Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ode to Olivia

I remember as a teenager I would set in my room for hours listening to Olivia Newton-John. I even drew a picture of her outlined it in glitter and sent it to her. I remember she sent me an autograph picture back and I am pretty sure we were BFF's. You know until she became so famous she didn't have time for me anymore. By the way, Livie have your peeps call my peeps and we'll do lunch. Anyway, I would put on these pink tights, legwarmers and leotard and dance around my room for hours. I know dork now and those pink tights would look like to pigs in a blanket wrapped around my thighs, but a little girl could dream right? 

Now legwarmers are back! Etsy has the cutest legwarmers made out of sweater sleeves. They are adorable and on my "want list". My aunt and I were talking the other night and she said, "you would wear legwarmers now?" You bet your sweet Olivia Newton-John I would! So when I found this outfit, I thought how cute. Throw on some legwarmers with the boots and off on a date night with the lovey, shopping with the chicks or casual day at work in my fictitious hometown of Hoboken. Lookout Cake Boss, he wouldn't know what would hit him. I could whip up a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing while listening to Let's Get Physical. Wear them proud I would because somethings just make childhood memories a lot sweeter when you think about them.

super love this dress

Oh and I would throw these sweet dawlings to give it a little Rock n Roll.

Hopefully, you have sweet memories from childhood and they reflect on who you are today.
Happy Holidays,
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  2. You dancing around in leg warmers makes me think of me and my BFF Andrea dressing in matching black and white spandex and sunglasses, lip syncing and dancing to Le Trim "The Cars with the Boom". Oh wow...I need see if I can find that video...

  3. Totally with you on this...leg warmers are so cute! I'm your newest follower...would love it if you'd stop by ours too :)

  4. I actually still love Olivia Newton-John, heck my cat's name is Harley Olivia Newton-John Casselberry daugher's and my doing. Love the movie grease and that outfit. I wish I could win the lottery, get plastic everyting and take you to do my new wardrobe. Oh, the dreams of a middle aged mom. Love