Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hello friends, today you can find me over here at whiskey.tango.foxtrot Oh, my goodness don't you just love the name? Faboo!

Be sure you check me out and in the mean time, check out this little sweetie. She's adorable, read some of her posts and give her some love. She's a beautiful military wife holding down the fort with her chin up!
Tell me about yourself!
Im Kristen. An army wife who is brand new to Army life! We packed our bags and while hes in training Im back home with my mom. I was in Paul Mitchell for hair (if you need any tips) and a merchandiser for Forever21. I am lucky enough to have been able to stay at home until we get settled in at our first station next summer! It has its ups and downs and I am just counting down the days until I can be with my husband again. Im a huge Harry Potter and Star Wars nerd and I love working out and being healthy!
Why did you start blogging and what do you get from it?
I started blogging to keep myself not only busy but creative while the hubby is gone. I have totally fallen in love with and needless to say I am addicted! I love the feeling of having people comment and listen to my story.
Who is your role model and why?
My mom is my role model because she is strong and the most hardworking person I have ever met. But on a lighter note, Tina Fey is my number 2. She is not only the funniest woman ever but she has gone through so much to get to where she is now!
What is on your Christmas wishlist this year?
My hubby! (and a Canon Rebel) He gets to come home for 2 weeks during Christmas and I have never been more excited for something in my entire life! I have always always always wanted a Canon Rebel and hubby wrote me in a letter that he wants to get me one for Christmas :) Am I spoiled or what?! Best husband ever.

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See isn't she a cutie! Go to her blog, show her some love, grab a button and tell two friends. Again, another thankful follower and bloggy friend in this week of giving thanks! Happy Thanksgiving, my new friend. Thank you for featuring me and I hope you make some new friends.


  1. awww I will be thinking about her on Christmas when she gets to see her hubby! That is SUCH a great gift!

  2. Thanks so much Dusty! And thanks Ruthie :) I am counting down the days!!!