Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hot Tamale.. Puddle of Grace

I haven't done a Hot Tamale series in a bit and with all this craziness going around about Google reader and joining Bloglovin and press here, click there, I wanted to showcase a beautiful soul. Her name is Rebecca and she blogs over at Puddle of Grace.

She's from England which in my book makes her way cool. She loves going to plays and musicals. I think there are some she has seen a few times. She also loves America. Isn't it funny how all we want to do is visit her country and all she wants to do is visit ours?

I also loved getting to know her because she is a wonderful writer. It's deep and meaningful. Life lessons and daydreams. She makes me want to set down and drink tea for hours and just talk. You know like girls do. Although, I think we would laugh alot. She's a real girl with real emotion living each day with struggles like we all have but with the biggest heart. I dig her. And if I dig her then I know you will too. 

Go over and meet my sweet friend Rebecca. Read her posts. You'll relate and say hello. She's a great blogger and a great friend. One of these days I hope our paths cross and we can wear Hunters and frolick. I love frolicking. Maybe we will look up the Queen, knock on her door and then run off or maybe Prince William and Kate will let us babysit the new arrival. Hell, we will jump on the beds at the palace, feed the kid some Skittles instead of crumpets and get a guard to smile.

Have a Hot Day y'all. 


  1. What a lovely surprise it was to see my name in my own browser this morning, thank you for your kind words my friend ans for making me seem less obsessive about the theatre than I am, although I guess to some 27 times would be a few! ;)
    How I would love to sit and laugh away the hours with you before causing chaos around this beautiful city of mine, one day.

  2. I missed these posts. I always like to see who you're reading (new blogs, yay!) and what inspires you :)

  3. I am always down for some good frolicking!

  4. Wooohoo, going to check her out now :)

  5. Frolicking is always a good thing. Musicals are the best and I wish I could go to more.

  6. Isn't she just fabulous? I love her!