Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Hype Is Over..

Black Friday and Cyber Monday..it's over for 2011! Did you enter the madness? Not me. I did it once about 7 years ago and I said never again. I like staying out of jail. There are plus and minus's to both days. I get it. There's something funny about women who get together, strategies a route in a store, obtain walkie talkie's for constant communication, convince a clueless friend who has no idea what danger zone they are entering, to stand in line to save a spot for checkout all the while you are pushing a cart full of early a.m. deals around a store like you're on the Amazing Race. I live fairly close to a shopping center filled with Target, Old Navy, JCP and other price worthy stores. I don't like being trapped. The traffic just to go the bank on Friday was looney. It was insanity at it's best. I am not going to stand outside in 40 degree weather at 3 am to freeze my baguettes off over a five dollar toy that's going to end up at the bottom of the toy box 45 minutes after opening it because the box would make a good clubhouse after cutting out some windows and a door. This princess likes her beauty sleep. 

However, I did manage to get on-line about 8:45 that morning to see what deals were going on. I found most of the deals on-line where gone. I tried every way in the world to buy my son some jeans from Old Navy for ten bucks. Fail! Item out of stock. Why advertise it, someone should be setting behind a computer when items sell out; to take it off the website. But all wasn't a bust. I did manage to purchase three things. This after having to refresh the page and almost an hour of trying to check out because the site kept crashing, yet somehow kept all the items in my "cart" every time i would log back on. Basically, two hours of my time, I could have used to probably fight the traffic to get a pizza from the Pizza Hut in Target. But its over, gone, forgotten and women folk everywhere are feeling like super hero's because they bought the last Ralph Lauren sweater on the rack for a fraction of the price while keeping all of their teeth and bail money fund in the jar for next year! Till the next Black Friday and Cyber Monday..fairwell!

Happy Holidays,


  1. I did my first black Friday shopping last year when I was in Kansas City at my grandparents house. We went to wal Mart and people were INSANE! I bought a shop vac for $15 (lame o) but nothing else tickled my fancy. Some people are soooo crazy to wait in line for 24 hours in the cold to save $100 on a tv! and ps I am cracking up from this "freezing my baguettes off" !!!!!!

  2. We debated doing some late night/early morning shopping but decided sleeping sounded better! We still ended up getting a Barbie Jammin Jeep Power Wheel for 160$ (regularly 240$) and a bike for 40$ (reg 89$) and didn't have to beat anyone up to get them!

  3. my hubby and i tried cyber monday...took him all day to checkout...kept clicking the checkout button over and over to no avail. then, on tuesday he got the email receipt..he had ordered 27 suit coats and 18 pairs of pants, ha! oops!

  4. Well your broke, non-computer having friend did neither. I went to a friend's house Friday to cook and it took me 45 minutes in the DOLLAR STORE to get 2 boxes of Jiffy Corn muffin mix, 4 cans of corn and a bag of ice. I ask my daugher,"how important is corn souffle anyway?" to the response of "Mom you know I love it!" Oh well, she won and I wanted to punch toothless redknecks in the face, and D, she really only had 4 teeth! Happy Holidays. Love ya.