Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Boyfriend's Back

My Boyfriend's Back and your gonna be in trouble. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.. My Boyfriend's Back! I never could figure out what they said during that part of the song, but I always loved it. And one of the things the Queen is loving this week is boyfriend jeans. I remember back ages ago, I loved to wear men's jeans especially from the Gap. There's something about them although I never could figure out the 28 x 32 stuff and just tried on a pair until they fit. Why can't guys just say, "I am a size 18" and be done with the stuff.

Boyfriend jeans are casual and roomy. I love that they are loose and  that Jennifer Aniston wears them to the point of her crotch hangs to her knees and then they become way more appealing to those of us with a milkshake than skinny jeans. I also like the fact that you can dress them up with a blazer or throw on a fun sweatshirt and still be some what fashionable. 

Here is an outfit that I planned basically around a pair of boyfriends and guess what? I like that my baby got back has a new boyfriend because these will be a staple in my closet for a long while. 

Cute Sweater Alert!
Source: via Girls Love on Pinterest

Paired with Boyfriend Jeans

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

and these delish beauties that need to be in my closet

And there you have it. My ideal outfit with boyfriend jeans. I just might have to own every one of these items. So tell you like boyfriend jeans? 

That's it for my fashion update for this week.
The Tater Queen officially endorses the boyfriend jean.

Later Taters,


  1. I........have never even HEARD of these things. I must live under a rock when it comes to fashion.

    but those sound like the greatest things ever.
    but I couldn't ever wear my boyfriend's jeans. His lack of a booty and hips style pants just don't work with my badonk.
    guess I'll have to get another boyfriend and get in his pants.

  2. Boyfriend jeans are the best! And I must go get that sweater, like, now. It should have been in my closet yesterday!

  3. LOVE That sweater! I am totally a fan of BF you room when you eat a little too much :)

  4. I liked getting into my boyfriend jeans until I married him. I got fat and can't wear hubby jeans. That sucks.

  5. I've never worn boyfriend jeans before. Hmmm...I might have to look into this. Especially if they're approved by you.

  6. Love me some boyfriends!! My fave! And Target has some shoes almost identical to the ones you posted! I almost got them last week, but am trying to be good. I am sure they will wind up in my closet sooner or later.

  7. I love boyfriend jeans. I think they look fantastic on other people. I have yet to own a pair though because I can't find ones that fit right on me. I always look like I'm wearing jeans that aren't the right size!

    xo, Yi-chia

  8. Love it! So shoes are super cute. :)

  9. I love boyfriend jeans. Before these came out i actually bought my jeans in mens department. I dont have much of a waist line and so they always fit better for me.

  10. omg, I looove those shoes!! I need em. BF jeans.. I've never bought a pair! I'm so hippy, I feel like them make me look like a box, but the Queen has yet to steer me wrong.. I'm going to give em another shot!

  11. I'm obsessed with my boyfriend jeans. Obsessed.

    Also, one time I had to dress like Wayne from Wayne's World for a work meeting and I literally fit my ass into a pair of Justin's jeans. That was depressing.

  12. We are getting these anthro sandals. If I have to cash out my 401k. And the boyfriend jeans scare me too, I think you need a snug top with them or you have to be anne hathaway thin for it to work. I picture a neon top. I like this.

  13. dusty why did you have to put such an amazing outfit together that makes me want to go out and buy everything right now?? my bank account is so low thanks to unemployment but if i could charge everything then this outfit would hang in my closet right now!

  14. I want boyfriend jeans so bad... but they make me look even chubbier. Sad for me.

  15. I'm so obsessed with everything about this post! And those shoes? I die! Love it, lady!


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