Thursday, November 10, 2011

I heart Ruthie Hart!

Do you remember when Bugs Bunny blasted off to Mars and encountered the marshen and the big creature? The big creature picks up Bugs Bunny and says, "oh, I want to love him and squeeze him and call him George." That's how I feel about this sweet girl. I followed The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart on Bloglovin. She had a post about offering a button swap. I emailed her saying I would love to participate but my button wasn't functioning thinking that she would keep me in mind for future button swaps. She emailed me right back, offered to make me a new button and wa-la! That beautiful button you see on the side, is compliments of Ruthie. How kind is she? That a stranger reached out her kindness to a little ol' new blogger with just a few followers made me feel like I found a shining star. She's funny, beautiful, a wife and a mommy to the cutest dog with the funniest faces. Show her some love, visit her blog, leave her sweet thoughts and visit her site often. She rocks! I know you will love her just as much as I love being her bloggy friend. I heart Ruthie Hart!

Howdy! My name is Ruthie and I am southern newlywed wife, mama to a cute chunky French bulldog and love of all things crafty. My blog chronicles my life, everything from my relationship with Jesus, the ridiculous costume parties my husband plans and trying to become Suzie Homemaker while balancing a full time job in software marketing. In my house, we love, we hug, we live out loud, we make mistakes and make fools of ourselves. Oh, and I blog all about it!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Ruthie is such a beautiful girl, great post=))
    Im your new follower, check out my blog in return & enter my GIVEAWAY=)
    XO.Have a great day!

  2. Hey Dusty,

    This is Lindsey from Let's Talk Trunk. Thanks for letting us know that our code for the button was broken. It is working now!