Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two Cents Thursdays

Yay! What’s your “Two Cents” cause its “Thursday”. I got some pretty good stuff. Here we go.

On my way home there is a sign on the side of the interstate from a local hospital that has their name and a clock with a wait time for the emergency room.  Yesterday it said, “ER wait time 47 minutes”. Really, so what you are showing everyone in big red numbers is if you are having a heart attack, you will wait 47 minutes to be seen? Oh, wait they must have the same philosophy as “fast food”. 

My sister and I are thinking about trying the Tracy Anderson Method called Metamorphosis. Have you heard of her? She transformed Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, LeAnn Rimes, Madonna, all these celebrities’ bodies. She designs a workout based on your body type. You enter on her website and take this survey, and then she sends you an email letting you know which program best suits you to order. My sister and I were both Gluetcentric. Which is a nice way of saying, “baby got back”. Any hoot,  I read an article that she was pregnant with her second child. Let me tell you I will be monitoring her every move. If a woman can bounce back using her own methods being over 35 and having a baby then I am investing. I will be writing about our achievement with this workout regimen.

My new favorite show on ABC, “Revenge”!!! Anyone watching it? Oh, I would love to visit the Hampton's (even though that show is filmed in North Carolina I think). It’s on my places to go.

Chad wants to move to Alaska. He’s overloaded on the misconceptions from the reality shows on TV. They show these beautiful landscapes, big moose, bears, drunks.. you know things a man loves. This is what I say to him when he mentions it.. “Yes, honey, I love you, bye bye. Oh, and let me know how it is”. Moma ain’t moving to Alaska!

Finally, I don’t talk about my son too often or often as I should. He’s a good boy and very funny. I thought I would share my Ianism’s with everyone. I share them on my personal Face book page, but I thought it would be fun to share with my bloggy friends.

Ianism #1 – Sunday Ian wakes me up at 7 am. “Mom, can I tell you a question.” I grunt and he says, “If you put 3-D glasses on a dog will it hurt their eyes?” My reply, “no it will only make them look funny”. "Ooohhh", he says.

Ianism #2 – That same Sunday driving to my niece’s first birthday party, he says, “Mom, look at that cow on top of that other cow, what is he doing?” My reply, “forming a Conga line”. (Hey, that’s what popped into my head). "Ooohh", he says.

Ianism #3 – Wednesday morning, “Mom, what do you think Paw Paw is doing in heaven with God?” My reply, “I don’t know but I bet he’s happy”.  Ian then says, “I think he’s playing poker.” I silently bust a gut laughing. My step dad didn’t play poker.

So there you have it my friends. What’s your Two Cents. Share if you dare!



  1. That's so cute that he thinks your step dad is playing poker with God! I'm pretty sure revenge is filmed in North Carolina too but I love it. And I want to move to Alaska too.

  2. I've heard of the Tracy Anderson method! If you try it, you'll definitely have to keep us updated on how it goes.

    Ah funny! What can ya do. :)

  3. That is really weird about the ER time...that actually REALLY sucks!! They aren't really enticing people into coming! Ian is hilarious...Paw Paw playing poker with God! And Alaska?!What's in Alaska? Job??

  4. I love the things kids say. They are so adorable. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, some of our hospitals are posting their ER "wait times" on their web sites and I even received a postcard from one reminding me of this. And I thought "You know, if I'm REALLY hurt or sick, I'm not going to bother looking up the "wait time"!" I think this ploy is more for the people who use the ER as their family physician than for people who REALLY need the ER.

  6. Dear Sis, The workout video has been shipped. It should arrive within 10 days. I saw Madonna'a arms on the Golden Globes, they were muscular but sorta scary. Google the photo. Give me your thoughts. Hope "my back " gets smaller!
    Alaska is for penguins!

    can't figure out how to choose to publish.....aghhhh!

  7. just found your blog - now following :)



  8. You my dear are hilarious, loved this post!

  9. Love Revenge, love Alaska, love the cute little Ianism's!! I'm a new follower, and I'm so glad I am cuz this post made me laugh!