Sunday, November 27, 2011

the story of our tree

Tradition in our house has always been to put the tree up after Thanksgiving which I am sure is 90 percent of America's tradition as well. I have always loved Christmas. It's my favorite holiday ever. In the past, I have had theme trees. You know, those beautiful trees that are either silver and gold, red and green etc.. Well, when my son came along he would make all these handmade ornaments and of course you're a suck ass mom if you don't put them on the tree, but it sure didn't go with my "theme". So, I thought about it and looked at ornaments and found that I love little snowmen, gingerbread people, lollipops, stars, snowflakes and all of those things that are too cute and represent Christmas in a child's eyes. We also have ornaments that represent times in our lives, like when we got engaged, married, pregnant and special places like Maine, where my lovey is from (nothing like having a lobster hanging on your tree). Then I know it sounds corny, but I thought about how long ago others decorated their trees with fruit and popcorn. So I combined it all and it became a "hodgepodge tree". 

Every year I always buy at least 5 new ornaments (as if I need them and thank you mom). I couldn't wait to hang them on the tree. So Saturday after coffee, of course, we I started off the decorating. Lovey retrieved the goods from the attic and half a day later the house is decorated and festive. I have a few more things I want to include, but that will come throughout the week. Until then, here are a few pictures of our tree and my little helper, worthless guard dog #1, Mille. 

new ornament

dad, mom, ian's stockings
(I need to add the worthless guard dog's #1 and #2)

Mille (aka Alfalfa)
our pretty fatso and snowball

Ralphie, Hazel & Phin
(We got these the year before Ian was born, I love these so much)

So that's a snippet of our holiday decor. I hope everyone had fun putting up their tree and you make beautiful memories and traditions throughout the season. What is the story of your tree? I would love to hear. 
Merry Christmas,


  1. I love it, then again I always do. Wow the first year I won't be house sitting, guess I have to put up my own darn tree. Thanks Dusty. Oh well, kiss I and Milie for me you know I love you all. Happy Holidays my wonderful, beautiful, friend. Peace out.

  2. I love your hodgepodge tree! That's how my tree is too. I wanted to get my tree yesterday but my husband is uber paranoid about stuff burning the house down!