Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My gift from Mrs. America

I participated in the Cold Hands Warm Hearts blogger exchange program this year and it was so much fun. The excitement of finding out who my partner was intense for me being new to the blogging community. I received the sweetest email from Justine from Stop Me If You've Heard This One and the rest is history. We became fast friends and if you missed my initial post, I refer to her as Mrs. America (read here). We have so much in common. She's from New York, a place I have always wanted to visit. How ironic is it that she also lives close to where my BFF, Lorraine is from. I heart Yankees. She loves to write. She's crafty and from following her Pinterest, probably a pretty snazzy dresser. 

I received my package in late November and was so excited. I opened the box and this is what I received:

XOXO, Justine


So thankful

Note cards  and note pad with my initial "D" on them, chocolates, beautiful gloves, headband and the sweet butterfly hair diddy. All accompanied with the most precious notes. Pretty cool, huh? I loved this exchange bunches. I will continue to participate and am so thankful to have made a beautiful friend and I hope that one day our paths cross. It's been a blessing getting to know her and I will continue to follow her faithfully because she's a blogging crazy woman and I hope she continues to do the same. I also hope she enjoyed her package as well. Thanks to much love Illy and Sandy. This was too much fun!

Happy Holidays to everyone who participated and especially to Mrs. America, XOXO back atcha. 


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  1. Pretty stuff! Love those notecards. It's such a fun swap. I love seeing what everyone received. And yes, I do love fried pickles.

  2. What a gorgeous package! I love the color scheme!!! Mrs. America! SO funny. Maybe you can visit her sometime and go to Hoboken?!

  3. you got some pretty cool stuff girl! and soo cool you made a new friend! thanks for participating in the swap! xo

  4. I had so much fun with this. I love making new friends. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  5. What a nice package!!