Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life's Like Leg Lifts

Have you ever just felt like a dump, frump, slum, glum, and anything else you can think of that makes you feel  blah. That's how I have felt the last two months really.  You all know I went to the doctor because I broke out in hives. Well, I now get to go see an allergist. High five myself. The other reason I went to the doctor was because I haven't felt worth a shitballs. Really, I have no drive to do much of anything except hole up in my house. I mean its not really that I don't do anything, I have a child who keeps me busy, but I feel invisible otherwise. 

I was telling the doctor that I have been working out and haven't lost a pound. Zilch. I am not over weight, but I am so out of shape and I have noticed that things are moving to the midsection. Me not likey. I can wear a muffin top proudly but when I start looking like a busted can of biscuits then I start feeling like an puff a lump. I feel bad. My insecurities take over and I don't feel good about myself. 

I talked to the doctor and I felt like she didn't offer me any advice. I mean my co-pay is $25 smacks and the insurance probably paid her $250 and all she could say is, "well, you know how long it took me to lose weight? Six months and that was walking a treadmill every single day." At that moment, I wanted to jab her in the throat. But that would not have been the right thing to do considering she's a one woman operation and there would be no one there to treat her wind pipe injury. But fantasizing is a great learning skill. 

So, she explained to me about the metabolism and eating every so many hours to keep it burning but I just feel like I am eating all day and I hate it. The only thing I want to eat all day is kettle chips. But apparently that's frowned upon in this establishment of the weight loss world. I bought some new DVD's and am fairly certain that Shaun T might be ready to fly right out into the world of free love which is fine with me but I want to see results. My operation bikini has went down hill and I now have enough of a collection of workout videos to make me at least be Jillian Michaels' long lost cousin. Maybe I should try her videos, but then again I want to live to see 42 as bad as that number sounds. 

So, what's a girl to do? How do I feel better about myself? How do I just accept that its just a funk and I will snap out of it? What do you do when you get like this? I mean for me its hard. I am the advice giver. I am the mother hen. I am the one who speaks the truth and give people the reality and yet, I feel like I have had no one to give me back what I need. I am not usually the blah blah girl, but it really makes me aware that yes, I can have the emotional and physical struggles just like anyone else. I just need a little lift. Life is like leg lifts. Some days you can do it and some days its too painful but eventually the strain goes away and you can get back to being spectacular. 

Happy Tuesday. Thanks for letting me share.. 

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  1. I exercise a couple of times of week simply to avoid man titties. Man titties just aren't a good look.

  2. I wish we lived closer!!! I started my nutritional/cleansing program and it has made a difference in how I physically feel. We all get the "blah" parts. I have to actually GO to a class to get my motivation going, and for me to continue to make it interesting. Maybe check out a local gym or women's facility? And....spring is coming, which always elevates my moods and outlook. (((hugs)))

  3. Girl, I don't like exercising.at.all! I haven't been to the gym in about a month...but I'm making myself go to the gym tonight. I really don't like the gym, but if I don't go I won't exercise at all. I don't like walking (it's so boring), so I just have to motivate myself to go. I had been making good strides when I was going to the gym regularly...when I slacked off, I slacked off big time. I started back eating stuff that they say is bad for you (but tastes really good to me). LOL I know what I need to do, just have to get motivated to do it. Ugh!

    Sending some cyber motivation your way! :-)

  4. I have started going to a cardiodance class! It is insane, and yes a couple cocktails would probably make me dance a whole lot better(or at least think I was) but that too is frowned upon in the fitness world. Classes keep me motivated and it helped me meet so many new people in my town. Plus if they are expecting you to be there, when you don't show up, I always feel guilty!

    Its ok that you are in a slump, we all have them.
    Chin up buttercup, this too shall pass!

  5. Feel better because Walter and I LOVE YOU!

  6. it's really tough. i feel you on this a lot. Lately I have been super lethargic. not just after the weekends but every.single.day. it's awful and I don't know how to get out of my slump. also why do doctors suck so bad?

  7. Dusty, go to another Dr and have your thyroid checked!! Mine blew out 17 years ago and i have to take a thyroid pill every day. Your thyroid can cause you to have many sluggish days and its so hard to lose the weight.
    You do look FABULOUS though!! love ya

  8. I HATE feeling like that.
    and I hear ya. Operation Bikini is in a downward spiral over here too. I mean, just last night I made a vlog about which candy is best.
    maybe I should make a which vegetable is best...?
    that sounds awful.

    as for getting out of a slump? I don't know if there is just one answer for that. Going outside has been helping me a lot. Not even for excercise. Just for sunshine.

    and if it's raining or snowing? then Ellen videos. She always gets me cracking up. :)

    love you.

