Friday, December 30, 2011

The Five and Five

I was going to do a top ten countdown of 2011, but I thought I would split it up and do my top five favorite moments of 2011 and top five resolutions. I do NOT usually make resolutions because I don't like to play by the rules very much. Plus, I have moments of weakness and a Hershey candy bar is a victim if in my presence. 

Top Five Moments

5. My blog, duh!

4. I joined Twitter. I know to you, this isn't a big hoo ha. But to me it is. I am not computer literate. I am still waiting on my "Blogger for Dummies" book. It's hard to sum up what I want to say in 140 characters or less 'cause I am a talker. Plus, all the symbols, @,# RT, etc.. It's overload. Then I thought if I joined, I would have to scan my pupils, give up my first born and enter into a world of cult like status of tweets and twits. I survived but I am still trying to figure out how my 15 year old nephew who joined a month ago has more followers than me? I must challenge all my followers, casual readers from boredom and any one else who dares, to follow me. I can't have a high schooler out doing his aunt.

3. My son hitting a home run. Oh, how I love Little League baseball. I cried. Then, ding dong, light came on..Hmmm, maybe we are on to something here. Baseball, college, pros?Come on baby boy, I know your the next A-Rod. Mama wants a vintage Beetle bug convertible, baby blue with a white top. 

2. Remembering 9/11 ten years later. Something we will never forget, but this year of all years there was coverage of these events and stories that I had never heard or seen. It's not that I ignored it when it happened or maybe these were new stories, but I will have to admit this and oh, sweet mama's of the world don't stone me, but I personally (key word personally), do not wish to relive it or to see the 87 angles of these planes hitting these buildings over and over. My take is this - if I were a mother it only reminds me that I can watch my child die over and over again repeatedly and I can't imagine what its like to have to watch this, uncover those feelings, the deep anguish that it cause every single time we see it. I was honestly mortified seeing this, but in awe of the stories of courage and the children that have come afterwards and their stories as well. I will never forget where I was or watching it at work, but I wish that some aspects of the media would limit some coverage for the sake of the families. 

1. The Royal Wedding - come on you knew I was going to say it. Who didn't love this? Yes, we watched it over and over. The anticipation of what her dress looked like, then the kiss (not one but two), that gawd awful ugly hat his cousin wore, remembering his mom, William telling her at the alter that she looked beautiful. Call me a sap, but I ate it up like a pig eating cornbread. (oh, I so dig her style, I hope she does this royal thing her way). 

Resolutions 2012

5. Grow my blog and be published somewhere somehow in a local magazine, newspaper, flyer at the fair, wanted poster, something. I read the Wilson Living magazine and I know most of you have no clue, but it's a local magazine for the hob knobbers and I want to at least have one lifestyle article published. I plan to bug the crap out of them until they do. (oh, and if anyone knows the editors personally, go ahead and put in a good word for me, the check will be in the mail once I see my name in print).

4. Take one weekend trip just me and my girlfriends. I want to go somewhere and reconnect, be Dusty, dance on the table tops, sing karaoke, stay at a beautiful hotel, shop on the "rich people" row (well, I will just browse and smell the merchandise. Last I checked me and Chanel don't know each other and I won't have bail money), laugh and just be a girl again.

3. Be more Patient. I have learned a lot this year, but times are trying with a full workload and family. I can't juggle everything ever day but I want to learn to let things go a little, be a little more patient with people and family. I am one of these women that it's just easier for me to do it than explain it. I need to be more patient let that person experiment and try and I for once just watch and enjoy.

2. Give back. This year I organized to adopt two Angel Tree kids from the local Salvation Army for work at Christmas. It was a success and it really put in perspective that there are people out there worse than myself. I am most of the time too broke to pay attention, but there are people and children less fortunate. I hope that I can find a way to help others. Plus, it would be a great lesson for my son to see.

1. Get healthy. I don't mean to say, I am going to give up my Mt. Dews. Not happening. But I want to change my lifestyle of the way I eat, get toned, strengthen my body. After being diagnosed with Fibro

Happy New Year my friends. Do you have resolutions or fantastic moments of the past year. I would love to hear them. Don't forget follow me on Twitter. Team GLFP beat that nephew! And ......

Welcome 2012!


  1. I am so glad you started your blog and we became friends! Thanks for making me laugh Dusty!! Happy New Year :-) (and ps I hope for patience every single year too!)

  2. #3 (your son hitting a home run) was so touching :)

    Happy New Year & good luck with the resolutions, You can do them all! I def need to do number 3, I have very little patience.

  3. I saw you follow a girl called "martienn"


    the ORIGINAL is

    martienn STOLE everything of her

    she even copy and paste WHOLE paragraphs and clothing

  4. i love your blog!
    congrats on your son hitting a home run! I remember my first one, it was epic!

    Just started following you
    follow back please?
    thank you <3 :)

  5. Cute blog! Found you through Erin's Link Up :)

    Love your resolutions! Happy 2012!
    Breanna xx