Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two Cents Thursdays

Fav day..let's get this party started. It's Thursday one day closer to Friday and one week until I start my holiday vacation. Whooty Whoot! Here's my deal this week.

First, a plea to the UPS man that I sign my autograph for every day. Please, I am begging you. Ask the company guy for a larger size uniform. Your starting to remind me of a tootsie roll popping out of its wrapper.

The self professed virgin, Jessica Simpson is pregnant. I don't get it. All I ever heard was how she saved herself for marriage, wore a purity ring, and then got divorced. Now how is it that its okay that she's unmarried and pregnant? Let me say, that I am in no way saying it's not. Choices are that..choices, but I don't understand the philosophy behind why it was okay then to be pure and now she's prego and waiting until after the baby comes to get married..I guess all bets are off once you've crossed the line into boinking land. hmmm pondering...

White ink tattoos. Isn't the purpose of a tattoo to see it? I have my son's name on the inside of my ankle. Listen, if I am going to have someone imprint my body and go threw the pain, some one better damn well notice, ask me about it, drool over it and think I am a brave Indian for cow branding my body.

Men with long fingernails. Yuck. I went through a checkout in Target, he handed me my change and his fingernails were longer than mine. I didn't want to touch my  money it was like it had some disease now that he touched it with his Beyonce pointed finger nails. (insert hebbie jeebbie motion here).

RSVP...doesn't anyone remember how its done? Let me explain it to means you let someone know whether your going to attend a party! Respond, reply, dial my digits, send me a letter, flashcards, road signs, something. I don't put RSVP on an invitation for shits and giggles people. In the South use proper wait responsible women everywhere, please RSVP. make me mad. I have joined to follow 52 sites, but only 33 show up in my dashboard. Why? I refresh, reload and you suck!

Happy Holidays,


  1. Omg blogger does the same thing to me. It only shows like a quarter of the people I follows posts. SOOO annoying. Love your post :)

  2. haha Amen to your Jessica Simpson rant. Its so true! I guess once you get divorved once all bets are off?! And to men with long finger nails.. STOP that stuff is NOT sexy! lol

  3. omg could we not be more alike!!! Men with long fingernails...gag me now. I am the fingernail police with my hubby, GROSS! And RSVP!! I hate when people don't do it! Esp for a wedding with the card is ALREADY PAID FOR. And I seriously dont get white ink tats either...why would you go through all the pain and not be able to see the tattoo??!