Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Leaves are changing and the air is brisk. I love the warm colors of fall. The spices, the smell of vanilla and cinnamon, pumpkin pie (which I think is gross, but I love to smell it baking in the oven). I love warm chocolate tones, cozy rooms with candles and fireplaces. I can’t wait to decorate my table for fall and the holidays.

This past Sunday, a great friend “H” invited me to a Bead for Life Party at her beautiful friends (let’s call them Jawow and Harry).  The beautiful message behind these products is to support Ugandan women who turn pieces of colorful paper into lovely bracelets, necklaces and earrings and shea nuts into creamy lip balms and soaps. I bought sweet bracelet and have worn it every day since then. One of my favorite parts of the party was the story Jawow told about Harry making his mother this necklace out of his old comic strip books. I know that his mother probably thought that was her most prized possession and I love that something so simple meant so much to her to display it for all to see. I could have just kissed him right on the lips for loving his mom enough…my son better take a note…

I also was drawn to their home and how beautiful it was and the hard work they have put into it. I noticed it feeling familiar yet couldn’t put my finger on it. I went home talking about it and my baby daddy said, “sounds like all the things you like. Look around you have very similar tastes.” And that’s when I said, “oh, yeah, we do, that’s why it was familiar.” So, it inspired me to put together a collage of decorating ideas for fall that maybe Jawow would love to do and I am sorting ideas for my own home.

Again, thank you to my sweet “H” for inviting me. Love love you and to the Harry Wow family for an inspirational day!

PS…the sock photo I just threw in there. I couldn’t pass up cozy socks. I am loving my new Pinterest account and you can find all these photos and product websites on my Pinterest sight. 

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