Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back from Holiday

Hello, my friends. I am back from holiday (imagine me saying that in my wonderful English accent. Hawl-a-daaay). How was your New Years? Ringing in the new year was great. We, coupled with a few friends, decided back in early August to book a trip for the mountains. One of the things I have vowed is to try to do some different things especially outside of my comfort zone. My love is from Maine so he's been skiing all his life and I want to learn and it would be great to expose my son to different sports. I am not sporty. Unless you call, surfing the net, shopping and watching college football sporty. I did play tennis as a teenager and loved it, and I would like to be more active. Well, I plan on being more active as one of my resolutions. Did I just wander a bit. Yes, back to the story. We booked this cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains which is only three hours away thinking we were going to get to snow ski, snow tube (high on the must list) and enjoy the winter in the woods. Little did we know that in December it would be 56 degrees. But it was cold at night. Now back in our homestead its 28 and I am freezing my baguettes off!

We did end up going up the mountain, touring Ober Gatlinburg and had a wonderful, relaxing time. It's so good to ring in the new year with friends. Here are some highlights. I can't wait to show you what my blog will become this year. 

the view from our cabin, Mountain Top Escape
our friend, Rich and Ian playing Kinect
Moonshine (I didn't drink it)
lunch downtown that we waited 2 hours for
the mustache (still waiting on our lunch)
Ian and my friend Karen switched shoes
lounging at the crib
lips and staches I made out of printables and straws 
thank you Pinterest
the girls
Ian fell asleep before the New Year, so I had to take this the next day
view from the Tram ride to Ober Gatlinburg
pulley system that operates the Tram

So you have it. A few pictures from our weekend. The highlight was New Year's Eve. We played a game called "Catch Phrase". If you haven't played this game I highly recommend it. It was our first time playing it and everyone in the room was drinking but me. It was a total riot. At one point, we got the laughs so bad, we could barely breath. It was girls against the guys and we got creamed, but I think they had a strategy going, they cheated us or it could have my been partners itzy bit of drinking.. All and all, a blast! 

Here's to 2012. And we are off and running. Well, walking, let's start out slowly, OK? 



  1. what a bummer about not being able to ski but seriously I think it was probably a blessing in disguise because you got to just relax and be with family (and wear fake mustaches..what's better?!). Happy New Year Dusty!

  2. haha Love the family pictures with the mustages! woop-woop for pinterest! Sounds like you guys had a blast just a tab bit green with envy!! ;P

  3. OMG, it was wonderful. New Year's Eve was great(except when the Michael Jackson game wouldn't work)and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thanks for the idea and the encouragement and the memories.

  4. Awww, what great pictures, I am soooo saddd we could not make it. Hugs and kisses to my TN friends!!!!