Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What if?

Yesterday, I was setting in our bi-weekly marketing meeting and after explaining the ins and outs of the marketing report to seven other individuals (men species) who didn't give a crap about what I had to say. I started to daydream. Yes, its a trade off really. The men species do not care what I do as long as they don't have to do it and I don't give a rats patooty what they do as long as they give me their monthly marketing results. We work well together..really truly. So, as the Charlie Brown teacher voice started to override what was being said, I thought to myself..hmmm, all this corporate protocol is over rated. The business suits, ties, the button up oxfords, A-line pencil skirts, pearls and for what? These people only care about the free lunch I ordered and when can I go back to my desk to eat my chocolate chip cookie that was in my lunch box, so everyone doesn't think I am a pot bellied pig after eating a double decker club sandwhich.

So in my daydream I went to the land of Hoboken. I am obsessed with Hoboken. I have never been there, only know it's in New Jersey, but I love to say it. Everyone say it with me.. HO-BO-KEN! See isn't it fun? I remember as a kid one of my family members used to say when you asked where something was, "I don't know where its at, somewhere in Hobokenland." I thought it was ficticious until I learned its a real place. Kind of like B.F.E. but we know that's really far away. Anyhoot, I was thinking, I wonder what they would do if I showed up in this to give a major power point presentation, talking about strategic planning, our marketing areas and client type and how we are going to retain their services....

Let's start with this jacket


with this FANTAB t shirt

Put on these happening jeans

slip on
Free People wedges
which are on sale by the way

add this bag

with my hair
in this rocking pony tail with the bangs
I am contemplating
Walk in and say, "Good morning, gentlemen, My name is Dusty, that's Mrs. Alley to you (insert Janet Jackson music here)!" I think, they would take me seriously, after all I am secretly from Hoboken.


  1. Hoboken isn't that far from me, but I have never been. I love those bangs, though!

    ~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

  2. you are hysterical!! I feel ya girl...I work with ALL men and sometimes they bore me to death and I definitely go into la la land. Love love that leather jacket!

  3. Dear D:
    Love the outfit and you are crazy. I seriously love that bag and the one I got from your buy, sell or trade portion, but I also like the black one with the big buckle. I like the shoes but would so ruin the suede. Keep it going and the bangs would look good but you would hate them in 2.2. Just sayin.....

  4. Haha this was a hilarious post!!! You prettymuch described every office in existence!! I was dying over the eatng the cookie at your desk part.

    I really liked those free people shoes, and nicolas hair :)

  5. Ha ha LOVE this! And yes, meetings all that stuff, nobody cares. It's just crap we have to do huh!? And office clothes? WHY!??? :)

  6. That jacket is lovely! And isn't the whole point of eating any meal is to get to the chocolate chip cookie at the end?