Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm a Versatile Blogger..Award

I love opening the blogs I follow and see that they passed on an award to me. Insomniac Mom bestowed this sweet little mention and I send her sweet hugs for it. She is funny stuff.  Her Wacky Wednesday post cracked me up. So I thank the Academy, oh I mean Insomniac Mom and can't wait to read more funny days on her blog. 

So, here are rules for this award:
  1. Thank the person that nominated you, and give them a shout out on your blog with a link to theirs.
  2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Send on the award to 15 other bloggers whose blog you love and appreciate and then let them know they won the award.
My 7 random facts which I am so sure you will find so interesting. I mean compared to Hollywood Starlets, I am front back page news.

1. My middle name is de. Yes, little "d" one "e". Apparently, back in the 70's they gave you a sweet cocktail when you had a baby and mom obviously wasn't lucid when she named me, Dusty de.

2. I have perfected the eye roll. Yes, I have and Chad hates it. But, if I do the eye roll that means your full of shitz.

3. I love college football. I am an avid University of Tennessee fan (please all Florida peeps do not unfollow me). I break things, cuss people out and wish the opponents some type of vinerial disease. 

4. I have a lipgloss fetish. Its gotten better, but I am always in search of the perfect peachy pink.

5. I am not from Hoboken, but I love saying it. Hoboken, Hoboken, Hoboken.

6. I had braces at 25. I went in to fix one little tooth, ended up wearing them for 18 months. As soon as they came off, the tooth went right back to where it was. But it was fun eating lots of mashed potatoes during that time.

7. And finally, I snort when I laugh. Yes, it's true. I am a proud snorter, full fledged, need no reform. 

So there you have it 7 random facts. Isn't it refreshing to just let it go. All your hidden secrets now out in the open to repeat. 

Now onto the other portion- my 15. I don't like choosing because I love all my blogs read, but I don't want a voodoo hex on my head. I will follow the rules. I don't like rules much. We aren't friends, but if I must. 
So there you have it. I hate choosing. I have so many I love love love. But remember..the voodoo doll thing. Ok. So I wish you all a happy Friday. Don't forget you can follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, BlogLovin, and Facebook



  1. Thanks for putting me on the list! Can't wait to check out the other blogs.

  2. Woo, thanks for le tag! :) I love finding a bunch of new blogs. I luuuuurve lip gloss, too, except the sad part is I usually forget to use it. I'm getting better though!

  3. Why thank you Miss Dusty de for the nomination :-). don't worry...I wore braces for two years and my front tooth moved right after!

  4. Thanks so much for the award! I love lipgloss's always an adventure to find "the one" :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Thanks for including me!! :) And OH NOOOOOO I'm a huge football fan but I'm here in Gainesville so I'm an all out Gator fan :) Dont worry, no un-following over here though. lol

  6. "Dusty de" is awesome! :) i swear to god, i am following you but you're not on my reader, or my dashboard. it's the most annoying thing in the world.

  7. Thanks so much for the nomination i am thrilled. I love hookobuken it makes me think of cake boss lo

  8. Thanks for my sweet comment. He does have some chubby cheeks, right? He gets so mad at me because I just can't stop kissing them. His daddy picked out his name, and I wasn't going to argue when he told me; I loved it. About the flip feet are tough. I wear shoes sometimes but not to often.
    &&btw: every time i come to your blog it makes me want fried pickles, i love them!

  9. If there was a funniest freakin blogger award I think you'd get it.

  10. Oh, Dusty! Thank you so much for nominating me. You rule. <3 you! :o)

  11. this is such a nice award! :) Your blog is great!

    ^If you like my blog, please, follow! I'm a newbie, so your support is needed and appreciated!


  12. Hey! I love your blog. I am a new follower. Check mine out; you may just want to follow back. Have a good weekend!


  13. Thanks so much for the blog award, it seriously made my day!!! I can't wait to check out the other blogs on your list :) Have a fabulous weekend,


  14. love this! :) i adore lip gloss too!

  15. yay! loved this! thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog today. it made my day that much better. :)

    really like the "new look" too! be blessed.


  16. Thanks so much for putting me on your list! That made my day!! :)

  17. LOL at how you think your mother named you! That's funny, but I think it's cool! Much more exciting than my middle name, which is Margaret. :P

    Just dropping by from #FF.