids but still kinda peepee when i sneeze hard or laugh hard. i cant blame it on kids. :(
    I'm thankful for my name because both my parents were in a band and got high in the 60's ( i was born 68) and my name could easily have been sunshine moonwaves!

  16. You are Star Maine Moon Pie for life now.

    The way you feel about green beans is the way I feel about peas.

    And this whole peeing thing makes me so nervous.

  17. Star Maine Moon Pie. Really? And I die. I've never wanted to be pregnant, but love kids, and would actually love to be a soccer mom. Now, at the ripe age of 37, I'm wondering if I made the wrong choice. Don't tell anyone. And when you come see me, I'll make you green beans that you'll love and then we'll go karaoke. It's going to be AWESOME!!!

  18. ha ha! You crack me up. I am not even mad that you lied to me. I will get over it. I like the name Beth. You could totally change your name if you want. I almost pee my pants now, how in the world and I going to hold it in after I have kids?

  19. i happen to love your name. i really do. and i really want you to record yourself taking 6 seconds to say it.

  20. Well hellloooo gorgeous!!! Beautiful pic D.

    I love your name, but I get it. I hated my name growing up cause it was different and no one could spell it. In fact I changed the spelling from Miquela to Makaila when I graduated from HS.

  21. I also have 10 fingers and 10 toes...funny how that stuff works out ;)

  22. And here I was, absolutely convinced that you had 9.5 fingers, and 12 toes. Color me surprised.