Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Workout Tuesday

As promised its Workout Tuesday. And to tell you I hit it hard and heavy would be a big exaggeration, but I did hit it, just not with a big bat. I did manage to walk twice last week and last night and tonight I did the exercises from my Shape magazine. The one that kicked my happy ass was the Audrina Patridge workout (seen here). The most difficult part for me was the Cat Raise. I positioned my self in the plank position. Uncomfortable! I don't see all the rage on this planking stuff. I was face down on a mat and my boobs were smashed against the floor. So I proceeded to raise my toes vertical and my up onto the back of my forearms positioned under my shoulders as described. Then you raise your butt up and down to a vertical position. Then hold for 2 counts and back down. It doesn't say how many reps to do but I did 15 and by the time I got done I thought my hernia's were going to bust out. It reminded me of when you play horsey with your kids when they are two and can't help themselves but to ride around on your back. Somehow when your younger it seems funny ha ha. This is defiantly a workout for the abs. I am not very coordinated, so it took a few times and a pause or three in between but it's something that even though I thought I was about plant it face first, I will keep doing. The other workout moves were somewhat difficult but manageable. So, my thoughts are these... no way this girl does this every day, every other day, or for crap and giggles. She is that skinny because she eats twigs and 2 leaves of lettuce everyday and probably has a wheatgerm shake to tide her over until she hits da club for fruity drink called the "make me puke later". All and all,  I found myself sucking it in afterwards like a wrestler on steroids and my legs are a little sore, but I will keep it in the rotation. Did you sweat it out this week?

OK, I go eat pizza now! XOXO, Dusty

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