Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cherry Bomb

Tuesday's aren't they just full of hope? Not really. Tuesdays are like the worst days besides Monday. But its closer to Friday. Sorry, I have been in a funk lately. I have had no will power to blog. No will power to read. No will power to do much of anything. I have sort of lost my mojo. People pissing on my parade and I don't like it. 

Let's just get to it. This weekend was the Honky Tonk with some great peeps. I met new friends and got to do alot of people watching. I did a little dancing. My legs hurt the next day which means I am way out of shape. And I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache which only means I am not a professional drinker anymore. In other words, me and drinking are only friends until the next day. 

Here's the highlights. Beer, shots, beer, dancing with fingers, pee bandit, uncontrollable giggles, Waffle House, bed. 

The place that we go has a cover of $8 smacks and free beer until 11 pm. You can't beat that. Here's where the shots came in. We had a bet, me and my partner in crime, Becca with my former partner in crime Mary who moved. She won the bet so we said we would do shots in her honor. All I know is I don't like shots. I don't do them but a bet is a bet. I do know that I will never drink something called a Cherry Bomb again.

Next on our way to the awful Waffle Becca has to pee. Like really pee bad, to the point of cold sweats. I ask her if she wants me to pull over. She says yes. Driving down the road I pull over on the side of the road behind this building. Nothing out of the ordinary just the back of a building with another smaller building with a light on and a motorcycle parked beside it. Becca gets out runs around the car and in T minus two seconds five burly bikers come flying around the corner. Before she could even get her pants down, she takes off like the road runner around to the passenger side, jumps in, I put it in reverse and back up and speed away like the Dukes of Hazzard. We drove by and I noticed the sign. Knowing a little about the biker world realized that this was a motorcycle cop club which then became even more funny. We sped off like crazy. Becca still had to pee. I go a little ways down the street, pull into a grocery store with a fully lit parking lot, she jumps out and lets it rip. I laughed so hard I banged my head on the horn while it honked loudly. I swear we can't go anywhere without something happening. We laughed, while she explained I needed to hurry to the Waffle House so she could go wipe. Really at this point it doesn't matter? But it was still hysterical. I have never seen that girl run and jump into a car so fast in my life. Good times.

And for your viewing pleasure, here it is. The video of the night. You have to listen to it closely. I love how the DJ is counting down for the line dance to begin while we are getting ready to do this disgusting shot. Oh, and mine was as full as Becca's but I said, no way and poured mine into someone else's glass. Believe me what I took was enough. Ugh!

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Happy Tuesday!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time!! Those stories are the best memories. My head hurts just thinking of doing shots.

  2. What a fun weekend! I love the pee bandit story, I can only imagine that happening in my life and then laughing so hard it hurts. You and I are opposite. I really can't stand beer, so I am a shots gal. Usually when I drink I have a purpose and that purpose usually also ends in a headache and sore muscles!

  3. Definitely sounds like an awesome time! You deserved it. :)

  4. $8 and all the beer you can drink? I would have had a headache the next day too!!

  5. There's nothing worse than needing to pee and not being able to find a place to do it. The sweats and shakes start happening and it's just awful. Your face in that video, haha, priceless! :)

    xo, Yi-chia

  6. For some strange reason this entire post and keek makes me smile....because it's good to see you out and about and laughing with friends. You deserve it even if you felt like crap the next day.

  7. You and Becca together seem like an awfully good time. Except that shot looks absolutely terrible. Good on you for trying!

  8. hahahaa, omg, your face was priceless!!! I love how you doubled up for the second swig to make sure you got it all, that's a champ right there! ;) So glad you got out and had some fun with friends. :)

  9. Free beer until 11? WHEN ARE WE GOING BACK?!?!

    Sounds like your hangover was worth it :)

  10. Bahaha your face is PRICELESS. I hate hangovers. I never think they are worth it...no matter how fun the night was.

  11. LOVE this post! Love the video too :) follow back!