Monday, October 17, 2011


Last night, I was watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey. One of my favorite reality TV shows. I know, I know, give me heck about it later, but it cracks me up. The husbands more than the women because they just say whatever is on their minds. It amazes me that these people can have all this "money" and still have the same issues as lower/middle class people which only proves that money doesn't always make you happy (but a little would make me smile..just saying). Any hoot, last night was the "Reunion" show on Bravo. Four of the five women showed up to mud sling, accuse, tell the truth (sort of) and rip each other to shreds. And although I am addicted, I find it puzzling. Here are women that live in a small community, have been friends for years and family all their lives, yet destroyed by a TV show. Now I am sure that these things probably would happen even if the cameras weren't rolling, but I don't understand how easily it is to just let friendships go and family be distant. Which brings me to the blog title above, Friendship. I have always been about girl power, no doubt. I was raised very independent, but I also realize that I am dependant on the friendships I have been given.

Friday night, my wonderful bff, "L" came over for pizza and wine. As soon as she walks in I know that we are going to laugh. I also know that even if we don't speak for a week or a month, we pick up right were we left off. We could set and talk for hours.There are some people that are just apart of your soul. She is one of them. I have a few of those soul sisters. WE all have people in our lives that we call when certain events happen. There are ones that are there in your heart but just aren't reachable. One's that are your "girls" from elementary school and beyond. Some you lose touch with and some that come back into your life (my sweet high school bud's). But how is it that it becomes so easy to just let them walk away and it just becomes ok? To me its not. Maybe it's my reflection on life entering the 40 mark or maybe its watching these women not celebrating each other on TV ripping each other apart that draws me closer to make an effort more to become more involved. But you will always have those that are just "in passing". They are in your heart but can't draw them near. Who's fault is that? Both I suppose, but why does it have to be that way?. Friendships go threw the ups and downs like any relationship. Certain circumstances divide us. We either move away or we just are different people. But here is my opinion. True friendships never fade. If your friend truly knows who you are, then there is never a doubt in their mind. You agree to disagree, but whatever it may be, you solve that issue right away and move on. I truly hope that these women make amends. I mean lets face it. We are women! You put enough hens in the house then their going to talk trash and peck each others eyes out. Here are my top six friendship rules. Do I always go by them, no, but I also make every effort to be a true friend. I encourage all my friends and other friendships to reach out to someone you haven't talked to in a while or tell those close how much you appreciate them being in your life. Women should celebrate each other.

Top Six Friendship Rules
Be Honest -don't ever say anything you wouldn't say to their face (yes your ass looks fat in those pants)
Hug - like you mean it.
Share - don't be afraid to talk about anything, a true friend listens uninterrupted.
Be Thankful - you have each other in your life for a reason, near and far
Say I love you!

So to all of my friends, near and far, close, distant, past, lost and in between, I am so thankful you are or were in my life. I am glad we have gotten to share our friendship. I am embracing you all with a big hug and honestly, I  love you each and every one.

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  1. I am sooooo thankful, I love you!