Thursday, January 31, 2013

Join the Fun!

I want to grow, you want to grow, we all want to grow, grow. 
Come join the fun.

I also welcome any feedback on my blog to help it grow. 
What would you like to see?

Advertise on GLFP
10,000 page views in month of December
11,000 page views in the month of January
live on Twitter feed
Your own Hot Tamale post on one Thursday of the month
Etsy and Advertising friends welcome

Button Swap is also welcome. Send me an email.

*Free product and fashion reviews are welcome at my discretion. Please email for details.


  1. Look- i'm not going anywhere and not giving up my spot!! LOL- Love you girly and i will always have 5$ to be on your page.

  2. This sounds fun!