Monday, October 10, 2011

Hat Attack

After the dreaded laziness last week, this week I promised myself to do ten different things which includes posting. I am loving this more and more and I still have more to do. Someone asked me the other day "why did you decide to do this, your a pretty private person?" I am turning 40 in a few weeks. I just feel like this is a time in my life to enjoy it. So many things have happened this year and I have so much to be thankful for. I also love to share. Everyone always says where did you get that hat, or asking me personal advice. I try to always be there for my friends and family. I also love to write and I love to laugh, so why not combine the two. Two years ago, I got laid off from a very good job and made pretty good money, and wham! I went from shopping every weekend to shopping maybe once every three months and that was mostly for my son. So, I learned to love window shopping, getting ideas to recreate from my own closet and shop on a budget. Some of my posts will definitely be wish lists. I have never bought much of anything unless it's on sale anyway, so budget shopping whether at the mall or grocery is in my personality.

Any hoot, anyone that knows me knows I am a HAT GIRL! I would wear one every day of my life if I could. There is something about a hat that makes you confident yet mysterious. Plus, they are cool and they cover up my hair when I am in desperate need of a root stimulation from my wonderful hair chick, Stephanie. Here are some I found on line. TJ Maxx currently has a great selection right now and I am in need to add another to my collection. You can also find the rest of my choices on my Pinterest.



  1. Omg Dusty!!!!!!! I love the first one -MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW:P

  2. You can find the black and white bow ski hat at

  3. Do not forget to check out the new hats that Target is featuring on that famous milliner from Africa. The hats are selling for $19.99. In Target by 10/30.
    Oh, nothing to do with hats... but have you seen the new Honda commercials with the sexy guy. Well, he pats the auto; and says something about the back end of the car being sexy! WOW,,Anyone would like a pat from him! He is pure male; and the voice is sooooo dreamy..