Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Window Shopping Wish List

Here is my wish list, although short, its some of the things I hope to get ...on sale of course. One of the items my sweet moma got me as an early birthday present. I posted on FB and have several inquiries. Here are a few of those items I am losing sleep over..well, actually the only thing I have lost sleep over is the camera. I broke my SLR camera  which is why I haven't been able to show any outfits posts and decided I wanted a point and shoot. I have a spare camera right now that takes a lot of photo editing. I will be reminding my lovey every day, that I really really need this camera, oh and a tripod (wink wink). Any hoot, tell me about your window shopping wish list and remember Santa is watching maybe if you're a good girl you will get what you want.

This is the item you have been asking about:
Adorable huh! Thank you sweet moma! and i emailed the company and they actually changed the red bow to pink for me! Thank You, Cutie Hats!

with mine, lovey and I's names

Lucky Brand Suzani bag ON SALE from $89 to 66.68

Happy Wednesday, XO, D

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  1. I want this in Lime Green, Yes, Lime Green with a pink skull and black bow. Must have one. I also love the necklace. You know me. Keep rocking the blog. Love.