Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Workout..oh boy!

I think I have mentioned that I am going on a ski trip in December and I am turning 40 (November 1st). As these events are up and coming, I am reflecting on my life. Actually, I am reflecting on my butt and reducing the "watch it wiggle, see it jiggle" attitude. Yeah, butts have attitudes and mine seems to have a bad one. I am not overweight by any means (120 pounds), but after 6 years of missing a 6 pack which I know I will probably never have again - which is ok; I just want things to firm up. Plus, there is a hot tub at our cabin and I insist that in 25 degree weather, hopping my jello in a bikini and enjoying a few cocktails with my peeps. So, I have decided that with no rhyme or reason that I must decide to make a change. A lifestyle change. You always read that you need to be healthy and it should be a lifestyle. I agree, but I refuse to give up a good cheeseburger. So I as I slather the mayo on this chicken sandwich I have made for dinner (for my "I" of course), I have devised a workout. I am also going to hold myself accountable, so every Tuesday I will be giving updates of what I have done for my workout (and promise to not lie). You don't know me, you don't see me, so I could just easily say, I ran 8 miles, hiked a mountain trail, took a spin class, swam the ocean, and completed the Chicago marathon, but if you know me well enough, that will never happen.

I started yesterday and walked for 20 mintues. I am not doing miles, math isn't my forte, so I decided that wearing a watch is much easier than multiplying or adding up mile markers. Tuesday, see above, I ate a chicken sandwhich, duh! So here is what I will be doing in my quest to have Jennifer Aniston's body. Follow along if you dare and let me know how your workout is going. I am sure somewhere a pee pill, laxative and a seaweed wrap will be included in my quest for health.

walking (source)

Zumba Rocks (source)
boot camp (my own dvd)

kickboxing (source)

Self workout (source)
Self toning (source)

The End Result
I better look like this rump and all or this biatch is going to be pissed!
Work it! D

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  1. K you are hilarious! Go you! I need to do this! Thanks so much for linking up! You made my day. I hope to see you link up again next week :)