  9. I wish I had the answer for you, I do.

    I feel like the funk I have been in is never ending. I also am aware of many of the people in my life being in the same boat. Apparently 2013 is a big ass funk.

    However, about dieting, I wish I knew what to tell you. All I know is now that I lost my appetite a week ago and what I wouldn't give to find something that I actually want to eat.

    That thyroid of yours might be a brat, no?

  10. Ehh.. I think everyone feels low self confidence every now and again. For me I have found that what works is a realistic goal. Like I am going to drop down a pant size just 1 and then when I meet that goal I feel SO GOOD! That's because I didn't say drop down 5 pant sizes and then when you're only down 1 you feel like no progress, but don't look at the big picture look at each pixel. Yeah... I am a nerd! Love you!

    1. I love this and totally agree! If you can create small steps for yourself, you'll have the motivation to do whatever you want to do!

      Well said Miki!!! XO to you both!

  11. I'm sorry you are feeling this way, but you are not alone. Everyone gets into funks and everyone battles self confidence issues. I'm not sure I have an answer for you, but perhaps you are focusing too much on losing weight that working out is becoming a chore. And no one likes chores. Maybe you can pick up some activities/hobbies that gets you out and moving, but it's not "working out" technically. Sometimes we take a day on the weekend and just spend it walking around a coastal town, pretending we're tourists. Afterwards, I feel exhausted from walking, but feel totally great. And I think it's more than I would have done if I just went to the gym. Hope that helps, keep your head up! :)

    xo, Yi-chia

  12. I've been in a funk too! Especially with the weight thing! I was doing so good until Christmas came! I lost all movitvation. Maybe we can encourage each other and hold one another accountable!

  13. I have answers, but you probably wouldn't like 2/3 of them. Losing weight seriously sucks. Also, do you have a thyroid panel done when the DR does your annual blood draw? As we age, our thyroid hormones (the ones that regulate metabolism) get seriously out of whack, and a low level can cause you to hold onto weight for ages.

    I keep reaching out to buy Jillian's dvd's, then withdrawing my hand. I just hate her so, so much. But I start a 12 week fitness plan review at the end of April, so we'll see how that goes. They claim the workouts are all less than 45 minutes... if they work I'm going to do a revival-style vlog all about them.

  14. From the Queen of Funk (which sounds wrong in so many ways...) I say that you are doing everything right and it either has to be your hormones or the changing of the seasons that is making you feel this way! Or a severe lack of peanut butter eggs.

    But. Don't give up on bikini body! Even working out a little will help you feel better, as awful as it is. Short term, go get your nails done or go shopping. That is the best quick pick-me-up! And then dance around in your underwear because, why the hell not.

    Or, come to San Diego. Bring the kid. We will go to SeaWorld.

  15. I have found that jogging gives me the fastest results. I did the videos and it gave me some definition, but I wasn't making true progress. Three- four days running and I feel like a new woman! (Inside and out) Your eating habits are a BIG part of it. Read The End Of Overeating if you need some motivation on eating better. It breaks down how the food and commercials hold power over us and it really helped me get a better perspective on food. FEEL BETTER!

  16. Get your thyroid checked, that's what you do. I always know mine is off when I get all "lets sit inside all the time" agoraphobic style and the scale doesn't budge. I love you just the way you are. Munch away.

  17. in regards to weight loss, have you been taking measurements? have you lost inches?? it sounds a bit crazy but it might be worth it to get a few sessions with a personal trainer who can make a program that works for you & your body.

    your doctor sounds incredibly frustrating to say the least. if your funk has been on going for months (like 2 months you said?), i'd try talking to a different doctor to get to the bottom of things. Everyone gets in a funk now and then but if you're having trouble snapping out of it then that's not good. You've had to deal with some tough sh*t the past few months which is no doubt contributing to the funk.



  18. Oh, girl, I love you! Seriously! This post? Exactly how I've been feeling the last 2 months, too! I've been so down and depressed. I know what my problem is (my breakup), but I hate that you're feeling that way, too. I hope things will pick up for you (and me)! I'm sure they will...you're too awesome!
    Oh, and how crazy is this? I've got hives, too!!! It started about a year ago, and it's killing me. I went to an allergist and I've been taking some meds & they've really helped. I've found out I have some food allergies. Anyway, keep truckin' on, girl, the hives will get better, I promise. If you need any helpful tricks to make it better, thought, hit me up. I've found some things that work pretty good.