Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hair Diddy's

Always looking for inspiration for the hair do’s! I am dire need of a cut and color for sure, but in the mean time, I have been reading all these blogs (I am in overload) and being a major hair person, I tend to look at the hair element first. I am very picky about my hair and am of the philosophy, if my hair doesn’t look good, I don’t look good. Which is bizarre because I will cover my head in any type of hat in three seconds flat. I am a total “HAT GIRL”. But I also beg every single day to wake up with beautiful bed head and it never happens. Being blessed with naturally wavy hair in which I flat iron everyday, I am just waiting for it to fall out or just singe like a wild fire in Colorado.

I battle with myself every day when I am doing my hair for work and/or play, cut off two or three inches, go back to my natural color, (ash brown), bangs are cool, no let them grow, I want Jennifer Aniston hair!!! So I want to be creative and I wanted ideas on how to switch things up. I am soooo digging headbands right now. I have a few but always think they look silly, but I am going to try it. Tennessee is a little conservative but hey, I am sure they have seen a few hippies in their day. I also am loving the messy buns. The picture of the double knots on the top of her hair look like an updated version of Princess Leia from Star Wars or cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon , but I actually did this a few weeks ago and my mom who was visiting loved it. It’s not a hairstyle you wear to a wedding, but a casual cookout-  yes and throw in some pinned flowers and cute! cute! I am an avid supporter of the pigtails and the Swiss Miss braids, so maybe that is why I am drawn to very loose, let yourself go hairstyles. I am also a product of the 70’s so that might have something to do with it as well. Although I do use enough product and hair spray that if my hair caught on fire, I would evaporate in two point two seconds. And if all else fails, put on a hat.

Anyway, I hope you all like these. You can see all these images via my Pinterest. Show me your favorites. Pick a style, remake on your own, send me a photo via my email and I will upload. Happy Hair Diddy day!


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  1. I LOVE those beachy waves, so freaking cute! Ha ha you are so funny, I bet you have way cute hair in the morning if it's wavy. But I know how you feel, my hair is curly and is scary to myself in the morning. I'm with you on headbands too, I LOVE them on other people, but on myself, I just feel weird... Why is this? THANKS for linking up to my blog, you are awesome! You'll have to check back, I will probably do it again next week...! OH and, the title of your blog? I LOVE fried pickles! Do you?!