Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two Cents Thursdays on Wednesday

What a great day it is for two reasons...1. I met my bloggy CHWH swap partner this morning (love love) and 2. its frozen pizza night at the Alley household! That's right, I went all out, a Tombstone cheese pizza hot and fresh right out of the oven. I feel so Italian, where are my cannoli's (which I love by the way)! My butt which looks like two piglets in the farm yard wrestling over a piece of cornbread says, "thank you, mama mia!"

Any hoot, you see my title post. I usually do my rants on Thursday's but tomorrow I will be featuring another sweet gem that I heart! So stay tuned until tomorrow. In the mean time, here are my Two Cents Thursdays. If you haven't read any of the others, check it out here.

Lets start with EBay... I have been searching EBay for a pair of clogs. I found a pair on a Spanish website but apparently to ship them Christopher Columbus is bringing them over on his ship. So, I search EBay endlessly. I see so many pairs, but then I realize that they are just as expensive as if you found them in the store. Seriously, years ago when this site started, it was a way to find long lost items at a discounted price. Now its become a shopping mecca like clicking on Shop bop. I am not talking Prada here people. A little ol' pair of clogs to go with my flared jeans and shorts in the summer. I mean if you want a deal on Lucky Brand jeans or 7 for all Mankind, maybe its a deal. I will just have to wait until I poop that money tree and it grows before I can afford that, but really I am so disappointed..Ebay Sucks!...(now).

Are we all not so sick of hearing about Kim Kardashian. I admit, I have this fascination with reality TV. My favorite show is the The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and I so got sucked into the Fairy Tale wedding re-runs and now its over. Divorce in the works, scandal in Hollywood, money down the drain and two nights of my life of watching I can't get back. Ugh! I mean she was so in love. The only thing I see wrong with this whole thing is she needed a step ladder to have sex with the guy (uber tall). I mean, rich, big diamond ring, publicity..hmmm, 72 days.. this girl needs a reality kick in the ass if you ask me.

And finally, The Duggars are pregnant with their 20th child..holy moly. That dude needs to back away from the muffin. Seriously, her vajay jay is saying, no no not again. Who has an elastic uterus? Not me, I have one and no desire to have anymore. Do these people not think of college, weddings, school activities, food. They need a grey hound bus to travel. Imagine taking them all trick or treating. You'd have no candy left. Here's my advice... the women needs to get spade like a dog and quick as possible!

Happy Two Cents Thursdays on Wednesday everyone! 

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  1. Ha ha I LOVE this! Ya I am SHOCKED about Kim. I haven't seen the last couple seasons so don't know what they're like together but can you imagine spending all that money on the wedding and then getting divorced right after? What a waste!?