Wednesday, January 18, 2012

things i am diggin'

I came across this picture over the weekend on where else..Pinterest. It made me reflect first and foremost on my "old" friendships and how I always thought we would pinkie swear and be BFF's forever, have kids together, be in each other's weddings, you know all the crazy ideas you have in high school? Matter of fact it bothered me enough that I woke at 3 am thinking about where were my friends. Anyway, that's for another post. So, I pin this picture and it puts me in the mood for the groove. I start thinking of the 70's. Boho, Rock n Roll, Hippies and such then I remembered oh, yeah, I am a product of the 70's no wonder I love the look.

And I do love it. I am much more of a flower child. Pretty patterns, flowers, and clothes that are rugged and worn with a story behind them. But don't kid yourself, I do have my rock n roll side. I can party with the best of them. Dance on the table tops, do shots of tequila, and boogie the night a way. And then the next morning because I am a product of the 70's which makes me you know in the 4-0 category -  I would promptly get up, take three Advil, have a cup of coffee, swear to Baby Jesus I will never do that again, apply Ben Gay to my aching muscles, brush my teeth twice to get the taste out of my mouth, pray to Baby Jesus again to please let me throw up, blame my lovey even if he wasn't apart of the shin-dig, call four new friends and tell them I had such a good time and can't wait to do it again, hang up the phone knowing I just lied my butt off and by 10 am, I will hopefully take nap. Gawd, I rock, huh!

So here's what I am grooving about. My Pinterest has been on fire lately. A ton of repinners, but only two new followers. I am still sort of new to the obsession, but if you like someones stuff, wouldn't you want to follow them to see what other cool, groovy things they pin next? Ugh, I gotta get a blogging for dummies manual and maybe a tutorial on Pinterest protocol.

the photo that started it all. this must be mix of 70's & 80's
but look, girl power- love it

turquoise earrings.. i am seriously in love with this known hippie tone color
I am not a Rolling Stones fan (I think Mick Jagger is yuck)
but I love their logo and with my cool new shag snot baby!

I love this bracelet so much. I will have this!

an updated hippie version and I love this whole look, Peace, Love & R&R!
So there you have it. I am stylin' n profilin' some cool wants this week. Hopefully,  I am going to grow a little braver. One of the things I want to do with my blog, is out fit posts. I got this new camera, tripod and a wireless remote shutter. But every time I think about it, I chicken out. Plus, the weather here has been terrible. One day my friends...

Hope you have a great Wednesday and you find your groove.

Oh, and I don't drink tequila. I barfed my brains out in high school drinking it and vowed to never drink it again and I haven't in 20 years.

Love ya,


  1. Where is the bracelet from? That thing is awesome!

  2. New follower right here - hi! :) Ah yes - that first paragraph is actually something that I've been thinking alot about lately.

    Pinterest is the best thing!!

  3. click the source button and it will take you directly to the website (or should). If not its,

  4. okay that bracelet kicks ass! I LOVE IT! please buy one!

  5. i'm with you~ Love that photo. very inspirational.. i'll have to tuck it away, and Pin It! :) Great likes girl!

  6. Love all of these! And the Stones t-shirt would look awesome with your coat!

  7. Boy does that photo bring back memories! I was a hippie in the 70's. High wasted shorts (lol) and long hair with flowers in it!

  8. Ok, D I love ya like a fat kid loves chocolate milk but the high wasted shorts? Really? make em low cut and your on. I love the rest though as i usually do. And screwe tequilla, remember 2 New years ago? Never again.