Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dumbfunny Convo's

Do you ever just have the dumbest conversations with friends? The kind that make you laugh just because they are that off the wall? One of my best friends, Becca and I email almost every day. I can't explain what she means to me, but I would be lost without her. She is one of the few people that 100 percent gets who I am. My sense of humor and lord have we had some good times. Some I shall share on this blog one day (this is a reference to Naked Man as we call him but that's another post). She's also the one who tells me on a daily basis, "You ain't right." Any hoot, every day, we email each other what is on our play list to get us through the day. Way back, we used to do some serious Honky Tonkin'. We both love all types of music, but she really loves Blake Shelton. So, here is how the conversation went. Yes, its absurd, but funny. It starts out like this...

Me: I am on to Nick Lachey.
Becca: I went a little older to Neil Sedaka……Happy Birthday Sweet 16!!
Now, a little yummo Blake Shelton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would so boink him if Miranda wouldn't kick my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Listen she wouldn't kick your booty. She would put a bullet in it and set it on fire.
Becca: You are probably right. Then bury my body on one of their big ass farms.  I would be worm food and nobody would ever find me!!!

Me: Yep, you would be buried under her fire pit where she roasts marshmallows and eats deer jerky.
Becca: So, If that chance of Blake ever comes about and I am not seen for a while, you know where to find me!!!  Just so I can have a proper burial!!!

Me: Biatch you will be coyote food or some crap like that. I don’t know if she fishes but you would be bait.
Becca: I bet she pops a wallop while she stands 2ft 3in tall. 

Me: She could probably injure you with her hair and some headbangin’ 
Becca: She probably could!!!  She is pretty bad ass herself!!  She is the country version of Pink!!!!

Me: Yeah, but Pink won't eat you. She's a vegetarian. Miranda eats meat. RUN!
Becca: Oh lord!!!!!!!!!!  You are crazy!!!

Me: I think I will format this whole convo and Tweet it to him. Go back and read it. Hilarious.
Becca: Oh no!!  She may come hunt my ass down!!!  I may have to move to Nantucket!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: I love Nantucket. I bet they got good shrimp.
Becca: Good, I love shrimp and then you will come visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becca: Thanks.

See, how the conversation almost took a turn and then right back to where it was? We do this all the time. I love her. We have the dumbest conversations in the whole world. I love how she participates. Well, some days, I start a conversation and she doesn't bite, but I try. So, this just shows that no matter what, your friends love you and humor you when you know its probably just a meaningless chat. And I believe that she doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell with Blake Shelton and that Miranda Lambert would kick both our asses. But a girl can dream right? 

Happy Tuesday! Have a stupid conversation today.


  1. Hahaha these are all awesome! Sounds like the conversations I have with my sister.

  2. I love it! I have a bestie who I am on Google Chat with all day. We have some pretty crazy conversations too. Love that you blogged about it!

    The only thing missing is that Miranda would not only do all that while standing at 2'3" but she would also sell a billion singles about having done it. There would be songs about heart break, songs about revenge, songs about making peace (around a fire pit) and she would be sitting on country music gold!!


  3. you know you have a good friend when you can talk about boinking and moving to nantucket

  4. girlfriend, the favorite parts of my day are craxy convo's with you! Tho, obvs, Becca is much wittier than I and really get you going! Hahaha I love it.

  5. Those are the best conversations. I have massive email chains all day with three of my friends, and those crazy days are my favorite :)

  6. Tell Becca that I had dibs on Blake Shelton first...as long as Ross doesn't mind. :) You girls are crazy.

  7. I love conversations like this. They make no sense to anyone else, but to your closest friends... makes perfect sense.

  8. Country version of pink, my thoughts exactly!
    Miss you sissy!

  9. Haha this could totally be a convo that my bff and I have.

  10. I'll bet that you can get excellent shrimp and lobster in Nantucket.

  11. This is just amazing. I mean, that's all I can say about it.