Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two Cents Thursdays

What's your Two Cents? Here's mine. First,I brushed my teeth with peroxide and baking soda this weekend. Have you ever done that? OMG, it was gross and it didn't work. Why I expected my teeth to look like a Crest Whitening commercial I have no clue, but note to self, never do that again.

I bought three fashion magazines this past weekend. I have been slacking on reading my "smut" as I call it. And they all sucked. Then when I do find items in the magazine to pin to my Pinterest or possibly interested in buying and they are either unavailable or no where to be found on the website. What's up with that? I think these editors in People Style Watch should realize that even though these are published a month later than when written, the items aren't available. 

Ian and Dad were playing the fart game. So, I thought well, I will play along. I let one rip and all of the sudden its , "oh, gross mom", or "honey, that's so disgusting." Really, where is it written that mom farts don't qualify? I either out did them or I guess it's a mans world when it comes to gas.

Why can't I get my coffee to taste the same way every day? It's either too sweet or I over creamed. 

Ianism- "Mom, reading really makes my brain smart, but it sure gives me a headache". Hmmm, is that what they call a real Catch 22?

ER said 9 minutes this week. Less heart attacks and chopped off fingers I assume.

We have been redecorating/remodeling our house. Chad paints the bottom half of the wall and I love it. For two days the creamy white at the top he keeps saying is too white. I say I like it, he says no I will take it and get it tinted another shade darker. I agree. I come home on Saturday and he painted the wall, the original white color! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

And finally, I have lacked motivation to pursue my resolution to get healthy and in shape. You know, tone up, and not be reminded my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Which is why I consumed enough carbs on Monday that if you pressed my stomach I made the sound like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Lord, please grant me the strength to get my milkshake in gear before it turns into a giant loaf of bread.

Well, that's my two cents. What's yours? Happy Thursday my friends. 



  1. Oh, you put things in such a funny way!! I too am trying to keep from having a giant loaf of bread, haha. Hmm, I guess I should never try brushing my teeth with b-soda and peroxide...

  2. okay your husband is like mine when it comes to paint colors. I am like JON you are not supposed to care! And thanks for the tip on the baking soda toothpaste being grody! I've seen it a bunch on pintrest...ICK!

  3. Baking Soda and peroxide is like a chemistry expierement gone bad....ewwww. You obviously out-did them and they had to have a "formal protest" and Ian is a hoot. I love thel blog and can't wait for next weeks Two Cent post.

  4. hahahahaha... My husband would do the same thing about paint.

  5. Seriously, the baking soda thing was disgusting. Whoever invented it should be hit in the head with a roll of barbed wire.

  6. I kind of actually love smut magazines... even when they aren't that great haha

  7. i loved this post. i'm your newest follower.

  8. Haha i always wondered what would happen when u brushed like that lol

  9. Coming over from FF. Thanks for the tip on peroxide! I was going to try that when I read the first line, then went oh never mind. total bummer it doesn't work.